Cobb & Caulley

Geez, why weren't these guys in the backfield together? They cut Currie to get Caulley back in and haven't taken full advantage of the extra blocking and variation in run/pass that are possible.

Thoughts? Other than the OC is blind.

I did see them in the backfield together, at least once.
But they certainly didn't exploit it. They should have run the ball more.
I don't remember Caulley running the ball at all.
They should have tried that and put Cobb on some returns.
Caulley didn't do much returning.

Hard to run the ball when you're down by 21 points...

You're right. If theres 3 minutes remaining in the game.

If you're like our coach (who stated on the pregame interview) that if your down by 18 (he said 18 you say 21) you HAVE to throw on every down, then you (and he) don't know the game of football.

You create a game plan, you beleive in the game plan, you stick to that game plan.

The Cats have not shown the ability to do any of those 3 all year.

If you are down by 18 (21) after 1 or 2 quarters you still run. And opposing coach is like ours he'll never expected it. Then you are down by 7 less.

Terry Caulley and Tre Smith are both on the injured list. DeAndra' Cobb is the only healthy feature running back on the active roster. Thank goodness that Cobb has been durable this season.