Cobb is back!

Cobb is starting to look like his old self. He's picking up a lot of confidence, something he didn't have early in the season. This gives us a much needed threat of a running game. I'm wondering also if Thigpen is not at 100% as he wasn't involved in the offence like he was last week. :cowboy:

I still think in most cases Thigpen would do at least just as good a job as Cobb.

now i dont know exactly bout this, he got more yards this game yes, but he was still hesitating, its just the argo defence was letting him get away, unlike the other defences we played

im not complaining that he was getting the yardage but he was still hesitating and dancing around instead of putting his head down and picking up positive yardage

in the last winnipeg game in the second half, thats when i saw the old cobb flourishing, he was putting his head down and running through tackles, none of this stop and go b.s hes being doing all season

cobb is close to coming back but hes gotta just relize that in the CFL you gotta put your head down and barrel through defenders

cobb stop dancing and play some hardnose football!


Cobb is learning though, tonight he did get his head lower and combined with his dancing, he could be one of the league's most elusive runners. Never going to be the toughest one but tough enough if he continues to lower his head once in a while

Cobb did a lot of good stuff this game, but also fell back into his hesitant ways a few times. It drove me nuts on that 2nd and short when he reversed his field then got buried looking for the outside. Still looking better than earlier in the season, though.

I'm concerned that we couldn't kill the clock at the end of this game.

thats the main thing that also concerns me, that if we have the ball ith 50 seconds left with the lead, its not a gurantee that we can kill the clock

i also hate when cobb needs to just put his head down and run for 3 yards on 2nd down but instead decides to try and be a hero and dances around trying to bust a big one, which he has not had a big run all season

im just wondering how long the leash is on cobb, MB has got to be thinkin bout puttin thiggy in there soon, or picking up a nfl failure

Cobb appears to have given up speed in exchange for muscle and power. And that’s why it’s good to see him try to push his way forward more often. He still does try to wait for a hole to open. And at least once, I saw him make something from nothing. But I still want to see more from him.

Cobb had 20 carries for 99 yards, and the game’s only TD. Interestingly, he had more rushing yards than Boyd. And while Boyd averaged more yards per carry, it was good to see him get good gains more consistently.

As frustrating as it can be 2 watch Cobb dance 2 try 2 create something ; there were a couple of times last night where it proved beneficial.

Better yes, good not quite, second down conversions a problem and note, Adriano did not play and as much as I hate to say it he plugs up the run game. We still have work to do in the run game but improving game by game is the object and that has been the case the last two games.

Except that his dancing worked ourt well for him last night in a couple of plays that moved the chains, but I LOVE how he willed himself into the endzone took a hellacious hit and still managed to hang on to the ball which surprised me after seeing replays of that goal line hit.

Cobb averaged five yards per carry last night. That's better than the four he's been averaging all year, but less than the six yards league leaders are at.

As someone else said, Thigpen could average five yards too. Having both Cobb and Thigpen means we don't have a Cory Boyd style back which is killing us in short yardage situations.

Since the first couple of games this year Thigpen has become an average returner.

I think it would be prudent to analyse our running game during the bye week and consider cutting one of our backs and bringing in a power short yardage option.

I assume Fournier has been given short yardage reps in practice. Can anyone confirm this? How has he looked?

So you think its possible they cut thiggy...
cuz that's just crazy talk.

you know what his problen probably was, the fact we really only played winnepeg so much lol.. like u gotta mix it up n see differnt defences to be productive, if u play the same team over n over how r u suppose to judge a players abilty if hes not going up against differnt defences. the last few games hes been turning things around

At this point, Thigpen looks like he may be a little hurt. I think he may not be getting as many reps on offense to try and preserve him for returns. He also doesn't have the quick excelleration he had when he was fresh.

It looks like Cobb may be suffering from being a little heavier (ie. a little slower) at the start of the season, and also from poor blocking and play calling. When he is alone in the backfield in the shotgun with Glenn on short yardage plays, you know the defense is going to key on him because Cobb is most likely going to get the ball. We saw this play was often unsuccessful yesterday.

