Holy crap. That was one disgusting display out there today. In 60 minutes of football, they have managed to destroy 1 quarterback, make a complete mockery out of every other player out there today with that game plan, and leave little hope that anything will change. This CFL game has CLEARLY passed Cortez by. It's Chamblains job to step up to this stubborn old play calling, and Q.B. management, yet he shows zero bal ls and just lets this shi t go on and on. This team has much better players than they have been ALLOWED to be the last 8 weeks. Shame on this coaching.

Lol when the Riders were 8-1 was there that much issue with how Cortez coached? How about last year when they lost Sheets and Best. I believe they went on a 3 game skid then too and that was with Durant in. When they got both back and went into the West Semi final on a losing streak but beat BC and then clobbered the Stamps and the TiCats I don't recall much being bad said about Cortez.

While I agree some of the decisions made this year has left me scratching my head you can't really argue with his success record. It's always easy to point fingers at the coaching staff when things go south and I guess that is the nature of the position but still who would we replace him with? One mentioned Kavis Reed. Lol oh yeah that would be a huge step up. The dude is done in the CFL after last year in Edmonton. Cavillio? As a quarterback coach yes and hell yes but its one thing to be a good quarterback and another to handle all the offensive responsibilities. Besides he all but stated he is looking at taking a position with Montreal So now what Garcia? Personally I think he would have a bit more of handle on the task then Anthony would because of the length of time he has been out of playing. Still think that would be a long shot to happen.
Name one honest to goodness legitimate contender for the position. Personally I can't think of any at the moment.

Way way too much running the ball.. It worked very well at the start but then we came predictably one dimensional,, also the sack on Tino early seemed to throw him off, then we went back to run run run .... Too easy to predict, and it ended up killing us

while I was fine, for the most part, with Cortez earlier, there were definately a lot who had issues with him

Oh I agree and I was one of the them obviously as I was and still am a big supporter of the two back system in the game at the same time. I too have also criticized the lack of imagination on the offense but still as I said I honestly can not think of one legitimate candidate for the job. If someone can name someone that could seriously be the offensive coordinator then heck I might change my mind. Cortez is a stubborn bird no doubt about it and he wants it run his way. That is where Cory needs to step in and remind Cortez that while he may be the OC that he is the head coach and what he says goes. Again though I can't help think that Cory is also partially to blame for the over cautious play calling. He doesn't like turn overs and he likes the ball control type of system so combine the two of them together and yes that means you are going to have a pretty straight forward no surprises offense. Cory wants to win games with solid fundamentals and hard play and I certainly agree those are very very key to having success but having a new look or wrinkle to keep other teams honest also is important. It seems like they just cant get a balance going in the offense. They tried Doege who said he was going to go after the Stamps aggressively and he did. The problem is he didn't have the experience or the game to pull it off. He also made stupid choices and very low percentage passes add that with no accuracy and it was a field day for the Stamps backfield. Then we throw Tino in and Cory even said that he just told Tino to just play ball and that he did. Now he comes out firing and almost pulled off the miracle comeback. From there that should have clued both Cory and Cortez in that this kid can play when he gets to do his thing. So instead of building on that and come out firing the ball they came out and stuff the ball down the als throat and actually I think it honestly caught Montreal off guard as they may have been thinking Tino was going to dome out chucking. The problem is they went to the well far too often and it became so predictable it wasn't funny. Montreal then plugged the middle and with no passing game to get Tino on track prior to this well things went south in a hurry.

How about for a pleasant change just for one game try to mix in a good balance of pass and run? This game they had Montreal off guard and really could have taken it to them but they just blew the opportunity by sticking with one thing. Nothing to lose by trying something different at this point because what they are doing now obviously isn't working.

Well, there is one who is just a door or two down the Hall from old stubborn "my way or the highway". Bob Dyce did a fine job in his 1 year at the position and was only getting better as time went on before Cortez came on the scene.

I say flip Cortez into DC and Hall into OC...they are both seeing what works against them in a BIG way so maybe they'd shine in opposite rolls, lol.

Yes it does baffle me a bit as to what CC and Cortez are doing. We know CC is a defense guy first, and a lot of his focus seems to be there. He sets the roster up for more defensive players.. I do realize that all the coaching greats say that defense wins championships, but in all reality, the Offense needs to score a few points as well. It almost seems that the coaching staff is moping about losing Darian as well. Darian was a game manager... And both Cortez and CC have not made any adjustments on Offense to get away from the "manager" style gameplan. What they haven't factored in, is that Darian has 7 years experience, whereas Tino and Doege have 5 games experience. IMO, they are asking too much of these young QB's at this stage in their development to "manage" games. So instead of altering a gameplan for the young guys, they go out and sign Kerry Joseph to see if he can "manage" their offensive system.

