COBB: Screen,Flare,Dump,Sweep,etc.

Gibson, PLEASE stop using Cobb up the middle and use his to his strengths....That being his speed and agility. Approx 70% of calls to him are running up the middle. It's not working!!! Hello, anyone home?

Um, it is working.

First half: 7 rushes for 41 yards.

I agree, he could be utilized better. Maybe we haven't seen as many passes to him because of those two he dropped last week.

I remember seeing him just wait for holes to open up, and seeing him run through them. I would like to see more of that.

But he has gained some yards running up the middle.

I thought so too. Although I'd like to see more outside stuff its not because Cobb can't run inside

Think small and you end up with small.

6 yards per rush average is pretty much whats expected from an effective running game

58 yards rushing at games end is not what's expected from fans who know. We've seen the same thing for 4 losses in a row. Use Cobb to his strengths. How come real fans know but Gibson/MB continue to run him up the middle again and again? Cobb was 3/47 yards in the 2nd half passing though. Hello Gibson! Anyone home? Ah, well guess we'll ride in on the tails of the Bombers. Ah, medicrocrity.

Cobb was effective today. He didn't break any records but what they did with him was effective. Can we have a little optimism please?

No kidding What do you expect against the number one D 125 yards on the ground and 3 td's ?

They just showed the league how to play ball with the AL's!!!! Hang in tight and spread the defense as long and as wide as you can ....Expose all those holes in the D ...

The number one D as you like to call them are a tad overhyped. When you have AC on offence, their D tends to be on the field "a little" less than teams lead by Porter or Pierce or Picker or Lefors/Bishop etc. Fact is, Cobb is a very good RB, but when you continue to run him up the gut play in and play out without utilizing his speed and agilily outside for 4 losses in a row, then something has to give beside 4 losses in a row..... and hopefully that it Gibson next season.


Cobb's combined numbers had him at 105 yards, the team's offence was a whopping 579 yards.


Cobb ran well when he was handed the ball. We abandoned the run in the second half. I would like to see us establish the run early and grind away at their defense.

I didn't realize sitting in the stands today that we had 579 yards of offense. We went through a couple of phases of 2 and outs.

I think Cobb played his best game in a while when you have a qb that throws for over 500 yds there's not much of a chance to get a running attack going.
I was especially impressed with Cobbs work in the second half and all totaled I think he ended up with just over 100 all purpose yds most of that was second and medium yds. to go late in the game when the cats were coming back to keep drives alive .
What impressed me the most was how he came out of nowhere on the Mcdaniel fumble to tackle that ball carrier.
Why he isn't running back at least kickoffs is beyond me especially when he did just that and was famous at Michigan as a premier kick returner.

I think if we had a solid Backup RB he would be doing returns!! If we lost him we would be SCREWED!

Loved seeing that tackle....there's a guy that has a want-to-win-attitude and knows what to do with it.

I would like to see Caulley get a even number of touches in the next game as Cobb. he is a power back
and can create second and short yards in lots of plays. Use Cobb after they key on Caulley. :thup: