You have to be kidding...this is Canada June. The coaching calls sucked and allot of the offensive ones were not much better...what happened to the running game in the 2nd half. Where is Zack?? Old June has given up the year. The defense finally cost us the game (played well all game) ...the coach cost us going to over time...everyone since grade school knows when the time is going to run out you "ALWAYS" back off the receiver & let them catch it and make sure of the tackle...time has run out...overtime...he has to be fired...not even high school would have made that error....the word fool comes to mind!!!

June Jones didn't get the PI call, Courtney Stephen did.

Jones has coached this team into a position to get a playoff spot...dumb mistakes by players have undercut that.

Don't blame June Jones.

We just took the best team in the league, made them look ordinary and took them to the last play of the game. That's damn good coaching...

Relic, you must have been watching a different game than me. I thought the Cats were pace for pace, and only couple of plays away from the upset of the season. Good game, exciting game, and I’m proud of their effort.

BTW, Zach was wearing number 4, and was supporting his team and his QB. Maybe providing you with an example?

Coaching and managing a game are 2 different things. June has done an outstanding job coaching this team. Arguably coach of the year.

His game management, play calling and decision making at times is absolutely terrible. Worst in the league.

No doubt Jones has done something for this team but his play calling tonight was terrible. Masoli is an unpolished QB that needs to learn how to hit his players on the numbers instead of shooting for the sky when they are open. Using Banks as a primary is a big mistake, under used Tasker and Fantuz are the money men not Banks who misses more than he catches. Dumb 2 point calls that were unnecessary at that point in the game, if he had gone for singles the score would have been tied at 14 -14. We do not have the quick post curls like we use to when going for the 2 pointers. The 3rd down pass to Tasker was a good call Collaros would have made the pass. The team played well tonight to win, too bad the coach and QB were not up to the task. One last comment I do not think Austin would have done any better.

Why was the pass on 3rd and 1 a good call when a sneak gets it pretty much every time? It was a bad throw by Masoli... And a bad call by Jones.

Should have got the yard on 3rd & 1, and then the players have three more plays get a TD, instead of turning the ball over and coming back with no points. I'm a huge football fan, don't know anything about scheming football plays, but knew that was a terrible play call.

Have you been drinking ...allot!!!!

I agree. Go for the (probably) sure thing and then still have at least 2 chances to go for the TD and at worst a FG. Three points would have been far better than none.
I have to agree that Jones has done a GREAT job coaching but I know that there have been concerns about clock management and some calls at times. Guess we'll see if they can win out and how that affects what happens to Jones and others in the offseason.

Near the end of the game the pitch out to the RB that missed its target had me totally dumbfounded. I tuned in late and Hamilton had 2 TD's unconverted that made me wonder if we had a place kicker? Was he injured? Checked the roster and yes we had a new kicker..3rd TD now he gets a chance to kick a convert. Amazing..

I still think that as an all-round QB Masoli is better than Collaros

This team wasn't very good before June Got here andHe brought it to Mediocre.
He wasn't given the tools to work with.
This was Austins mess he was given no time to clean it up..

I like June Jones and think he should be back next year.

With that, I hated the two, two point convert attempts. I thought they were completely unnecessary at that point in the game.

I hated the 3rd and a yard, play call.

We left a minimum of 5 points on the field and lost by three.

Absolutely the worst call! There were a few bad play calls that ultimately cost Cats the game and as it turns out, a continued playoff chance.

Totally agree

Really? As an all around an you think Masoli is better than Zack???? That is ridiculous!

Took the words right out of my mouth, including the first sentence.

I think June Jones and the coaching staff did a remarkable job considering how much time and the personnel he had to work with.

I've never been a fan of coaching changes during the season, but this one had a serious opportunity to succeed.

However, in the end, "you are what your record says you are".

Please..give me Austin...this is u.s. american crap at it's finest...go Argos..after 50 years of this crap I want a real coach that knows the Canadian game...I'm with the
Trump Troopers....we hate everything not "Yankee!!"...finally I'm off to th Argos...good coaching!!