Hopefully Kerry can do it. They have to realize at this point in time that Tino and Seth cannot "manage" the current scheme.

So if KJ fails, then what? Does stubbornness and refusal to change the system to the QB's strengths cost them their jobs? I guess that is up to Taman to decide...

Chamblin and Cortez aren't going to get fired the year after winning the Grey Cup with Durant out with a long-term injury.

Oh I completely agree with you. But if these coaches are not willing to learn to make adjustments, then there has to be a strike one. The organization has been extremely lucky with the durability in Durant. In all reality, he is getting older. The body takes more time to heal. And there is no guarantee that Darian doesn't get hurt again. If anything, it should be an eye opener that the back-up QB needs to be groomed and game ready with a game plan to suit his strengths. I have confidence that the organization will learn from this.

Not sure if you listened to the post game comments on the radio last night after the game. Both Mike McCullough and Chris Szarka had said that this year is exactly like 2008. A talented team but uncertainty at QB. The team wanted Darian at that time, but management wanted Bishop. And we all know how that season turned out.

Granted we have different coaches and a different General Manager, but players want certainty at the QB spot. And right now Cortez and Chamblain do to have a clue who is going to start from week to week (as per interviews anyway).

We have seen good Tino and bad Tino. We have seen bad Doege and bad Doege. I think it is time the coaches pick a guy, and make a gameplan to his strengths. If he makes a mistake, at least he makes it playing his style. Right now, these QB's are being forced to play Darian's style, and aren't having success at it. So it's time to change it up a bit and take a legitimate shot. They have nothing to lose at this point.

Montreal had nothing to lose yesterday. Crompton throws 3 passes into coverages that our QB's would get benched for... And the results was 3 TD's. Almost 4 TD's if not for the hit Brackenridge made in the end zone to knock the ball out. 2 of those throws were complete ducks, but ended up in Montreal scores because they HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE at this point in the season.

Riders need to start taking chances and not be so vanilla on the game plans.... Otherwise they may not win another game this year...

To add to it, IMO, the team leaders need to call a players only meeting and talk about the issues...

And the coaches need to look in the mirror, and get their crap sorted out too.

It's gut check time. They have Calgary and Edmonton for the final 3 games plus a bye week. IMO, their best chance to get to a Grey Cup is through their OWN division. They need at least 1 maybe 2 victories to do that (pending on what BC does).

The next 3 games will give them lots of film and time to devise a strategy to beat Calgary or Edmonton in the playoffs. If they go East, I don't think they have a chance. There's something about playing down East that doesn't work for this team... Stay west and go that route. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. That simple.

Agreed. Next year if things go sour then anything is possible but to sack a head coach or an OC when you just won the cup then run off an 8-2 record and if not for an injury to your starting qb you would probably be sitting at 11-3 at worst why would you dump either one of them. If Taman did that he may be looking for a job also.

Heck even when Durant was in it was no secret this was a predominantly running team first. Their thinking of plugging in Tino and or Doege and have them just not make mistakes that they could still run the ball with the same effectiveness. Then Best also goes down and I don't care what anyone says this guy is vital to the O line and the run game especially. They get Best back and sit Labatte who if he was dinged up I guess that isn't a bad decision but again while Clark may be all right and with time may even be great he isn't there right now. Even though they had good success with the run in the first quarter again they were way to predictable by not throwing in some play action and some passing plays. That is on the coaches for sure and hopefully they realize it now although they let a golden opportunity just slip through their fingers.

If they had started with the run and had success like they did and then started to throw the ball and had success even if they lost the game it would have given Edmonton something to think about. Now Edmonton I don't think even cares what they try to do because they know if they can get a lead there is a good chance we are not going to come back and win even with the good attempt against the Stamps, they will probably think that was just a fluke.

