Coach's Show

  • Kelly has turned over more OC duties to Matsakis and Carpenter, basically admitted he took on too many responsibilities;
  • Bishop called off the QB sneak at the end of the first half, yard and half was too much;
  • Kelly is basically happy with the D and ST, expect some additions on offense.

…good to hear piggy…WHY??? doesn’t Kelly back right out of the handling of the offence…Up till now its been hot and cold and as oof late it looks like Kelly is lost…
…What bothers me most is the qb. situation…We know that Bishop is a bandaid…what we don’t have as far as i’m concerned is the LONG-TIME solution future at the postion…If we’re still believing that LeFors is the answer AND we are going with Kellys ‘feeling’ about the guy…wellllllll he also thought he could wear all of those hats… we see how that’s worked out…I’m getting worried about his calls…
…i hope we bring in a receiver that can stretch the field…I thought Bowman looked pretty good last game however we need another threat…Edwards, Bowman …together with another quality receiver could make a big difff in our offence…the part thats killing us
…Somebody said this Hyman guy looked good in practice returning kicks…why the hell do we seem to be bringing in all of these guys for a look-see and they disappear…I don’t know whats going on …we need a returner badly…and not one seems to get past the practice- field :roll: …anywhoooooo …we’ll just keep plodding along…win one lose one…maybe by the end of the year we can put a two game winning streak together… :lol:

You know what? I'm looking forward to seeing how Lefors does in his next action. He's had some time now to study from the sidelines, he must know the playbook in and out. If he's still throwing like a girl, then not much of a future with him. But I have a feeling we haven't seen his best yet.

Johnson has been good returning kicks and has had a couple of good weeks in a row. Craver should never be back there after that costly fumble, probably shouldn't have been there in the first place.

As for the last play of the first half, Kelly said on the broadcast that they have best rusher and its only 1 1/2 yards so its a no brainer. Of course its a no brain call, when u consider that Reid was being held in check all game and they stacked the box as they say to stop the run. I think everyone figured the ball was going to Reid. Would've liked to see a fade to the corner of the endzone or a slant myself, think passing in that situation would've caught Saskatchewan off guard. Woulda surprised me anyway. Or even taking the field goal to close the gap a bit.

Hopefully Matsakis and Carpenter will show a little more creativity than we've seen and hopefully they can work together as OC. Seemed that jet play half the time they had both backs and the receiver in motion all going to the same side. Who cares who has the ball then if they are all in the same area? That play did not work all game yet they called it a few times. It may have worked against BC but everything was working against BC. He needs to do a better job of realizing when somethings not working and move on. Bishop did a good job of throwing the ball away a couple of times when in trouble, brain farted a couple of other times and made poor throws. If that continues when passing more often, won't matter who the OC is. Would also like to see a couple more deep throws a game. If Bishop has such a cannon for an arm, why are there so many throws under 10 yards.

Not sure how many additions they can add. A returner likely. A reciever maybe. John Standeford was cut by Detroit, thought he was on our neg list last year. A good passrusher to replace Perry would be nice as well. Wish we woulda kept Montez Murphy around on the PR, has had a couple decent games for Hamilton and might have been able to keep Dorian Smith at tackle. Then again I thought Smith and Donny O got better as the game wore on. Returner and Dline are probably the spots that will give us the most immediate benefit. I'm not gonna get my hopes up here too much. Not many NFL cuts come in and help a team right away unless they've played CFL ball before. Even then apparently we're up against the cap, even with LeFors taking that paycut. Should've kept Goodspeed if we were going to be on the hook for his bonus. Horrible decision to move him with all the cap implications, plus he would've made that oline that much better.

At this point, I'm not really thinking playoffs anymore, even though they are still within reach. Again Dfence was on the field wayyyy to long. Just would like to see the team be more consistent in moving the ball and more competitive on the scoreboard. Here's hoping that the passing game finally started to wake up a bit and with the rushing attack we can start being a bit more balanced and doing just that.


I wouldn’t be too hard on Bishop, he was over 300 yards and 60% completion.

It’s tough when you only have 2 legitimate receivers in the line up, while the rest are falling down on the play or giving up on their routes.

The first pick was a good play by the defender, the second the receiver fell down and third was a desperation play at the end.

It’s more about execution than anything, guys gotta block, run and catch and right now all 12 guys on offense aren’t always doing it.

There are still 9 games to play for goodness sake, nobody has run away with anything. Ridiculous to suggest Bombers will miss the playoffs.

Sorry K-fan, didn't mean to say this team won't make the playoffs. We are only at midseason for sure. Just that at the start of the season, I as well as I'm sure most bomber fans thought this was a playoff caliber team and considering how the season has unfolded the playoffs are no longer a given. For me though i'm just looking forward game by game and just not looking ahead to the playoffs and hoping to see this team compete better in all phases and specifically the offense. That's what we'll have to see to make the playoffs and to win in the playoffs.

Pigseye, I would like to see Bishop succeed. Not sure if the tools are there though. His 3 TD vs 7 INT for 5 starts is worrisome, some of that is on him and some on the receivers who have been subpar (who would've said that before training camp). He and at least Edwards and Bowman look to be building up a report and I for one am anxious to see if they can build on that til the end of the season. But some of Bishops problems is also on the coaching. He was brought in b'cause of his arm strength which LeFors didn't have, but that hasn't really been put to much use since he's been here. If they're not going to use that arm strength then what's the point because I don't see him as a week in week out game manager type of QB.

