Cobb to the Argos?

Im seeing on sportsnet twitter, that argos and cats in trade talks cobb for draft picks?

As a backup to Boyd of course if that happens.

I love this trade :smiley:

It's not like we need three runningbacks, all with the same style. Now if could trade him for an OL who can help open holes for the other two....

This would be good. We need more NIP talent since Tillman plundered our roster.

Not sure what Barker is doing.
If the argo's need anybody from Hamilton who is on the trade block, it's McDaniels.

that sucks.

I say pull the trigger OBIE.. More draft picks are always a good thing considering we let a couple Non-Imports walk today..


Hard to judge a trade rumour when you dont know who's coming the other way. Who are they offering ?

Draft picks. Quality and quantity unknown, but with Colbourne, what other value does Cobb have other than ...knock on wood...depth. Plus don't we still have that New Jersey wizkid on retainer?

Ill take anything to get him off the roster.

I"ll give a Big of kick Tee's and Half Finish Big Mac

Hope I'm wrong, but just in case, what flavour dressing would you like on those words in six months?

As I said, I REALLY hope I'm wrong.

Maby you were watching a different running back the past two years :roll:

I have always maintained that he was good when he had holes, but seldom had any. It always seemed that whatever holes the Oline opened up were stuffed by one or two LBs. Why didn't the LBs drop? No deep threat to keep them honest? Poor / obvious play calling? Tips from the offense telegraphing the play? don't know.

Watch the highlights of Cobourne in the playoffs, and look at the holes he had. Most were trick-sized, and even when they weren't, there were no linebackers anywhere close to being in position to stop him. Personally, I think it's a wash between the two players.

As I've said elsewhere, we need three things to improve this team: a true fullback for short yardage, an OL who can help open holes, and another star DB. Aside from more innovation in the playbook....

I've said this before, but even after his rookie season I wasn't overly impressed with Cobb. He had a few big games, probably caught defences off guard, and benefitted from Porter's threat to run. He came back to Earth last year and whether entirely his fault or not, couldn't get those critical short yards when needed.

Wait, why am I pointing this out when Barker is thinking about trading for him?

I mean, Cobb is a future Hall Of Famer. Best running back in the league. If Obie trades him to the blue team I'll join Tom in picketing training camp.

Any back is good if you give him a huge hole.
To be good you need to make your own holes, be able to bounce outside and punish defenders as they try and tackle you.

To me Cobb is like Archie Amerson, a good running back but much more valuable as a slot back where his versatility as a running back-blocker-receiver is much better suited. I too see no huge upside of another RB as long as the real problem is blocking. Shifting Cobb to SB would begin to address part of that and a new OC will hopefully mean a more diverse game plan that keeps defenses honest. To me its blocking schemes and play calling, not who is RB that is the problem with consistency we've seen in the running game

That was good :lol: