Cobb/Jones with the Als

Als just confirmed the singing of these two.

I don't know what that means for the running game; Cobb was "underwhleming" in Ticatland. Jones may help out at the LB position. I'm still upset that the Als and little AC couldn't come to an agreement. Then again, I thought the Als were smoking the expensive stuff when they let Mike Pringle go. We'll see how this all washes out.

Maintenant que c'est fait, autant voir ce que nous avons sous la main. Il y a 6 demis : Alston, Bernard, Cobb, Green, Marc et Whitaker. Ça fait beaucoup de monde. Compte tenu de ce que j'ai entendu de Popp, je crois que Marc va rester avec l'équipe, sur l'équipe de pratique. Le poste appartient à Whitaker, mais il pourrait le perdre. On peut penser que deux des quatre autres resteront et cela ne dépendra que d'eux.

Pour ce qui est de Jones, il est listé comme un ailier défensif, mais il y a beaucoup de monde à cette position. On sait que les partants seront Stewart et Bowman. Il y a beaucoup de canadiens pour appuyer ces deux-là : Robertshaw, Morin-Soucy (s'il ne se blesse pas encore) et Ihekwoaba. Donc, si Jones doit se tailler un poste de ce côté, il va devoir se faire valoir surtout contre les autres américains, Harriot, McGhee et Walls. Je crois que Walls va partir.

Two things are clear:

  1. Despite assurances to the contrary, Whitaker does not have the confidence of the Alouettes as starting tailback.

  2. The Als are floundering trying to make up for the loss of Cobourne. Quantity in this case will certainly not make up for the lack of quality....with all due respect to the candidates involved:

Bernard may or may not be a good blocking back....he certainly has speed...but Cobourne lost what...3 fumbles in the last two years. If Bernard continues to have "fumble-itis" the Alouettes can't and won't use him.

Cobb was afraid of contact last year....pure and simple. I can't see how a coward can benefit the Alouettes in any way.

Green was a great back....back in the day. That day is done. Or is it?

I'm not sure about Whitaker. He's shown some flashes...and some lapses. A definite maybe.

As for the idea how many more the Alouettes will try to recruit to replace the best overall back in the league. I'd like to think Jim Popp has his finger on the pulse...considering the lockout and the plethora of backs just waiting for a chance...

Toronto found Boyd
Edmonton was floundering with a worse pass/rush ratio than the Alouettes when they found Whitlock.

Popp's supposed to be the best.
The Alouettes are arguably in a mini-crisis over their running game with the season just 'round the next corner or two.
Time to earn that big fat paycheck!

Cobourne 2010: 4 fumbles
Cobourne 2009: 3 fumbles
Cobourne 2008: 3 fumbles

Bernard 2010: 0 fumbles (he didn't play enough or get enough touches to know)
Bernard 2009: 4 fumbles

So in the year that Bernard supposedly had fumble-itis, he finished with as many fumbles as Cobourne did last season.

Two points

People have been messing with stats to prove their fallacies for as long as statistics have existed
Three significant differences:

First....and I'm not sure about this in terms of the stats you the distinction between fumbles proper...and fumbles where the team actually loses possession of the ball. While Cobourne did fumble as many times as you say, I'm not sure if those stats are of the former or latter catagory

Second...Cobourne has had many more touches than Bernard...and obviously fumbles/touch is an even more relevant stat than mere fumbles or "fumbles lost" alone.

Avon Cobourne.......2009......MTL.....224......1,214.......5.4......43.......13......3
Yvenson Bernard....2009......WPG......53.........336.......6.3......27.........0......4 more than 4x the touches, Cobourne had 1 less fumble in 2009 than Bernard....oh and 184 touches for Cobourne in 2010. So to be on par with Bernard...Cobourne would have had 12-13 fumbles in 2009 and what 9-10 last year....fumble-itis indeed!!! obviously the type of runner and running involved. Cobourne never misses an opportunity to put his head down and plow into the opposition. The fact that his fumbles lost stats are so low, considering his touches...both running and receiving, and his running frankly amazing.

All of which explains why Bernard was replaced by Reid....but not why Cobourne is in Hamilton.

OK...that'll teach me to calculate in my head:

16.9 fumbles to match Bernard in 2009
13.9 assuming Bernard fumbled at the same rate in 2010.

No question. You cannot compare fumble rate with these two. Not sure what DAP was thinking.

That said, I believe Bernard will be the starter and you’ll grow to love him there.

I'm sure you can learn to protect the football...we've seen it before.
But 17 fumbles/ that would be a serious down side.'s hoping you're right.
Not quite ready to put that "spilled milk" on my cornflakes...
But guess we've got to stop crying about it one of these days.

Maybe a memorial....
Chad Owens, Andrew Hawkins, Avon Cobourne, Larry Taylor...
Call it the Jim Popp Memorial for cheapskate, bottom-dealing, half-witticism. to gut a team while still maintaining the illusion of fielding a

OK...I feel better now.

Ok…I’m glad.

I agree with Senior that Popp's major task has to find a replacement for Cobourne and, I aggree that Whitacre is not that person. My main thought of Whitacre in 2010 was his missed block that resulted in Calvillo getting hit. The best candidate, so far, has to be Bernard. But, what about those fumbles? Fumbles have cost the Als at lease three Grey Cups. In 1954 a back named Chuck Hunsinger gave up the ball on a fumble when the Als were a short fieldgoal range to win the Grey Cup- in the final minutes.

To bring this up to date Keith Stokes, the return whiz ,gave up two fumbles in a Grey Cup game with the ESKS giving them the GC. This had been a close game and his fumbles were a major reason for our loss. Secondly, Robert Edwards the pike driving ex NFL back fumbled on the 1 yard line when the Als were driving for the end zone-TILT! Gottta watch those fumbles!

Avon Cobourne was a very good RB/TB for us; unfortunately, he wanted more $ than the Als were prepared to pay; he became a free agent and decided to sign with the Tiger Cats. I wish him the best but,he decided to leave,and there is nothing we can do;we will play his team 5 times,including 1 pre-season game; it will be interesting.

Personnally, I have confidence in the RB's signed; DeAndra Cobb is not a "deux de piques" and Whitaker has plenty to offer. Let's give him a chance; the Als would not have re-signed him if they felt that he had no chance to become number 1. Yes,statistics may be for losers, but,in the past 2 years, Cobb had more rushing yards than Cobourne.

At this time, I say that either Whitaker or Cobb will be our regular/number 1 RB/TB once the 2011 regular season begins; maybe, none of them can block like Avon,but let's see; we can't judge a player on 1 missed block during a game; beside,most "journalistes" said that Scott Flory missed the block that resulted in Anthony's injury.


while still maintaining the illusion of fielding a winner
Don`t know if you had a senior moment Senior but Jim Popp has fielded a winner - 2 Grey Cups in the last 2 years.

Cobourne 2010: 4 fumbles
Cobourne 2009: 3 fumbles
Cobourne 2008: 3 fumbles

Bernard 2010: 0 fumbles (he didn't play enough or get enough touches to know)
Bernard 2009: 4 fumbles

really DAP? Really?
you don’t accept that these numbers have no bearing considering his lack of carries?

i’m a fan of Bernard…but credibility and stubborness are your weak areas.
Ego is a deadly deal.

The following analysis would probably better reflect stat fumbles.

Carrer Cobourne - 593 carries - 14 fumbles = 1 fumble every 42 carries
Career Bernard - 58 carries - 4 fumbles = 1 fumble every 14 carries

details below

[url] - Official site of the Canadian Football League

COBOURNE, A 2006 MTL 7 21 3.0 0 0 3
COBOURNE, A 2007 MTL 33 160 4.8 0 2 0
COBOURNE, A 2008 MTL 145 950 6.6 0 6 4
COBOURNE, A 2009 MTL 224 1,214 5.4 43 13 3
COBOURNE, A 2010 MTL 184 956 5.2 27 6 4

[url] - Official site of the Canadian Football League

BERNARD, Y 2009 WPG 53 336 6.3 27 0 4
BERNARD, Y 2010 WPG 5 22 4.4 13 1 0

Flag what team is close to your heart?

Fumbles are like interceptions the more the player plays , he becomes confident the lower the numbers get.

the CFL is close to my heart.
re fumbles; fine but to use stats like DAP has trying to prove a point is silly. you know it so does he. just stubborn and hates to be challenged in any way. thinks he is above it in some weird way. must have a lack of self confidence or esteem. who knows, who cares really.
As I say I like Bernard a great deal. We’ll agree to hope that the coaches can help with fundamentals on fumbling. Its not just confidence. Its changing technique. But trotting out stats like that is foolish. But as i say i know you know that.

Well, let's just hope that whoever wins the starting TB position (if indeed one does), that he, with better technique and coaching, can reduce the fumblitis problem.

However, and as has been pointed out, the TB or RB is not just called on to break runs off-tackle or up the gut; he has to protect AC also. Further, for a running game to be effective, the RB will have to learn how to disguise blocking assignments, slip into the flat, go for a screen, be an outlet...etc. It's a tall assignment and one that little AC had mastered.

It is my hope that the Als can design something effective ASAP and not rely exclusively on the pass. Otherwise, opposing D's will merely pin their ears back and come after AC all day - could be a long season!

Avec tout le respect que j'ai pour cette opinion, il est difficile de voire une crise quand aucune partie n'a été jouée et ce n'est pas dans la LCF que les joueurs ont un gros chèque de paye. Attendons voir les résultats avant lever les baguettes en l'air.

Je crois que cette statistique de 2009 ne tient pas compte de ses échappés en retour de bottés. Il doit en avoir à peu près autant, malgré qu'il n'ait retourné les bottés que lors des 5 premières parties seulement.

Je suis plutôt d'accord avec Senior sur ce point. Bernard a fait 4 échappés comme porteur de ballon, mais il faut également dire qu'il n'était pas le porteur régulier : c'est Fred Reid qui était le porteur régulier. Dans cette perspective, son chiffre de 4 devient soudainement plus important.