Honestly not sure why they threw Doege in that game at all unless it was a mercy pull for Tino. I would have preferred if they had left Tino in and said all right we tried the ball control game now lets open it up just to see how different Tino played. If he had success and especially after having success against Calgary I don't think there could be any denying how to use Tino. Since they pulled him however without letting him off the leash they know very little more about his capabilities. Again another blown opportunity to make lemonade out of a lemon.

but it's time that Chamblin ( Head Coach responsible for success of the team ) tells Cortez to get his act together and start putting an offensive package together for the strengths ( give him every opportunity to succeed ) of Tino Sunseri ( 2nd year in CFL ) based on his performance as Seth Doege ( 1st year in CFL ) hasn't shown much ( maybe next year ) and live with him win or lose as that is the only way that he will develop.
right now the QB's are playing afraid to make a mistake in fear of being benched ( not a good way to develop and build an athletes confidence ) as the saying goes you learn from your mistakes, and hopefully Tino does only time will tell if given the opportunity ?

I hate the way Cortez called the last game. It was one of the worst coordinated games for an O that I can recall. Zero development throughout the game.

That said, the same conversations were held last season about this time.

If I didn't know better I would almost say that they are using the Ali rope a dope. What I mean is they just don't seem interested in showing anything new to other teams and instead have done just the opposite. Before Durant went down this was a run first ball control first team but every now and then you would see something different. Now that he is hurt it seems like they are just so vanilla and trying to get through games without any more injuries and let other teams think they are done. They also seemed to pull this act last year after Sheets and Best got hurt. Nothing was happening for the offense and the defense while all right also struggled.Sheets and Best come back and they flipped a switch and we all know the rest.

Like I said I can't imagine them actually doing this but the way they are doing things now lol it seems like the only logical answer. If it is actually the case its a pretty big risk to think the team can just turn it on when its needed. That plus the chance of having a home playoff game is almost guaranteed to go out the window and that is why I can't possibly see them actually doing it. The financial losses alone just don't make it appealing plus the fact if they have to go to Edmonton their record has not exactly been brilliant in common wealth and we also know that playing in the East for some reason gives this team fits. Oh well I doubt if they actually were playing possum we would ever find out. After all who would spill the beans on that?

it's easy " Cortez your fired "

Sure easy to say but like I said earlier who do get to take his spot? So far no one has come up with a name besides possibly Kavis Reed and that in my opinion is a step way backwards not forwards.

IF, and that is a massive if, they were to move Cortez out the most likely person to take over is Dyce, and I would put him at about 90% for getting it.

Cortez is a bit of an enigma. He is, bar none, the best at creating pre-snap motion. He, bar none, is the best at keeping plays stashed away for big moments. He strongly dislikes incorporating trick plays and prefers to beat a team with play execution and calling over sneaking something weird past them. If you lose his confidence you are climbing Everest to get it back.

He does lack consistent use of creativity by closing about 40% of his playbook, and looks at every game as building towards the future as opposed the here and now. He always seems to find something that works well, then abandons it and tucks it away, which can be very frustrating. He likes to run up the guy lots to suck in MLBs but then doesn’t pass over the middle enough. I will admit that he has been running the ball outside a lot more than usual of late.

IMO the play calling in the last game was NOT all on Cortez though. Cortez is HUGE into balance, so this was based on a group conversation, not him alone, not by a long shot.

I do agree that Cortez is all about "layering". He does experiment here and there and tucks things away for later. West Final against Calgary last year was a testament to that.
The frustrating thing is that the team is 1 win and 4 losses in their last 5 games... similar to last years 4 game losing skid, but this year will likely cost a home playoff game. They still have a chance at home playoff game but have to beat Edmonton both games.

This weeks home game against Edmonton will be the tell tale sign of the remainder of the season. If they can go out and convincingly beat Edmonton at home this weekend, they can be considered to be playing "possum". If they go out and get crushed this weekend against Edmonton, we know they are in trouble!

the only thing that makes me wonder about the rope a dope is Cory has stated is doesn't matter how you get into the playoffs just as long as you get in. This to me sounds like if we get a home game fine if not well thats fine too. Perhaps he feels the Riders do have a better chance going through the East. Let BC and Edmonton pound on each other then more then likely the Stamps and Edmonton pound on each other. Meanwhile yes Toronto has improved but still there is some question marks there, and the same goes with Hamilton. The key to both of these teams is its imperative to get tons of heat on the qb. Ray given time will shred a defense and Collaros is not bad either but he adds the element of running with the ball that Ricky doesn't have. Still neither team would be a cake walk and honestly if the Als some how pulled off a playoff spot that would not bode well for the Riders.

A high risk game if that is his thinking but I guess (or hope) he knows what he is doing.