Coasting into 3rd place

I guess Riders are saving up any O-magic schemes and strategies for playoff time. They want to turn into "road warriors" like the Argos for playoff time.

Lately the high-flying O of the first nine games has gone pretty stagnant. Injuries have caused changes to the O-line and losing Sheets has killed the running game. I guess the O was built around having a good running game to set up the pass.

With 5 tough Western games to go, I wonder how many more wins this Rider team can get. The way the O is playing these days, I expect a loss to Calgary and a loss each to BC and Edmonton--a 10-8 record for 3rd place. What does anyone else think?

I think Edmonton is still beatable even the way were playing especially if Sheets is healthy by then. I think we get swept by BC and lose to Calgary so yeah 3rd place 11-7 or 10-8. This reminds me of 2011 when it was the Lions, Stamps and Esks all competing for playoff spots and we were in the tank, wouldn't surprise me if one win separated 1st from 3rd.

It will be a battle of defenses on Friday night against the Lions... Lulay out another 2 weeks... so DeMarco starts. Hopefully the Riders have enough film on him now to pressure him even more...

The Riders final position in the standings will be determined by the performance of the offence. Plain & simple! Coaching staff needs to seriously sit down and evaluate every aspect of the Offence. If they continue to put faith in the same schemes, the execution level needs to increase dramatically. And players will then need to dig deeper to perform at a higher level than they have been of late to execute the playcalls and get some points on the board.
If coaches are satisfied with the execution level, then the playbook/playcalling has flaws. Adjust schemes and/or play calls accordingly to help the players succeed...

Something has to give! 4 losses in a row, all the same style! Can't defend the blitz, can't establish the run, stalled drives and turnovers inside the opposing teams 40 yard line.

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results!

Reilly souffre d'une commotion cérébrale, ce qui va amener soit Joseph, soit Crompton.

Les chances de remontée des Eskimos vient de prendre une sérieuse débarque.

This isn't a coast into 3rd it's a free fall.
Only way I see the riders beating the lions is if the defence picks or recovers fumbles for 3 touchdowns. The way the offense is playing and the coaching staff refusing to change things up I'm not counting on any better results from them.
What a promising season all but gone into the crapper.

After yesterday's game I was thinking that seeing as this team couldnt beat a high school team, why not sit our starters for the next 3-4 weeks, and make sure everybody is healthy for playoffs? Go into training camp mode so to speak. It could work, the Riders have been exceptionally fast starters over the past several season then tank at around the same time each year so why not treat this like training/pre season and go into playoff mode with the mentally that it is the start of a new season?

I just couldn't believe all the over and under throws from Durant....I thought he got over that...guess not.

Riders have lost the last 4 games ALL against back up QBs. If Crompton starts in Regina in 2 weeks he will get his first career win.

The Riders will win in BC.

The last few weeks I lacked confidence in this club...and yes, against the Als as well. Some called me on that and I stood by it. I fully believe the Riders will win this week.

I hope you are right! Very hard to see the positive when you are mired in a 4 game losing streak. But if they can go into B.C. (Who is undefeated at home), and pull out a victory, it would/should be a huge confidence boost for the club.
I thought I heard there may be an estimated 40,000 at BC place… so it will be loud. Time to practice with crowd noise this week!

I was more confident against Montreal than I am this week. There is something about playing in BC, where we score very few points. I think the key to success will be to limit the turnovers.

On a positive note, looking back at the last 3 games, we are only a few plays away per game of being 3 wins and 0 losses, rather than the other way around. And I also feel that this is the adversity this team needed. Their heads were in the clouds after the first 9 games. If they can overcome this adversity, they will be a stronger, closer team for the GC run…

They only have 2-3 days to practice this week, which means they need to focus on essentials. They will not be doing full playbook rehearsals, which means focusing on change, not routine...or that is the MO for most practices of this nature.

They will look at

  • what didn't work against BC a couple weeks back
  • what this young QB did effectively against them now that they have film
  • what worked this week

They do not have much time to focus on their standard playbook, which will be good for the Riders right now. That is why I feel they will win.

My will Heenan look, and are they going to displace someone in the secondary to get Williams in there (just signed)

I don't anticipate Sheets back...there is a rumor there is more holding him out than the injury...I'll leave it at that for now.