COBB signs with MTL

There is also Emanuael Marc that has been with the team for a year that the team has been developing. Its gonna be the biggest fight at Als camp. the fight for fourth and fifth receiver and one corner position and kicker are open.

former ticat or not i broke my cobbhead in 2 after the home opener last years with a soft kick now hes the enemy BRING HIM ON

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Essentially, it is a combination of the three elements. Gibson's playcalling was often predictable re situational offense and formations/motions employed, particularly in the red zone. When his playcall broke tendencies (the 40-3 Montreal whitewash in particular), things were all roses. As it often as that didn't happen, you had a sandwich spread offense that defences were able to key upon, making the statistical achievements even more impressive. I credit the offensive unit for that.

I expect that Khari and company will add multiplicity in those situations and improve that aspect this coming season. If the personnel holds its end of the bargain, we can certainly do better against the big boys.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good luck to you D'andrea, except, of course when you are playing the Ticats.

I am happy that you have this chance to keep your football career alive.

I met your mom and dad and sisters last year. All of you are good people.


Could you express your feeling about Cobb's relative merits in English, Russ. :slight_smile: :smiley: :oops:

Here's a thought....Why don't we wait to see if Cobb even makes the team?

He obviously wasn't going to make our team this year. Is he a shoo-in to make the Alouettes, arguably the best team in the CFL?

We can wish him luck which he deserves, but deciding how he will fit into the Al's plans is not our choice.

Cause thats a TRUE fan, we wish all our future and EX players well!
I to would like to wish Mr. Cobb all the best in MTL! Also thanks for the years your gave us, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family! YOUR A CLASS ACT BROTHER!! :rockin:

Indeed. And if Khari is able to get the offense firing consistently, you guys will be the big boys.

Hamilton's offensive unit looks potent on paper. Now it's up to the coaches to scheme up to the level of talent on the field.

Mais oui!


DeAndra' has the opportunity with the Als to be better utilized from a playcall standpoint than he was under Gibson with the Cats. However, his inconsistency re hitting holes with bad intent and reverting to an "Icky Shuffle" stutter-stepper instead will not sit well with Trestman and Milanovich. Brandon Whitaker is the man to beat -- he DOES hit holes with a purpose. I wish Cobb well, but the fight for a roster spot on the champs will be intense.

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Cobb is a good player, but he didn't show up in our playoff game last year. Cobourne had a great playoff run. That's why the Cats made this switch. Cobb might make the Als and have another 100 yard season, but Cobourne has the playoff experience to get the Ticats farther than the semi-final. The Cats with Cobb as RB weren't even good enough to win the playoff semi-final.

Cobb will have to show a lot of versatility and returning punts will be a big part of him having a chance to make the Als, I would think.


I wasn't the least surprised myself to see him get snatched up by a team like Montreal who will know how to use him effectively.

Trouble for us is that I have a feeling Cobb is going to burn us huge.

No guarantee Cobb will even make the team out of training camp. He'll be competing with Bernard, Marc, Green, and the incumbent Whitaker.

t'anks, oui-oui. I feel better now. Avon's calling! :thup:

First of all...Congrats to Cobb for being able to continue his professional journey. Secondly..majority of the comments on here are indicating that he alone made the ticats loose....but in reality this team hasnt won a championship in what is soon to be 12 years. What happened to the years before Cobb? The reality is..this last season our OL was absolute trash, the coaching was weak at best and the play calling was predictable. Even in those circumstances Cobb still had a season of over 1000 yds.
That can you out coach the coach game they played at the games was embarrassing because almost every fan had potential to do so! One man doesnt make a team so to send negative wishes on a player using that mentality really is immature.In assuming this team will win due to signing Avon due to his being on a winning team (which they won as a team) or regarding Cobb being a bad player because we lost the play off (when we lost as a team) is backwards. A huge diff is...Als allow their players a chance to grow and really learn eachothers play habits( majority of their team was together for ages) ...Billovich and crew are quick to jump on the bandwagon and sign whos hot rather then allow for growth as a unit. Football is just as much about strategy as it is talent and Ticats ride on either or..never dual effort! CONGRATS COBB FOR FINALLY HAVING A CHANCE AT WINNING a grey cup! This team wont have that chance until they assume actual leadership.


Interesting first post, nic. I wonder if there are more to follow here.

"Bad coaching" and "bad playcalling" is just as much an over simplification as Cobb supposedly suffers from.

The facts of the matter the team enjoyed its biggest , most effective offensive performance in over a decade.

Blaming MB or Gibson over and over again doesn't make it true nor does it make the stats go away.

