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He just never checks his facts, nothing he says is ever without error. He just doesn't know the game or league that well. He just trolls,looking to get people fired up.
He should worry about Calvillo choking another Grey cup away. 1 - 5. Maybe the worst record for a starter in Grey cups of all time. Here are some QB'S that have a better record in Grey Cups.

Marcus Crandell 1-0,Kerry Joseph 1-0, Sean Salsbury 1-0, Henry Burris 1-0, Tom Burgess 1-0, Doug Flutie 3-1, Garcia 1-0. Mike Kerrigan 1-0, Rickey Ray 2-1 . Tom Clements 2-0, I won't even touch Wilkie and Moon,that would be piling on !

Kasps what does this have to do with anything. I would say you spend a lot more time talking trash and getting people worked up.

Just learn how to read. I wrote CFL experience.

At least Calvillo has a ring. That’s more than Milt Steagall or Doug Brown ever brought to Winnipeg. What does your logic make them ?

How’s that for facts :slight_smile:

Hfxtc, you were warned about trolling, so if you can't handle the truth about Calvillo being the biggest choker in CFL history, don't make stupid assumptions about our coaching staff. You stated "he's not even a accomplished position coach" Why, because you said so ? It will be a nice change on this site ,to talk about somebody elses team that can't get it done .

housedog,I know you hate the Bombers and were never a true fan. You enjoy other fans trolling here and trashing the Bombers
It's funny you have no problems with people coming on the WPG site and trashing us ,trolling and not talking football. I respond and you take offence. :roll: :roll:

You never talk football, it's kelly and Bauer suck, they are ruining the franchise....BLAH BLAH BLAH.
I started a thread on the cross over which is going to be watched very closely for the rest of the season.
That's a Football thread, housedog.

Just learn how to read. I wrote CFL experience.
Oh, you mean like Trestman, hfx. :lol:

Or CGY's D coach who won a Grey Cup last year with no expierence .

You have become dillusional. Other fans are gravitating to this site because both Bauer and Kelly have make this franschise into a circus and a laughing stock. It's well known in the national media about what has been going on in Bomberland. These are CFL fans you are dumping on. I did not cause this problem. Your hero Mike Kelly has attracted all the wrong attention to our team. As for your so called thread regarding the cross over. You may be very disappointed in the outcome. I don't see this team going anywhere. They are not good enough to be in the playoffs with the performance to date. You need to face reality about our team ,and the leadership of this team. Your definition of trolling is a person who calls Kelly a moron. We all know what kind of coach he is.

I think you have to give him untill the end of the year. If there is no sign of this team turning around, then he probably will get fired. We will start rebuilding again and go through the same growing pains with another coach.

Kelly will probably get until mid season number two. With Matsakis and Carpenter as the interim OCs (maybe even a full time OC in Worman coming later ?) he will have the rest of this season and part of next season to turn around the offense. Credit where its due, the D is playing well but just can't continue to play lopsided minutes game in and game out with an ineffective offence. If the offence continues to struggle halfway into next year, I think the plug gets pulled then on Kelly.