Hey folks,

I was hoping that some of you could offer me insight into coaching tips or guides for CFL particular rules and regulations for high school football. Most of the content online is 11 man. I've been hearing a lot about wide out threat and for a safety to perform a threat assessment of the 3-2-3 receivers.

Any information would be great,


Coaching tips in what aspect? Are you looking at HS ball? Any particular position? Is it strategy or practice tips?

#1 for any HS player...O or D...Learn to tackle...learn to take a hit.
When you tackle...eyes on the belt, and freak the F out if anyone EVER tackles with their head down.
end practice with Oklahoma/pit drill one day, laps the next...always ending with pit drill day before game.


  • timing routes until they are board, then double it. 3 yard out, 5 yard out, 12 yards out, slant, post, flag, curl, hook and wheel
  • presnap motion to block the LB off the line for outside runs
  • throw ball to their back to you, shout direction to turn as you throw. Pass it to the outside...further each time. This gets them comfortable with their range, improves reaction time, helps for timing routes


  • passing routes while throwing tennis balls at them. Then move up to a rubber ball. Stand 20 feet away with 3-4 people throwing them. Eventually start waiting 3 seconds, then throwing...if it hits them before they throw it is a lap. Learn to trust your vision fast, while keeping your eyes on target, quickens their release! Eventually you add multiple receivers. Best drill I ever had.
  • passing 30 yards w/o lobbing...a sideline pass should be 8-11 feet high. Get a high jump stand and set one at 8ft, one at 11. Put it 15-20 yards from QB, and a WR 10-15 beyond that. he needs to pass between the bars. So much more important on a wide field. One of the biggest things NFL style QBs need to learn when they come north!
  • Collapsed line drill: get one side of your OL (1-2 guys) to block weak with the QB and D never knowing where that spot will be. Teaches scrambling and throwing away the ball

Those are a few of the basics for 2 spots anyways...if that helps I can post some more.