I was at the game last night in Ottawa and sat next to a very friendly and knowledgeable RedBlack fan. During the game he asked who 81 Coates was. I explained he's the Canadian from the Junior Hurricanes. Why don't they throw the ball his way? Even we've figured out that they aren't going to him...waste of a spot he said. I had to agree with him. Thoughts?

Our stadium is better. Bigger screen, better audio quality. Their beer was cheaper though.

I think the DID throw his way, but he can't catch a cold. Then again, he's playing Giguere's position - one that isn't thrown to very much at the best of times.

Not sure if he is lined up t the Z spot or not. The offensive scheme is predictable and Callaros does not spread it around much due to the fact the other targets are not open or he is unaware Coates is open. The Ottawa fan is 100% correct,
a waste of a roster spot. Good teams have suitable backups. Did anyone notice Carter last night for Ottawa? He played for the Cats a few years ago and was rarely used in the offense. Funny how some coaches and fans see the obvious and Austin is unaware or could care less.

If Coates couldn't catch, he wouldn't be with us. This year is like an internship for him. Hmiel, Christian, and Knight weren't thrown to much, early in their careers, either. Give the kid and the coach a break. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

x2. Too soon to judge.

Not sure if you are suggesting whether Austin missed on Carter, but Carter left the Cats and played for Edmonton during the 2012 season. Austin didn't start as coach/GM of the Cats until 2013. BTW, this is Carter's sixth year in the league and may end up with as many receiving yards this year as in his previous five years combined.

I'm not suggesting Austin missed on Carters breakout year, Austin wasn't with the Tiger Cats. The point I am making is there is no Canadian receiver depth on this team at this time and no deep threat to keep a defence honest.

OK. But I don't see the "unaware or could care less" comment. His depth was Charboneau-Campeau who he traded for Armstrong, another National receiver. So it's fair game to criticize a trade that didn't work out, but that happens, it is not about not caring. He also traded for Aprile. This year in the draft, besides Bailey who was taken before the Cats picked, I don't think there was another receiver in the draft better than Coates or Aprile.