Now that was a well coached game on both sides of the ball..Well done.....a couple fumbles happens but our defense came out as "The Beasts of the East" and crushed the big gold & green machine....now that's football...Cheers

I totally agree. With CJ out after the first play from scrimmage, the Cats were in a tough spot, but Condell started showing more than I’ve ever seen from his offence…lots of misdirection…pass distribution…involving Bank’s speed and open-field ability all night long. And Stienauer is getting his defence re-staffed by NFL cuts along with guys like Norwood (and others who’ve been here for awhile) playing at a level we’ve never seen before.

The only thing that kent needs to do is have 2 RB on the active roster during games it is unacceptable to have one rb gets injured and screws up the offence

Yo! How long is Mossis Madu on the IL for? How did he injure himself?

i have often wondered if he was really injured or kent was playing with the roster he placed hickman on the ir and when they interviewed him he said he just did not have enough practice time but it was a 1 game on ir that madu was placed on

I think he is still hurt from the Sask game when he got the helmet in the lower part of his back.

I do believe that is the case. He went down but then returned for the remainder of the game but was likely playing hurt. Probably going to have to activate a RB from the PR. My guess would be Ojuri.