Cobb was robbed!

Cobb outrushed Cobourne and had more receiving yards......Cobb was number 1 in the CFL in yards from is he not an all star...!?

I sort of agree but more to look at then that, blocking etc. years of service. Tough one. Right now I'd take Cobourne myself on my team because he's more of a proven entity at the pro level.

I'd take Burris over Durant too...but the all star selections are based soley on this year's stats.....Cobb was first in the CFL in yards from scrimmage, and beat Cobourne in every statistical department....

Also, Barker was No. 1 in special team tackles over Jason Arakgi, yet he got the nod. :thdn:

We'll just have to win the Cup and shut them all up! :wink:

TD's - Cobourne - 13; Cobb - 5

Something to consider in the mix.

Cobb had 3 more 8 for him...

Here's some good news also, if it's stat you want: :thup: :smiley:

Barker: No. 1 in Special Teams Tackles at 38 (this kid is only going to get better)
McDaniel: No. 1 in Combined Yards at 2,523
J J: No. 1 in tackles at 109 (A Quiet, Lethal Hunter)
Knowlton: No. I in blocked kicks (2)

Honourable Mention:

Cobb: No. 2 in Combined Yards at 1,759
Bruce: No. 3 (missed 2nd by 2 yards) in receiving at 1,242

Last year, Calgary did not get a lot of respect in the All-Star voting. Hopefully we can do the same thing they did.

Four All-Stars is pretty good, and the fact that 3 of them were brought in without losing a single players is a big reason why this team is doing better this year.


also leads the league in fumbles and did not play a full season.

He missed the first game....that's it....and still finished ahead of everybody else in yards from scrimmage.....

He wasn't eligable to be nominated for an award for spending the first week of the season on an NFL roster. Maybe All-Star spots have the same rule.

TheBeast: He was on the practice squad the first week of the season. He wasn't eligible for rookie of the year because he spent time on an NFL roster a few years back.

You make a very good point, TB. I thought there was a little wiggle room with a few of the selections, but knew that MTL would get the nod in any area where we were even close.

Barker set a record for special teams tackles this year so I get what you’re saying, but that will never beat out a guy who has run back a few punts and/or kickoffs for TDs this year (not sure how many, but I know it’s a couple)

Argument for Cobb:

Finished the year with more total yards and a better rushing average in fewer attempts.
Leads in more statistical categories.

Argument for Cobourne:

13 TDs to Cobb's 5
played one less game than Cobb
better yards per game average
4 100-yard games to Cobb's 3
fumbles far less frequently

If we're going to add Cobb's 3 receiving TDs, we should also add Cobourne's 2 receiving TDs.

I'd say you could give the all-star to either player and make a credible case either way.

I wouldnt, Cobb is a game breaker, there are a few games he has won for us and Cobourne doesnt make something out of nothing the way Cobb can. The game against Edmonton we posibly lose if he doesnt turn a stuffed at the line second down play into a 50 yard run and we definately lose the game in BC without his contribution.

If you think Cobourne isn't a game-breaker and can't make something out of nothing, you haven't been paying attention to the Als this season. He is every bit as capable as Cobb of changing the complexion of a game with a single play.

You need to answer a questions first, who would you rather have? Cobourne or Cobb?

The CFL is a funny league when you look at stats. I find that you can show all the stats that you want but people vote more for what they see on the field.

Also remember that Montreal was 15-3 and their offense was explosive.

In 10 years, hell next year, are we going to remember who was an All-Star? I personally won't remember.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. Individual awards and honours are great but football is still a team sport and in an 8 team league, anything less than a Grey Cup should fuel your fire for the next year.

I have to agree with Tommy Boy regarding Cobb, however I do think Cobourne is an all star. I would argue Cobb over Reid. The Bombers had 6 players chosen and the TiCats had 4. I see some other voter blunders: Bryan Chiu over Marwan Hage, Chip Cox is not a middle linebacker, Otis Floyd would be my pick over the only other middle linebacker in the east - Zeke Moreno. In order to be an all star, the player should have played the majority of the schedule. Out west, Romero and Dressler were chosen inspite of missing most of the season with injuries. The same can be said for Brandon Browner.
I realize that fans do stuff the "ballot boxes" so perhaps the true all star team is the one voted on by the players themselves. The Als should rightfully dominate that team but 6 Bombers to 4 TiCats , I don't think so ! :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

He is a linebacker, though, and the All-Star selection doesn’t distinguish between MLB and OLB.

More Bummers than Cats, weird. :thdn: