Cobb is back!

One side note. In his post-game reaction video, Cobb calls Hamilton the Hammer multiple times. Nice. Spoken like a true Hamiltonian. Welcome Mr. Cobb.

If Gibson persists in giving Cobb the rock in single-back sets on second and short with no supplementary blocking, and Bellefeuille persists in thinking that it's perfectly normal to expect your back to routinely make people miss IN THE BACKFIELD, Hamilton will continue to struggle in the short-yardage conversion game.

I have no idea where or how Bellefeuille became comfortable with the idea that coaches shouldn't do their level best to put their players in a position to succeed, and that shedding multiple defenders before he's even had a chance to accelerate is somehow part of Cobb's mandate as the feature back.

Why did Cobb rack up almost 100 yards on Friday night? Because Gibson frequently used tight end sets on first down and the line actually made some blocks at the point of attack. So Cobb could accelerate through the hole and then make a move without having two linemen and a linebacker in his face before he has a chance to get going. Any hesitation in Cobb's game has probably been exacerbated by poor playcalling and choice of formations, both of which are hamstringing the Cats on second and short.