Cobb hats? How about Caulley-flower hats?

Nice to see DeAndra Cobb supported with (corn) Cobb hats but what about poor Terry Caulley?

Shouldn't he have his own Caulley-flower cap or chapeau??? :slight_smile:

Re: Tiger-Cats vs. Stamps Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/18/2009

Post by oski-oui-oui on 18 Sep, 2009 - 20:07

cheatwood_4949 wrote:why the heck aren't they activating caulley he's better than butterfingers cobb

I wonder if they have Caulley-flower headgear like the Cobb heads? Is it flammable?


(c) me.

:D :D :D ;)

Nice idea. But would anyone get a chance to wear them as it doesn't look like MB plans on using Caulley anytime soon (if at all this season).

Caulley is a good back but he get injured alot. Cobb seems to be pretty solid and he will be a 1000 yard back and he can catch the ball. Just needs to lose the fumbles.

Could be worse, we could have Whitlock, THAT guy fumbles at the most worst times, I can handle Cobbs 1 fumble every 2 games, he makes more good plays than bad ones so I'm happy!!

The good thing about Cobb is a fumble makes him go that much harder and he NEVER shows fatigue.

True he never seems to run out of gas. I really like his running style. I want to get Cobb on my jersey but will wait till the end of the season.

co-sign. When he fumbles you can see in his eyes no one is angrier then him, and he comes back with 100x more intensity.Nobody wants to fumble but it is unfortunate thing that happens to everyone/anyone who carries the ball, his response 2 it helps illustrate the type of player he is.

Geez, I hope the CEO of Viagra Inc. doesn't own a football team......with a statement like that, they will have scouts here in a jiffy to get him on the team as their star player and spokesperson.....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

(sorry, couldn't let that one go by)

I take back what I said about cobb I love the guy was just upset that he fumbled