Stats were through the roof both as a unit and individually .

No, they didn't get the job done in the end but quite often thats where personnel comes in. Needed more of a weapon in the backfield when the passing game was nullified. Solution ? - Obie went out and got the best weapon available.

When you're 9-9 two seasons running you dont wait and hope good talent comes together by overlooking great talent for the sake of cohesion or gelling or whatever.

Cobb was good. Cobourne is great.

As a team if you're not improving or trying to improve by shedding talent for better players you're dying.

There has to be more to follow…numerous players are constantly placed on the chopping block in these forums and few people actually comment on the positive contributions each player has made. As a Ticat fan, I have watched this franchise turn around the last two years and I couldnt sit back any longer and watch everyone blame this talented player for not achieving a goal that this organization couldnt accomplish for 9 years before he came. There is more elements then big plays that influence every player’s career. Cobb is just as good talent wise as any starting RB. So if were going to rip into Cobb based on an entire teams effort (or lack there of in many components)…lets also rip into the elements that influenced every player’s season. Those same elements will influence Avon and those to come after. We could have had Frank Gore, Arion Foster or even Chris Johnson starting as RB and we still would have not dominated without proper coaching and the realization that our backfeild was not the centre of our problem. Its a multitude of factors…but change is always good…for both players and a franchise. I think the fresh start for both Cobb and Avon are great opportunities. We have alot of talent rich players that have signed or are able to sign with other teams that could come back and haunt us. Are we going to constantly nit pick their faults for taking up a new opportunity? One mans trash is another treasure…Im sure Montreal will love Cobb and enjoy him just as we did.

So what you're saying is Cobb is as good as Cobourne ?

Wow, what games were you watching. Can you burn a dvd or two for me.

Or more importantly for Obie- he doesnt know what huge mistake he's making.

Im saying that Cobb is 4 years younger and has potential to be just as “great” as your saying Avon is.I personally think change is good and it makes you grow as an individual and as a team because it eliminates comfort. I am not saying anything about anyone making mistakes Re: Obie but I am saying that decisions that were made regarding calling plays, leadership, and a numerous amount of other things and other positions played out to where were at now inclusively…realistically its not any one thing that anyone can sit here and debate. If you need to blame Cobb or degrade him in order to justify the fact that Ticats have lost for the last 2 years when we have really done so consecutively for over a decade then blame him…there will be someone else after him and someone else after that to point the finger at. Signing Avon isnt going to gaurntee us a grey cup in 2011 or 2012…there are alot more factors that contribute to a team victory then a RB!

Cobourne was born in March of 1979. Cobb was born in May of 1981. That is not a 4 year difference.

I agree that there are more factors than RB, but I still think RB was a key weakness for the Cats last year. I agree that some folks seem to have a pathological need to bag on Cobb, but I also think that on an objective basis, many of the criticisms of his play have merit.

Since it's still the off-season, it might be interesting to speculate on the value of Cobb versus the other starting RBs in the CFL last year:

Jamal Robertson vs. Cobb
Robertson has been the better player, but he turned 34 in January, so time isn't on his side.

Joffrey Reynolds vs. Cobb
Reynolds has consistently been the best RB in the CFL for years. (Was born in Nov. '79).

Arkee Whitlock vs. Cobb
This one could be debatable. I see a lot of similarity between Whitlock and Cobb. I perceive Whitlock to be more dangerous, that may be a result of the "grass is always greener" phenomenon. Whitlock has also had more injury issues than Cobb. On the other hand, Whitlock was born in May of 1984, an honest 3 years younger than Cobb. When Whitlock went down last year, Daniel Porter looked impressive, and may take the starting job for Edmonton this year (born in July of 1987).

Wes Cates vs. Cobb
This one could be debatable. Cates hasn't been consistent every year, but at the top of his game he's on par with Reynolds. Cates has had more injury trouble than Cobb.

Fred Reid vs. Cobb
Reid is perhaps the most similar in style to Cobb of any of the starting RBs, but Reid seems to change direction better. Reid is younger than Cobb, but by less than a year.

Cory Boyd vs. Cobb
Boyd was a monster last year. We had some success shutting him down, but only because Toronto was sufficiently one-dimensional that we could get away with keying on him. In the playoffs, he still put up 93 yards against us, including crucial first downs late in the game. Boyd's health could be a concern long-term (he suffered at least two concussions last year), but he's also much younger than Cobb (Boyd was born in August of 1985).

Avon Cobourne vs. Cobb
Cobourne runs tougher and catches the ball more consistently.