This is the most shameful display of coaching I have ever seen. Everyone on this site aggress we where shamefully out coached in the last minute but what really burns me is the following:
·Player personnel decisions (Boreham)
·Kavis Reed can’t coach and looks real professional running down the sidelines like we never stopped anyone before!
·Replaced the worst offensive coordinator in the league with the head coach of the worst team in the league. TSN ripped our offensive play calling all night.
· Continues verbally abuse reffs with predictable results!

Good coaches find ways to win and bad ones find ways to lose. You can do the math!


What bad coaching did you see at the end of the game ?? a guy caught a pass and they kicked a field goal . What would you like Reed to do ???

I remember a certain coach around here who every one thinks is a God of a defensive coach allow a team (Calgary ) to come down the field in the last minute of a GREY CUP GAME and let Calgary get into position to kick a field goal and steal a CUP away from us !!!!

Did you not watch the same game? Who plays a prevent defense with zero pressure against a team with the best kicker in league! Who tries a field goal with the worst kicker in the league instead of pinning Calgary deep and avoid giving them the ball at the 35. We are a joke and if you want to try to defend our coaching in the past couple of years go ahead you might find a few thousand people who are fed up with a university coach!

Buddy it happens all the time and yes it even happens against US born coaches !!!

It does not happen all the time. Thats the kind of attitude around this team that makes us a joke. A good coach would not have Boreham as a kicker to begin with. I'd love to know why you think we keep losing or is that just somthing that happens all the time in Hamilton so its ok!

1 question: with 13 seconds left, why did we not call a 'TIMEOUT'? I don't recall that we did, and I am not sure if we had any timeouts left. But if there were, we should have taken it, just like Calgary did just before.
Also, what kind of a defense cannot HOLD the opponent for 13 seconds, from scoring??
Again we were outcoached (on both sides of the field), & I don't see this changing too soon. This game was a 'take-me', but yet again we found a way to lose.

With the kind of talent we have, we should be 3-0. Nuff said...

The Eagle.. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

i know one thing Hamilton gets the short end of the stick from the announcers right down to the refs all the time !!!!!

Our coaches wasted it a little earlier when they had the wrong personel on the field!

Boy you have all the answers . Easy when your sitting in your living room isnt it ???

Your answer was written indoors as well? Just checking. LOL

Fans have the right to vent. There is a lot to vent about.

Oski Wee Wee,

Habman I'm not sure if you even watch the game judging by your comments. Myself the announcers and even the refs are all just couch potatos who like to take shots at a bad team! Still waiting for your expert explanation as to why we lose or was that it?

That 3 man rush did indeed cost us the game, as did Boreham.

Here's my thought, the ball must be throws 25-30 yards in that situation and you arent dropping your linebackers that far anyways, why not bring 1 or 2 of them at Burris? Hes proven that he does not handle the pressure well... so we let him sit back and have all day to not only get his team across midfield... but basically a chip shot!

Calgary got 2 field goals in the second half .I think our defense will be fine . If they rushed 4 or 5 and we got beat deep you would say that was wrong too .

If they made the right call on the roughing the passer this all would be moot and we`d be discussing how well the D played in the second half right ????

I hate them losing as well but some people on here are firing people before they take a step back and look at the positives . It`s not the coaching i know that . These players have to learn to win and win they will very soon .