Last year when we had Porter in as QB, we often ran the option play where Porter would put the ball in Cobb's hands and then pull it depending on the defense or the play. That option made things more difficult to defend.

I'm not indicating that we should put Porter in for all short yardage plays, but that we need to come up with other high percentage options (ie. adding another running back or a full back to either block or to switch up who is getting the ball, and having the QB under center not in the shotgun). I like the idea of using Thigpen, Brown, or Fournier (if he is ready) for these roles. It's just a matter of keeping the defense guessing so they cannot just key on one person.

Cobb got a lot more yards scrambling last night, but a times he still needs to just find a seem and blast into it to get a few yards when that is all we need.

I have noticed that the offense is performing a true draw play much more effectively lately. This is a good call for a back like Cobb who needs a little space to slash through.

I really hope they work on some changes in the short yardage game. We were often second and 1 or 2 yesterday, and either struggled to get the first down, or we didn't make it. IMO if we were better in this area yesterday, we would have blown the Argos away. We don't need any tricks just some looks that will make it more difficult for the defense.


:D I'm not sure he ever left. Everyone seems to think he is a different runner this year than last. From what I remember, he hasn't changed at all... well maybe a little MORE hesitation at the line than last year. The main difference I see is a lack of holes being opened and, as a result, his inability to break a few long ones every game. Friday he got the opportunity to break a few longer runs and voila, his overall numbers go up.

His problem, as I see it, is lack of holes being opened up by the O-line, very poor play selection (everyone and their mother knows he is getting the ball on short yardage) and his hesitation at the line. In that order. Give him a decent hole and I think he's as good or better than most.
I also don't think bringing Porter in on short yardage is always the smartest idea. We should do what we do best. Go with your strengths and don't be afraid to throw the ball on short yardage. We are way too predictable. Bring Porter in and it's either a QB sneak or handoff to Cobb.
Time to be a little more creative... I think it would make a big difference in our short yardage production and boost Cobb's numbers.

I think you're right on the money. Last year, the commentators were raving over his ability to stop, find the hole, and burst through. He's obviously still able to do the first and I think he can still do the third, but so far this year, the holes up the middle are few and far between. Don't know what the answer to that is.

I'm not sure I agree with your point about bringing Porter in on short yardage. You're right that they need to keep the defence guessing the play, but if used correctly, Porter just adds to the possibilities. Two or even three backs, some in motion, any of them could take the ball, or Porter could run it or throw it. We have two fullbacks; let's use them. Or even give the ball to McIntyre - I'm not sure any team would expect that.

Thiggy and Cobb are the same size, style, and role. I don't think we can afford two of the same mold.

Most of Cobb's yards came in bunches last year. He was a good returner in college.

We are horrible in short yardage situations and that doesn't lend itself to winning big games. If Fournier can't take the rock straight ahead for two yards then I think we have to let one running back go and bring in someone who can.

If Fournier can't take the rock straight ahead for two yards, why the heck is he on the team? Why aren't they putting him in on third and short, putting McIntyre in there instead? What's the point in having fullbacks (I'm including Brown in this) who either can't play the position or aren't being given the chance to play it? What am I missing?

I don't have a problem having two good running backs, but I really think we also need a fullback who is capable of making 2nd and short, or at least is capable enough to be a threat, so we don't have to worry about 3rd and short as much.

Once again the coaches seem to not recognize the obvious. They seem to hesitate to do what needs to be done and when they do eventually do it, they realize that they should have done it from the beginning.
Cases in point
Glenn for Porter
Carter for Bauman
Barker for Bev....
I'm sure there are plenty more....

Put a fullback in. Give it a try. for Gawd's sake it can't get any worse. :cowboy:

All to often, on 2nd or 3rd and short, the Cats line up with 2 backs, 2 tight ends, and the receivers in bunch formation. The entire offence in an area about 15-17 yard wide. That means the entire defence only has to cover 15-17 yards of space. The field is 65 yards wide for crying out loud. Spread out the defence, playaction to move the LBs, cut blocks by the line and the QB or 2nd RB should be able to fall forward for 2 yards. But NNNOOOOOOO...... Lets mash into a tiny little space to the defence knows exactly what to do to stop it.