Cobb N Caulley

So, once Caulley is healthy where dose he stand with the RB .? Dose he take over starting? Or dose Cobb still get the start? Could we use them in a 1-2 punch? or in a double set formation?
I think the 1-2 punch would fit well keep both RB's full of energy. I believe The O.C used a double back when he was with Sak so, I could see him using it here.

Cobb plays until he faulters.

We have sorta gone away from the running game the last couple weeks. We need to pound the ball more. It just opens up the passing game like we saw last nite.

Cobb just needs to work a little bit on catching the ball.

It's going to be interesting once KK and TC and TS come back. I think Tre Smith will be the odd man out as we now have MM returning punts and kicks.

This is a good situtation we have.

Always a problem when you have two good backs since they both want the ball. We have a greater problem. We have three great backs and a good one. I can see Obie working on a trade here. As for who plays? Cobb is the man as long as he produces. Another possibility is that MB could set up a Porter-Glen like arrangement with his backs.

Cobb has earned the starting role, IMHO. Caulley is an excellent back, but he's never had two nights like Cobb has had. I fully expect a healthy Terry to push Cobb as part of the normal HB rotation one sees re fatigue/change of pace, etc.

DeAndra' needs a second Movado that went mysteriously missing last night. :wink: LOL

(All props to our Gladiator Jamall Johnson despite this)

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Tre smith has little trade value, he will probably just be released!

Well, it's harder to leverage a trade with running backs in the CFL when there hasn't been a ton of eyepopping lately from the trade bait. Unfortunately, that is where Smith is at the moment, IMHO.

I would agree, Smith is probably the odd man out. That still leaves us with three. K.K. would seem to be the logical trade choice. The other problem I'm having is who would we trade for? For the first time in I don't know how many years I feel the team is strong in every position!

Well, let's get to Keith getting off the 9-game injury list before we "make" that decision. If Keith is good to go, he can be a difference maker late in the season. I would rather make competitors who would want to make trades to strengthen their playoff runs to be strengthed in the OFFSEASON by any move than to do that right in the middle of a playoff push.

Oski Wee Wee,

Cobb has earned the position and somebody will likely need to be cut when all of the RB's return from injury. Lets hope there is a way to make a trade but I cannot say I'm opptimistic that it'll happen. RB doesn'r seem to be a position of need in the league but rather a position that is overstocked league wide

when KK is healthy he will be cut. they'll need to free up his contract to stay under the cap. we were the only team with cap space to sign AB3. KK doesnt count against the cap while on the 9 game list.

Could you provide a source stating they would be over the cap? Take Printers and Lumsden's salary off the books, add KK and Bruce and that is likely a wash (Argos even paying for the first four weeks of Bruce's salary and KK not counting on the cap for nine weeks), so how does that work?

P.S. If you take a look at the Bombers offense, please explain how they would be "cap tight", especially after ejecting Smith, Armstrong, Glenn, Goodspeed, Gauthier among others, and with Stegall retiring?

Oski Wee Wee,

I think I read somewhere that the Argos had already paid AB3 50,000. Was that a preseason commitment ie. similar to what the Bombers had to do with Glen or was that game salary obligations? If it was a preseason obligation then the Cats are looking to pay him considerably less for the rest of this season.

Cobb should remain the starter, providing he continues to put up big numbers against teams other than BC. So far, he has only had big games against the Lions. Maybe he just has their number. Let's see how he does against Edmonton.

He looked even better on the highlights than he did live. I couldn't see how shifty his footwork was from the stands. Man, he is smooth. Caulley will see plenty of time still I think, but KK will be released or traded in my opinion. He should still have trade value and the team doesn't need that salary. I know that may not sit well with some people but we really don't need to wait to see if Keith will return to his old form. Cobb is performing that way right now. It would be hard to find a much better performance from a running back than what he put in last night.

How can people come on here and say that Tre Smith gets cut when KK comes back. That's really nice for him to read and must make him feel wanted here in Hamilton. Smith has played extremly well running back kicks and running out of the backfield. I do not see him getting cut and I did not see him play his way off the team. To be successful in this league you need depth and with Cobb, Caulley and Smith we have that. :cowboy:

How can people come on here and say that KK gets cut when he gets off the 9-game list? That's really nice for him to read and must make him feel wanted here in Hamilton. Smith has played extremely well running back kicks and running out of the backfield as well, but I do not see KK getting cut and I did not see him play his way off the team. To be successful in this league you need depth and with Cobb, Caulley and Keith we have that.

Oh, I'm sorry, Buckwheat! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: The edit just saved me a little time. It kinda goes with the territory that when people refer to ANY player's roster status or depth chart ranking, some one is going to be valued more in the discussion than another. Depends on the perspective.

With all due respect, I don't expect Tre Smith -- or any player -- to care much about what I write about him when it comes to him keeping his roster spot. His coaches and peers are FAR FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Practice hard, play hard, and let the chips fall where they may. I respect his effort to date.

Obie is paying KK some pretty big coin to simply assume he's heading out the door. His health status when he is cleared to play and how he performs in practice/games will ultimately tell the tale. We don't even know what the depth chart will be by Labour Day re injuries, so much of this is speculation.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think the Cats should keep every single RB they have. We are so deep at RB that our former 4th stringer (Cobb) came in and played like a first stringer.

Our RB depth is a huge team strength.

Granted. If all four could be kept (including possibly one on the practice roster), then that would be ideal. That means the risk of losing one by being picked up by another team, One thing is for sure, Cobb is a keeper.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think its safe to say that Cobb won't see the practice roster again. If any of the 4 do it will be Tre Smith.


I believe Hamilton is better off without KK.