Cobb or the O-Line?

All season, I've been frustrated by Cobb and his tendency to stop dead in his tracks before trying to find a hole in the offensive line to attack. The TSN commentators have been mentioning the same thing for the last couple of games.

My question - is Cobb to blame? Or is the offensive line just not pulling the holes that Cobb needs to make gains?

The o-line seems solid on pass protection, but often times when Cobb pulls up it seems pretty clear that there isn't much available in terms of a hole to attack. Is it really Cobb that's to blame?

I'm just watching the game again and yes Cobb is mostly to blame for his troubles. I think he is thinking too much. He needs to get the ball and move forward either hitting the hole or attempting to burst through a nonexistent hole. Lots of times the holes are not there and he will only get one or two yards, but on other attempts he'll be able to break through the first tackler and maybe get into the the secondary for additional yards. Stopping at the line of scrimmage and looking for a hole is not working for him and causing him to lose yards.

When Cobb attacks the LOS, he can be clearly successful. O-line execution has faltered at time during the season thus far re the running game as has the playcalling in how the running game is established/ not establish in games. For me, it's more crucial in the Canadian game in lieu of a consistent pounder a la Mike Pringle to utilize a HB in space as a downfield (as opposed to flat of dumpoff) receiver if the skillset of the player warrants that. Both Cobb and Thigpen are effective against LBs when they are used in that fashion.

Nonetheless, running the ball sets a physical tone that can only augment a spread attack with proper execution. When we have a solid running game, this attack IS dangerous!

Oski Wee Wee,


Often he arrests his own momentum to try and cut back, but it just make it easier for whoever is nearby to bring him down. He did look better at times in the seconds half against the Bombers tonight. Maybe he was taking notes while watching Fred Reid. :wink:

Cobb had a great second half and his game total was 86 yards rushing which is respectable.

Apperantly all of you in this thread other than oski oui oui didn't see the second half.

usually the last unit to gel is the oline,,,,with belton and rottier new to the group,,itll come though im lookin forward to seein jimenez back soon,,,,i think cobb needs to hit those holes quicker but i think we need a 2nd back with a little size to pound it too.

Agreed that he looked better in the second half, but he still got dumped behind the line a couple of times after trying an extra move or two.

I thought the running game worked best this season with both Thigpen and Cobb in the backfield (was that week 2?); I'm not sure why they aren't using that more often.

Cobb is to blame, how is he not? I mean he gets the balls and he STOPS once he sees an opponent. The second half last night was MAJOR improvement, he needs to run like that every time he gets the ball and i hope that did a lot for his confidence.

Bingo! :thup:

He is trying to find a hole when he is shifting/or as some say stopping. While I'll be the first to admit that there were a couple of times when he should have "just plowed through" in the first half, the long and short of it is he is trying to "bust one loose". Give him a break :roll: at least he is staying healthy and scoring. :thup:

I think he will do nothing but improve!

True he shouldn't be arresting his forward momentum, but I'd look to BOTH Cobb and the o-line as reasons for the lacklustre running game so far.

Its kind of difficult to hit the line hard when there's already a defender in the backfield.

as an O-lineman, i think both parties deserve blame. because i am sure on every play a better block or read can be made by the players to help get a better gain. now whenever i could see the game from an endzone cut, it didnt seem like there the greatest holes, which makes sense why Cobb tried to bounce outside every time. now Cobb scares me when he bounces out EVERY time because he almost gets tackled and then turns the edge. i am happy that worked out for him tonight but i believe that if he keeps this up he will get some gian losses. so lets try foing up the middle with the same burst some times (not every time though. MODERATION!!!).

It combo of both ..

The Running Game Right has a Real Timing Problem
The Blocks are there and Cobb is not Quick to the Hole
Cobb is there and Hole is not and He Has Bounce outside.
Penetration has also been issue

You must Hit the Hole Going Full Speed No Dancing
But if there no hold that a Problem

It Can be Cleaned up as we Saw in 2nd Half.

I'd say it's a combination of both the O-Line not making holes and Cobb trying 2 hard 2 look for holes opening.

  • playcalling is a factor aswell ,

Sometimes you have to hit the hole no matter how small it is. Maybe a spin move or a quick cut, but stopping dead in your tracks you lose all momentum and make for an easy take down. Yes Cobb did run better in the 2nd half, i think partly because Winnipeg played the pass. At least Cobb did show he still has some speed to cut it to the outside. It was finally good to see we could take some time off the game with our running game.

I'm not too worried. It will work out but I would really like to see Thigpen and cobb in the backfield more often.

I'm not seeing Cobb telegraph the play anymore, but something is still tipping the defences off to the run. How else would you explain linebackers not dropping, or already being in the backfield by the time Cobb gets the ball? Are they just reading the OL run block that quickly?

It was good to see them run the draw a couple of times. A few screens would help keep the LBs from jumping in right away, which would maybe create some holes for either Cobb or Thigpen - or even McIntyre, although he's only in on short yardage so far, and may never get to carry the ball. (We do have some actual fullbacks, don't we? Have we ever used them?)

Look at O-lineman
Maybe there seeing White Knuckles when we ran
If you see white knuckles,in a stance it usually means that they are leaning forward to run block .
this is Major key for most Defence when it is a Run..

Cobb played great in the second half last night. Give him a hole, and he will gain yards.

I think that the main thing here is that Cobb must stop being tentative when he reaches the O Line. If the hole doesn’t open,
he should simply bull his way through and make a yard or 2; perhaps more. This would be better than losing yards as he did
three times last night.

The DeAndra Cobb we saw in the second half wasn’t nearly as tentative as in the first half, and his results speak for

I’d like to know if Bellefeille or Gibson sat him down at half time and instructed him to keep running, no matter what or
did DeAndra figure this out on his own.

The coaches should have clued into this several games ago.

22 Carries for 86 Yards = 3.91 Yards/Carry. You didn't need to see the second half to know those numbers are unsatisfactory.

In my amateur opinion Cobb is hesitant due to either a fear of getting hit or looking for the perfect hole. I don't see confidence in his eyes.

Thigpen had a few exciting returns but has settled into an average returner. Prior to signing him we had Summers as a backup running back, a more stereotypical 'run through Tackles' kinda guy. After seven games I'd rather have our original lineup then what we're 'running' with now.