Cobb Hats

The last couple games I've seen people wearing Corn Cobb hats. I want to get one for the game tonight, anyone know where to buy them?

The store started to sell them today. They should be at the game as well.


Yup I was down at The Store today getting my Jersey and they were there. Tried to convince the wife to get one but it was a no go :lol:

Keeps fumbling and those hats will be a nic nac of the past like those foam "hammer time" hammers.

At least the discussion is about corn cob hats tonight and not umbrellas...... :wink:

but then again, some might complain about a kernel dislodging and flying into their face, or a corn husk blocking the

myself?....I may raid a farmer's corn field on the way down there and bring a huge bundle of corn stalks to hand out so people can jam and then zip-tie them into their seats for some country atmosphere and some shade...... :twisted: :rockin:

:wink: :wink:

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make it to the game tonight with my cobb hat. What do the ones they are selling look like? Anything like mine?

Cobbhead in Toronto last week

Oskee Wee Wee fellow cobbheads!

  • paul

My Brothers Son had one ..

my great uncle on my mothers side had one :lol: :lol:

Identical :thup:

lol 2 fumbles in 10 games and people are starting the comments... seriously, when you handle the ball as much as Cobb has in 10 games fumbles are going to happen... all the best players do it.. no biggie! only thing that matters is the W!!!

ALL the great go through fumble issues. Cobb is new to the game and it happens. What impressed me was how he rebounded and both ran and caught the ball well for the rest of the night, particularly helping seal it late in the fourth quarter.

Oski Wee Wee,


OBJECTION your honour, how dare the defense muddy the waters with facts??

I wanted to get one! but the price tag turned me off! You can buy them online for FAR cheeper! Id rather spend that money and go to the mtl game!!! :slight_smile: OSKIEE WEE WEE!

He has actually had 5 fumbles in 10 games and has lost 4 of them.

The problem with Cobbs fumbles is that they come at bad times. In Toronto it set up them up for a TD and this week it was also a td.

I think he should start to wear gloves with some grip.

I wanted to get one but it wouldnt fit my fat head... Epic fail... :cry:

I don't think it will be a problem. Troy Davis went through a fumble problem one season as well, but we kept him around.

5 fumbles in 10 games is a lot, though. Travis Moore, as the running back coach, should be addressing this problem with Cobb. They'll get it worked out.

Cobb's contributions have far out-weighed any damage his fumbles have done. I think this kid is here for the long haul. Besides, he's the only running back that can stay healthy :wink: . Man, were we lucky he walked into camp this year.

I am desperately looking to purchase a Cobb head for my wife. I live outside of Hamilton.

Does anyone know their price? Where to buy them online? Thank you so much for your help.