Cobb vs. Thigpen

Cobb had a bad game running. But he did gain over 1,000 yards on the season, so you can't really cut him.
Thigpen had a great day returning punts, but he did have 2 costly fumbles.
I'd take Thigpen over Cobb.

Cut them both, bring back Lumsden. :lol:

The only decent run either of them had was when they were both in, the crossed in front of Glenn, and then both ran to the outside. For some reason, the o-line never opened any holes. They didn’t seem to be able to get a proper run block, never getting position on the d-line. And the LBs weren’t dropping at all.

But Cobb looked very tentative on Sunday, even more than usual, even on screen passes. He always seems to be looking for the perfect hole in the defence, even in the open field, always looking twenty yards downfield instead of just runnning and dropping the shoulder. And as Churchill once said, “Perfection is spelled P-A-R-A-L-Y-S-I-S.” I still think he has the talent, and occasionally he shows it, and he is a good pass blocker, but his head isn’t where it should be. He needs to adjust his approach to match the extra weight he gained.

I think Thigpen is a better runner, and could be amazing with a bit better run blocking. He’d be able to hit the holes faster, and wouldn’t need them to be as big, although they’d still have to be there (unlike on Sunday). But I’ve only seen him attempt one block all year, and while he slowed the defender, he still got around him.

And we need an actual fullback we can use on occasion. (And an OC who knows how to use him?)

cut thigpen...are you kidding me?
i'm a lumsden fan, but how could you expect him to remain healthy?

Even Bob Young remarked that Cobb has nowhere to run there ! :wink:

As someone on this forum said a few months back (wish I could remember who), and I paraphrase, "Lumsden will have an amazing season. Both plays." i really wish could have avoided injury at least one season. But then again, if he had been able to, he'd probably still be down south somewhere, at least on some team's PR, if not actually playing.

So does anybody else think Thigpen just lost his chance at MOR with his fumbles Sunday?

BINGO! Yes he was hesitant...Cuz usually there was no hole to run through! Our O-Line was GREAT at pass blocking, but not so good with run blocking. I bet we see changes...Perhaps another big American tackle?

Both are equals. I'd only get rid of one if there is a replacement at RB.

Thigpen is a keeper.
He started off the season with an incredible performance. But we kept losing games and we did not see him make those big plays very often.
He should have been given the ball more often...not just when we were in trouble and the passing game was not working.
Same goes for Cobb. The more he gets the ball the better he is.
The lack of a decent and planned running game will go down as one of the major reasons we ended up with another .500 season. I just cannot understand why we got ourselves in this situation and allowed it to continue.

I would keep Thigpen and bring in some serious big time running back(s) who enjoys "smashmouth football". Cobb needs to be challenged and hopefully replaced by someone with an angry run them over attitude. (Reynolds - Boyd - Coburn) All that dancing is pathetic - it's like watching Jerry Springer. Other teams find them - stop being so cheap and find the necessary talent for this team to move forward.

6 carries, 8 yards.

How much of that is that on the O-line, and how much on Cobb?

And how much on the coaches for abandoning the run? Should they have kept trying to wear down the defense, or were they right to abandon run at only 6 carries with your primary ball carrier? I don't know.

About 10% and 10%. Cobb went back to his dance routine when there were no holes but both issues are 80% coaching, with a poor game plan and poor adjustments to that plan when it wasn’t working

Hmmm...that's a really good way of breaking that down. I like it.


I'm guessing no because it was probably voted on before the playoffs. But I don't know that for sure.

Not sure he was going to win either way

I'm not sure when the voting is done either; you may be right. But if not, I'm thinking his drops would probably affect any undecideds out there. :frowning:

Keep awesome Thigpen as an overall threat as he is no matter where he plays, but don't make him a primary carrying back.

Thigpen has issues holding onto the football too considering he has the same amount of fumbles as Cobb on merely a fraction of the total touches rushing and receiving.

And don't be fooled by that 1000 yards business on Cobb, but I don't see why not to keep Cobb for his upside lest you think at only 30-years old next year that he is on the slide?

All things considered including Cobb's fumbles to TDs at 4 to 8 and only 5.2 yards per carry, Cobb IMHO is just short of being amongst the following elite backs in the CFL also all things considered:


[quote="Paolo X"]Keep awesome Thigpen as an overall threat as he is no matter where he plays, but don't make him a primary carrying back.

Thigpen has issues holding onto the football too considering he has the same amount of fumbles as Cobb on merely a fraction of the total touches rushing and receiving.

Thigpen spends much of his time on special teams, but frankly, I wasn't aware that his fumble problem was worse than Cobb's.
Can you or anyone else back this statement up with some real statistics?

If this is true, I'd cut them both in favour of one or two power backs.
According to these stats, he had 3 fumbles on 28 carries. Have to admit, I don’t remember them. Unless they are including his special team fumbles, in which case I can believe it. The semi-final wasn’t the first game where he had fumbled on a return. Unfortunately, they don’t report stats on fumbles on returns, so without going through the game stats for every game, I wouldn’t be able to come up with the number.

As for Cobb, he is fairly sure-handed, with 4 fumbles on 227 carries. I know there was that one game where he seemed to have butter on his hands, but other than that game he’s been good at hanging on to the ball. Just wish they’d let him do what he’s good at, swinging around the end instead of sending him up the gut all the time. At least until the o-line learns how to open up seams.