Why do we have all the coaches from Ottawa, for example reed paopao and coach k, did Ottawa ever make the playoffs. NO! tHEN WHY DO WE HAVE THESE PEOPLE DIRECTING OUR TEAM. The only problem with our defence is KAVIS REED the players don't have a clue what there suppose to do. Expample MILT STEGALL being covered by the linebacker not once but many times five by my count. Come on people the only thing Bob hasn't addressed is the coaching I think it is about time DON'T YOU

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I started getting worried he was getting too worked up.

You only mention Kavis reed but the defence has been the best thing fo rthe cats this season. They have just been on the field too long.
In my opinion the o-line coach needs to go because the line isn't getting the holes open for the rb's or enough time for the qb.
Also last week the play calling in Montreal was great. They were calling deep passes but then to go back to the short game was an unwise choice. I think the OC needs to go too.
However I am not a professional when it comes to football but I am a fan.


It was rather ironic that there were a number of fans in our section who must have come from Ottawa to see the game. They were waving their Renegades fans. Maybe that Renegade influence was why the Cats stunk out the joint.

I agree with Wilt on this point, and maybe more so on the fact that when our new coaching and management staff was put together, we had too many people that had never been successful in the CFL.

This may part of our issues. Look at Winnipeg, they picked up both Ray Berry, and the other Greg Marshall, and look at where they have gone with the addition of few key player from Ottawa and a couple of free agents.

I don't have a problem taking a chance on a few people, but it seemed most coaches we ended up with were previously losers. Put a bunch together, and what do you get? Perenial losers.

More changes will be required to turn this team around yet. Hopefully we can learn from past mistakes and make some wiser decisions.


This is a really good point, and if it can be solved, perhaps a lot of our team’s issues will be solved, too.

I note that the OC is calling the plays for the QB’s, just as was so disasterously done last year with Danny. I disagree. Let the guy calling the snap count call his own plays-much like Don Cherry saying “Let the guys play”.

And lets design the Offensive game plan according to who we have playing…there is a huge difference between Ranek and Holmes as your RB!

Likewise, we desperately need more consistency at performance by receivers. The two most reliable guys we have are Vaughn and Morreale. I know Mike is “old”, but nobody has bigger b*lls about taking the tough crossing routes and holding onto the ball than he does. He’s on the team, and an example of what we need, why not play him?

Our OLine has serious issues, some of which is explained by injuries, some by the ever-changing lineup, and mostly, by the fact that there is no “captain” of the line to emerge at this point, like we had with Carl Coulter, for instance. In this aspect, I think its a little early to “blame the coach”, tho’ there is some logic in doing so, as he hasn’t developed a Captain, or brought one in. (And no, we need a center to “captain”, so don’t start on hiring Dave Haack back!)

I’m seeing progress on ST’s, as our punting game has only a few squibs, and we are getting some distance on FG’s at last. Once we get it into our heads that Corey Holmes should be our primary returner (well, okay, Yeast is now gone, it should be a forgone conclusion!) I think we will evolve something good. (As opposed the last several years where we were pitiful)

On the D side, we are close to having the bodies and personalities…great to see Dunbrack back in action, I thought he played well last night.

The DLine can be a force, though we might need to look it over at the end of the season, as Cheatwood and Cotton start to “age”…

I’d like to see another Hitchcock at Safety; a really big “punisher” hitter; and a “captain” figure. We’re a little “small” at LB to take on everyone elses running game, but Bobby Brooks is plainly a jewel there…and Armour impresses me.

With guys of this calibre, why aren’t they calling the plays on field? Playing a 30 defence against Stegall and Roberts is idiocy, especially when you have Kevin Glenn as the opposing QB…I mean, like “Kevin Glenn”, that few Bomber fans are in love with-we should have been gambling and blitzing him until we drove him off the field…thats not players at fault-its coaching!

Its time to pull out all stops; could we get guys like Sudsy, Earl, etc to come and do a mid-season coaching clinic with the team?

With Ronnie in charge, we do have a coach who has been there and done that before. Granted that he is sort of a “lame duck” coach, as he is certainly not a long term type, and we need a long termer, and its not Paopao…

Lets beam this up to Mr Katz…

Okay, I’ve “vented” enough, lets see where management goes with it…

is lancaster ego getting in the way

getting rid of marshall was a bad example of the management listening to people who really have no clue how to run the game. They must keep a close watch on this site and do what the people what. Did you know it took Marshall almost 4 years to build the powerhouse he created at Mac.

He used a lot of no names, Marshall
was, please help me if i am wrong


ohhhhhhhh ohhhh Eldmans got to go.....

The curse of the black pearl.....

I don't think that Ronnie's "ego" is in the way.

Yeast had been a question mark on the field, but apparently there was a blowout in the locker room either during or after the game, at that was pretty much Craig's eye on a plate.

No way any head coach or director of player development is going to put up with that....

I expect you mean "Erdman" above, but ST's are improving a lot from 2003/4/5, and we are rebuilding just fine in that aspect.

Get us an offense that functions together, and an OC that can design a game plan to the guys he's got to play with (oh yes! Get us another Carl Coulter OLine center that can "captain" that group) and we'll get where we need to be going...

Marshall did the same thing here .
Only we wanted a pro team not a school team :x

Erdman...repeat after me E-R-D-M-A-N :wink:

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It's a case of two letters, and it does mean everything. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

erdman eldman who care just get rid of him. now elfman can stay no matter what

Ok time to clean house, while they re at it clean the bathrooms too....the one under box k.... well no comment