COBB signs with MTL

I'm surprised they picked him up, but I hope he gets a ton of touches when we play them :smiley:

Good luck to him. He's a great guy!

And so we will get a good read on the question of whether Cobb's and Coborne's play was the result of their respective offensive lines or not. I like this.... some tangible evidence should emerge.

Us here in Tigertown wish DeAndra all the best, and I hope he does well.

I hope he does horrible and MTL loses every game.
Why would you want your best rival to do good?

Who will be the first to sell their cob hat to disiplineandpunish?

I wouldn't be surprised to see him have some success in Montreal. Trestman will use him properly (i.e. Screens and Sweeps) unlike Gibson did.

because he's a former Ti-Cat, he's been a very cool and dedicated guy with a good story and even though he's on the opposing team, I don't want him specfically to perform poorly even though I want to see his team lose.

I agree Mark. We'll learn something not only about the O-Lines but also about how coaches best employ a player's talents.
And, somebody's gonna lay claim to the 2011 title of "Smartest GM in the East." Circle July 29th on your calendars!

Maybe we should first wait to see whether Cobb will even win the starter's job in Montreal.

I don’t think Cobb necessarily has to do that for these questions to be answered.

Good luck with the Als. All the best.

How about : We wish him well except when the Alouettes are playing the Ticats.

I'm so going to the Labour Day game this year....

I don;t think he much to do with Our OLine

It had everything with coaching of our Running back to run threw a Hole.
Cobbs 1st season he ran into hole and had Bust
Starting last year this was missing till after labour day

That Screams coaching

What will decide Deondre's success in Montreal is his ability to block. If he can't block he'll be gone quick. I'm happy he's getting a shot.

Two of our players from last year had poor seasons.
Sandro and Cobb
Sandro lost his confidence on longer field goals.(some short ones too)
Cobb lost his confidence hitting the line.(2 steps forward,stops,gets creamed)
Both players have the ability to get their confidence back.
I found it frustrating to watch both players underperforming.(along with some poor play calling)
Lets hope that Sandro has a great season this year and Cobb,not so much


He blocked for Glenn last season to the tune of Glenn's 5000 passing yards. He can't be that shabby a blocker.

Also, more generally, line play isn't the only variable. Playcalling and formation have a lot to do with it as well.

Personally Cobb is a great guy. However he lost that spark in his eye last yr. He couldn't catch a ball and his blocks were so so at best. If it wasn't for some long runs his average would have been around 3 yds a carry or the lowest in the league.
I don't think Trestman will have the patience for any of the above.


Als will give Bernard every opportunity and then some to be the RB there. But if he spits the bit Cobb has a shot. Provided he's still on the roster.