Cobb, Caulley or Smith?

I believe the Cats are going to have a dilemma at the running back position. Cobb in my opinion with his performance against B.C. has played himself onto the team. I can’t see them putting him back on the practice roaster. So who do we start next week if Caulley is healthy and who do we put on the practice roaster? Then the other question is do we really need K.K.?

its between Cobb and Caulley, i say split the touches between those two. With Smith getting a few in there as well.

and no, i dont think we need K.K, especially when hes the highest paid RB in the league

Cobb has played only one game. Yes, it was a great game.

Caulley is more of a proven commodity, and as far as Smith goes, I fear his size limts him.

I would at least put Cobb over Smith on the depth chart.

If Calley is still hurt, I'd play Cobb until Caulley is 100% and them eveluate them both as to who is the number one guy.

Right now it's a little too early, but that one game showed tons of promise that's for sure.

8) The Cats will not dress all three import running backs, that is for sure !!
  For now, I would stay with the hot hand and that is Cobb, until he proves otherwise.

 As far as KK goes, I don't think he will play at all with the Cats this year, unless injuries again change that scenario  !!!

Caulley and Cobb to split running duties, Smith returning kicks.

oops, thats right, my bad :oops:

If they cannot dress three import running backs then lose Tre to the practice roster until we need him.

You go with Cobb. You ride the guy's who's hot.

We didn't win with Caulley and Smith but did with Cobb. You have to stick with a winning formula.

Those "formulas" totally change with every game since you have to approach each team differently in all 3 stages of the game.

So you want Glenn to start then?

You scheme for teams, you don't play certain players against certain teams.

You have to ask who looked better? Caulley or Cobb? Cobb has looked better and has better stats.

I am not in the group that says you don't lose your job because of an injury. If you get hurt and the person who replaces you plays the same or better than you, you should have to wait your turn. This is playing your hot hand.

Never mind 3 import running backs, I’m not sure who would sit to make room for a 2nd import running back now that we’re using 4 import D-linemen. Would we go back to 3 there?

you start Caulley and Cobb can back him up. Caulley had a good game last week before he got hurt.

But who looked better? Cobb looked much better and put up better stats. I don't care that Caulley started week one.

You see if Cobb can do it again next week. If he can't, you put Caulley in.

Cobb was part of an team that put up 31 points. He added to the dynamic that helped put those points up.

I don't see why you would want to start Caulley.

  1. The Cats have to assess who can play and when. From game to game, week to week.

  2. Cobb has assumed the starter's role with his performance in B.C. He has taken a position that was ho-hum thus far this campaign with the other backs and raised my Spockian eyebrow, both in his preseason effort in Winnipeg and on Friday night in B.C.

  3. McDaniel is our return guy. Tre Smith can help return kickoffs if he is in the mix, but Marquay needs more time to develop. His game in B.C. was tremendous.

  4. If I had to choose between Caulley and Smith, I would have to choose Caulley. When he is good to go, he has more upside. Smith has had more turnovers when he's been in there and I don't think he's as dynamic as Terry in space.

  5. As for Keith, they will have to monitor his health as the weeks go by. They do not have to rush into anything here. They cannot trade him until he is off the 9-game list, anyway. Since nobody can say what the league-wide situation re HBs will be in a month, even -- including with the Cats -- all this is speculation. A healthy Keith in mid-September will be huge for a playoff push if the Cats can stay in the mix. There will have to be a decision to be made whether in the fall or during the offseason, but the Cats have to deal from strength and not from desperation.

Another part to this is the assumption that runs rampant on this board that every spare part that a 3-15 team has is going to be drooled upon by the other members of the league. Guess what? GMS LIKE TO WAIT FOR THE CUT IN THE CFL. That's why in this cap age we don't see a heck of a lot of trades! Kenton Keith may find himself available against a big free agent pool coming up from NFL camps, guys who don't have his injury history. People assume that trade values in the CFL are static and that name value = back up the truck, here comes the payback. Trade value fluctuates during the season. We might find that Obie can't trade Keith when mid-September rolls around even if he wanted to.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have a feeling that not all these guys are going to be here at the end of the season. Trades will take place.

Also: Start Cobb. :wink:

Are ya kidding me?

Cobb all the way ....

Why do we carry 4 running backs?

Exactly for the reason we have now. We have great depth and we need them all. Who knows what will happen when KK comes back. Hopefully all the backs will stay healthy but we could see other injuries with these guys. Its a brutal position and unlikely that we will have 4 healthy guys at the same time.

there 2 different teams...
i think cobb played great, and i wouldnt be mad if he started but i want too see caulley because i think he is a better back

Cobb starts. It's a no-brainer.
He's a game breaker...running and catching.
McDaniel is our return guy.

Don't do what Taaffe did last year when Nate Currie won Special Teams player of the week and didn't return the following week.

We finally get a win, with Cobb being a big reason why and we don't start him the next week? Are you kidding me?

I agree you go with the hot hand, but no matter who is back there, the O Line still needs to step it up. It looked like several of Cobb's good runs were designed to go inside, but he was able to use his speed to get outside when he discovered there was no hole.