My question is Why did COBB go out of bounds 2 yards short of a first down late in the game ?

Is he that dumb or does he have no heart or guts to fight for a a yard ort tow head on with a DB ?

That play was by far the most frustrating of his 4 critical mistakes tonight . ( 2 fumbles in the red zone, a missed 3rd down gamble run and this one )

Unfortunately the answer can only lie in one (or both) of the causes you mentioned.

Pretty bad brain cramp. Same thing happened in Week 1 in the NFL. The Jets TE Dustin Keller went out of bounds one-yard short on FOURTH down. I don't know what Cobb was thinking, but I'm going to chalk it up to a brain fart. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Cobb cost the Ti cats the game!! a close game against a top 3 team. Ticats need to find a Renolds type R.B. to become a contender imho, Cobb is also terrible at pass blocking.

Yes I really think he is that stupid.
I cant stand the guy anymore. He finally starts breaking the big runs and now he is finding other ways to screw up...

That's the problem - he wasn't thinking. That sort of mental mistake at this point in the season is difficult to excuse. The best players can refocus on the job at hand every play. Cobb's job on that play was to get the first down. That includes knowing the location of the marker and extending every effort to get there.
He will not be severely reprimanded for the error, but coaches tend to remember those things.

This thread is excessive and uncalled for. There’s no need to insult the man’s intelligence. Yes, he made a couple mistakes last night but he still wears the black and gold so these attacks are despicable. If warranted you should be able to voice criticisms with respect and class.

Exactly. Cobb had some massive runs and is finally hitting his stride. Neither of his two fumbles were of the Flemons variety. Both were unfortunately punched out by the defenders. As for mistakes that cost the game, there are many suspects to round up. How about the entire secondary or Glenn's picks which were balls that should not have been thrown.

this is the problem, why does it matter how he fumbled?
We cant afford to turn the ball over especially in the red zone, and ya both of his fumbles were in the red zone.

also steeping out of bounds 2 yards short of the first down is inexcusable.

Yup, brain cramp on running out of bounds before the FD marker. And maybe a bit of a brain cramp reaching for the goal line while being brought down, although I'm thinking he's not the first or last running back to do this. And thinking of how bad our goal line attack is (what was it, 5th and 1 when we finally got it in?), maybe he tried the right thing? (Although holding onto the ball would have been nice.)

We'd all be blaming Bruce for losing the game if he had actually managed to make it to the sidelines on the second last play of the game. There was only one second left on the clock when he finally went down, and he was still at least a second away from the sideline. Time would have expired and Glenn wouldn't have been given the chance to try for the touchdown pass. Talk about brain cramp. He knew (or should have known) how much time was on the clock, and he knew how far he was from the sideline. And he knew this is the CFL, not the NFL, and by going down immediately, they still get another play.

How about Dennis and Heyward for letting Bagg get so wide open on his touchdown? Or Barker for not coming over to help on that play? Or Tisdale for not knowing where the official was standing on his coverage of Dressler? Or Barker again for not wrapping him up before he made the goal line? Or ...

The Ticats made a lot of mistakes last night. To pin the loss on one guy, especially one who ran for 166 yards? I don't think so.

Im not pining the loss on him, I am saying he is one of the reasons we lost though.
He needs to pick up his game huge, and I really think the cats need to make the switch for at least a game.

I'm not going to insult Cobb's intelligence on any play or "run him out of town" as many people do when players aren't doing well, but as a fan I can only suggest that the team take a good look at his play and determine whether or not this is the player we want to have handling the running back role.

I don't really see the same player I saw last year, and the four mistakes he made were extremely costly. The tapes may reveal more mistakes, and other plays he made that were exceptionally well. He may have had good total yards, but the OLine was dominating at times.

Fumbles will happen, although they need to be avoided particularly in the red zone, and after the first down has been gained. Going out of bounds was probably just a quick misjudgement. The 1 yard run on 3rd down is probably the play that I really didn't like, because from what I could see there was some space to gain the yardage, and Cobb lacked the speed and power to make the play. On that play Cobb got stood up short of the yardage, not what you want to see happening to your primary running back. Every time the team is second and short I cringe because we don't have a running game to make the play, largely because Cobb does not have the speed or power required.

IMO, if we want to play with the top 3 in this league the team needs to take a look at some other options. If they can find someone better who can pick up the playbook and resume his role, they need to consider a change. There are only 6 games left in the season before mistakes like this will be even more costly. If they can't find a replacement, they need to find other options for short yardage plays.


Cobb had fumbled just once all season until yesterday. Hes now 4th in league rushing yards. Hes played 29 games in a row for us without injury.
He fumbled twice and had a brain cramp yesterday. Hardly, any reason whatsoever to suggest replacing him for a game at this point. :roll:
Go Cobb!

I'm glad to see the o-line making some holes and Cobb finally starting to get the yardage. I hope that this is a case of finally working out the kinks, and not just the result of meeting two weak run defences in a row.

On the other hand, Cobb is not an all-purpose running back. He is good when he has the holes opened up, he is good around the end, and he is good in open field. But he is not a fullback. I do not understand why the coaches insist on trying to use him as one, giving him the ball on short yardage and sending him straight up the middle. He just doesn't have the power to do that. And to not even have a lead blocker when they do use him like that doesn't make any sense at all. Why do we not have a fullback? Oh right, we have two, one who's never played there before, and another one who we never use for some reason. I just don't get it. :?

You say you can't understand why we do not use our fullbacks.... lol lol
You obviously have never met our coaches. Trying different things, using players to their full potential is not in our playbook.

Sad, but true.

Cobb had the dropsies last night, but he also ran for lots of yards. I'm sure he will hold onto the ball extra carefully when the playoffs roll around. He is a great player, and I think he can get the job done for us.

Really, do you wanna start breaking out his stats with me?

He has the most rushing attempts of any rb in the league.
He is tied for the most fumbles of any rb in the league.
For starting rb's he is second last in average.

There is nothing special about Cobb.
The cats really need to look at another option, if he plays good keep him in, if not go back to Cobb and look for someone else.

In the last 2 games Cobb has played exception, leave it at that! One week you guys cut him up the next week you praise him! Make up your mind people! In my opinion he is a KEEPER!!!!

Not sure when the last time I praised the guy was...
He had a good game last week, and even though he got a ton of yards last night he was one of the reasons we lost. 2 redzone fumbles, horrible run out of bounds and there were plays that he hit the line real soft.