Kudos to Kelly for realising life can be better with less hyphen's on his business cards. Too bad it is too late to hire a proper OC. Matsakis knows nothing about the CFL, he's not even an accomplished position coach yet and Carpenter I won't even comment.

Fans can thank Lyle Bauer for setting up his football operations like a HS team. Got to look good in front of the BOD right Lyle :wink:

The crossover is looming, the game here against BC will be the make or break game. Plus we have 3 games against MTL. We need 1 of those as well. We need to go a min. of 5 -4 and hope 8-10 is good enough. Need a west team to falter down the stretch, that might be EDM.


I think the problem is this.....Couple of big running games, so they feel this is the way to go. I think the odds are there will not be more record breaking running games? Perhaps there will be one or 2 more, doutful, so if I am right they are just wasting downs trying to run the ball so much. Am I saying no running attempts? Of course not!

They need to pass more, even short passes to the running backs and get Bishop running also.

Flutie was great in Buffalo if you recall, I have every game on tape (btw I do not watch NFL,just that I did when Flutie went down) Flutie was the same in Buffalo as he was in the CFL, great!!!!
But when he went to SD, and they told him we do not want you to run anymore because thats why we have LT, on top of that they had him under center most of the time. I remember they wanted to change the way Flutie played the game. If they had been not so stuck on the running game, Flutie would have had better success in SD. Bishop isnt doing his normal thing right now either. He should be running around and throwing on the run more, he should be in the shotgun quite a bit and he should be also running for first downs.. just my 2 cents

Agreed there. One thing that drives me to distraction is when coaches who think they know better try to force square pegs into round holes.

Example being Toronto trying to make Kerry Joseph into a pocket passer. . . dumb since that does not play to his skill set.

Same here; to maximize Bishop's skill set, I agree he should be in shotgun more often than not, and should be rolling out and threatening defences with his running ability.

Why Kelly is so adamant against using the shotgun is beyond me.

Charlie Carpenter is in charge of your offense? Oi. No offense, Bombers fans, but this does not bode well for your team. On his watch as O-line coach, my Als gave up 60-something sacks in 2007.

You know though, that was the only blemish on his career and was uncharacteristic of him. His teams in Baltimore & TO were more the norm.

.....I note through all of the discussion the qb. situation has not really been addressed....we have an interim qb. Everyone admits that Bishop is NOT the long term answer....I have no faith in fact he's now undergoing an mri on his shoulder (why this late) to see the extent of his injury :roll: Randall has not seen the field enough to give a proper assessment on his abilities....what we did see however did not thrill me and a few other fans... ....I look at other clubs' rosters....example the riders....They have five or so qbs.....very deep and developing....we have an ' injured 'may never be'...and a guy who 'pooped' the bed in his first outing....Don't know about you but i'm thinking that just ain't good enough...I think a priority should be to bring in another qb. NOW...We have Printers waiting for a call from someone...a former all-star with experience...Bring the guy in...what the hell could it hurt...If he brings nothing we can cut him...His career would be adios you know he'll be giving it a 100 percent...Anyway....message to Kelly and Murphy....a qb. should be hot on your list AND a receiver of note....At least we'd have something to watch and get interested in till the end of the year...IF we fold the rest of the way...signed....NOT EXPECTING ANY MIRACLES.. :wink:

I think people are rushing to judgement on Mike Bishop. He's 2-3 with no training camp and a very,very average Oline and questionable schemes. What do people expect? He's lost to Calgary and Regina on the road and the Als at home...
Are those games fans felt the Bombers would win before the season started ? I hope not. So by my count had he had a training camp and started all the games the Bombers would be around .500

....nobody is dumping on fact he has done quite well...all things considered....The issue is ' the future no 1 qb...i believe, IS NOT, on the roster...It's time for management to get their arses in gear....There's too much talent on all other parts of this club to be hung out to dry with no solid number one on the horizon...It wouldn't hurt to start the hunt NOW.. :wink:

If I was putting a team together I would build it around Bishop! I know this view is not shared by many if any here, but that`s how I feel. There not going to bring in Printers, that would be a bonehead of all bonehead moves IMHO I should say.

Printers came out of the BC Lions at a time when any QB looked good with the fantastic team they have. They are still a fantastic team with the best coach in the CFL. They are simply in a slump, or just coming out of one I should say. Sometimes you have slumps, no ryme or reason, just have to work through it. What I`m saying is that Printers only looked good when he was surrounded by star players! When you have a receiving squad like BC they make any QB look good.

Bishop is my guy, goes without saying! If they stick with him he will be fine, however I suspect if Bombers lose this week he will be replaced. I suspect If Bombers lose this week you will see lefores. I certainly would disagree with that decision but would expect it to be the case.

Its just a bad offensive system in Winnipeg. Bishop is only 33 there is no reason he could not be the long term answer. Oh Yes you are right I am only Johnny come lately, just giving my 2 cents.

LeFors is likely done for the season, depending on the mri results this week, it’s Bishop all the way until they are out of the playoff race altogether.

That explains the new QB...

Where do you get your information from ?

He was the 19th head football coach for Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas and he held that position for four seasons, from 1995 until 1998. His overall coaching record at ESU was 26 wins, 18 losses, and 0 ties. This ranks him fifth at ESU in terms of total wins and fourth at ESU in terms of winning percentage.

In 1999, Matsakis served as the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Wyoming. In 2000, he accepted the position of special teams coach at Texas Tech, where he coached until he became the Head Coach at Texas State (San Marcos) for the 2003 season. Matsakis served only one season as the Bobcats head coach compiling a 4-8 record, to bring his head coaching record to 30-26-0 in four seasons.