Despite some dumb penalties and atrocious tackling by Shivers and ineptness by Glenn , this game does not go down on the players, it is totally the fault of the entire coaching staff. We were out played in all areas, offence, defence and specialty teams. We again, have refused to or not been able to adjust in the second half.idon, If the reason is that Khari and Chamblin are both rookies, then it is encumbent of Marcel to make sure the adjustments are made while they grow into the job, otherwise, why the hell did he hire rooks knowing that on occassion, they mahy be in over their head.

I accept a growing curve, but am a little more concerned with what I have heard about the philosophy of Marcel. It seems the media reported that he made comments along the lines that it is not as important to know what the opponent does in certain situation to try to explit it, but instead, more important to have the Cats properly execute what they do.If that in fact is the operating system, we are doomed, because we can properly execute the three yard dive, or the 6 yard hook, but what does that give us if the drives stall. Defensively, we were obviously exploited by the Stamps who recognized what we were doing and then repeatedly "exploited what we were giving them". We di not change.

I reluctantly am becoming resigned to the idea that we will finish in 3rd again.

To start out 0-2 and end up 3-3 is OK in my books, but this was a bit of a frustrating loss.

I knew this would be a tough road win to get against a team that is coming on. I'm not going to blame rookies and injuries because Calgary as most teams also has a number of players who were not starting as well due to injuries.

Obviously the second half performance was not very good, and hasn't been in a number of games this year, and a lot of it appeared to be a lack of adjustments and execution. This game was winnable well into the fourth quarter, but our offense couldn't sustain a drive, and our defense got killed on 5-10 yard dump passes. If your oppenent shows you they are going to beat the blitz (Burris was not sacked once last night) by continuously dumping the ball on swing passes to the backs or 5 yards over the middle, the linebackers and defense needs to change what they are doing. If the defense shuts down Lewis and Reynolds by giving them extra attention this game may have resulted differently. The offense looked like they figured what they did in the first half worked so well they would just continue it in the second half. After they didn't get a first down in the third quarter it was time for some different calls. How many plays were stopped because Calgary looked like they had seen it before. Too many. If you want to keep doing the same thing, you better execute flawlessly.

I'm not blaming all of this on the coaches or players, and I'm not looking to have anyone fired. I just hope the entire team learns from this game and realizes that if they want to be an elite team, they still have some work to do.

I haven't seen anyone blame this one on the referees yet, and quite frankly I thought they were pretty good in this game, and I don't think we lost the game on penalties. We did however have a couple of costly penalties. The Jimenez call killed a chance to put Calgary in an even tougher spot at the half, the Rottier hold was costly when we were desparate for first downs, and the Shivers pass interferense was a tough call on what was probably an uncatchable ball. Again more little things to clean up if this team wants to be an elite team.

Looking forward to the Argos next week. Hopefully we put this one behind us, and get back on the winning track. I wouldn't take any team for granted this year. After 6 games, I really think any team has a chance to go far this year.


I hope there were no ladies present.

Half time adjustments have been nonexistent from this team for many years. If this team has any thoughts of being a contender they need to be able to make agustments on the fly. There must be a plan B and a plan C if plan A fails. I believe the team needs to really work on the run blocking scheme and use T. Grant (the other running back) to spell off Cobourne. The run sets up the pass. As much as Cobourne would like to do it all himself he needs someone else for the defence to key on. Last but not least, the special teams needs some work opening up blocks for Thigpen or Williams.

Here's a big welcome to the new membes of Please feel free to vent any frustrations and/or praise for our Tiger Cats. There will be those who attack you but just ignore them and carry on. What's important is your membership as a fan and hopefully ticket purchases.

Some coaches are duds (eg Mike Kelly) some coaches light a fire (eg Trestman) and some coaches stay average their whole career. I think MB falls in the last category: he is probably destined to remain a .500 Head Coach. And I say that because each game seems differently coached. One game the team is on fire for 60 minutes, the next game they fall asleep for a quarter or half. Lack of killer instinct comes from coaching, IMO.

4 rookie receivers -- coach's choice
Rookie DC and OC - Head coach's choice
New DBs- coach's choice

A total of 8 games of experience for the receivers was enough for them to give away AB..... :?

In fairness to Khari he didnt have exactly have a lot of time to "adjust" or show "flexability". Just don't know how much adjustments you can make with all those kids and the featured rec. Mo Mann being out.

Most of CAL's drives in the second half were long and time consuming and team was clobbered in the time of posession stat.

A combination of good play from a good team which CAL undoubtedly is and a defense that struggled a bit but did hold CAL to field goals instead of majors for most of the game.

Why does Corey Chamblin wear a white Golf glove on one hand during the games :o ?!

“3rd again” – ?
In the 11 completed seasons of the 2000’s, the team has finished 3rd only once.
The other 10 years were split evenly between 2nd and 4th place finishes. Never 1st.
Lost in 4 of 5 Semi-Final appearances and the 1 Final.

What colour does he wear on the other hand?

Could it be because that other guy, who also liked to salute Michael Jackson, is no longer with the team? :wink:


Mann out, the more expereinced Matt Carter out. Not coach's choice.
Rookie DC - Marshall left, everybody demanded change anyway, Chamblin was one of the most sought after coaches in the off season.
Rookie OC- again, everyone screamed for change, a respected offensive mind league wide- who else was available that was better ?
DBs - DBs that has exceeded everyone's expectations. Last night showed how important Thomas is. Thomas being one of the newcomers that many second guessed before the season started. The kind of second guessing going on now.

Also people are forgetting that ABIII was injured.

Even if he wasn't traded, he still wouldn't have played in this game.

So calling that a coaching decision that cost us this game is kinda stupid, now isn't it?

Once Mann is reincorporated into the offense and becomes the number one target like it was designed to be ...

Will be a reminder as to why Bruce wanted a change of scenery and why the team had less and less use for a struggling, expensive , short of stature rec. taking up a roster spot and cap space.

Some people seem happy and satisfied with mediocrity and feel this site is not meant for anyone to be critical of a lacklustre performance. They are the first to find excuses for the coaches. They are good little soldiers and like to criticize and belittle those fans who want and expect better than mediocrity year in and year out.

Other fans like to point out problems that they perceive, rightly or wrongly, are holding back their favourite team from taking the next step. They have a right to make these comments, especially after a game like last night.
I don't think the critics mind if the team lost, it's how they lost. After the first half I expected a real shootout where the team that had the ball last was going to win.
Instead, we come out after the half with no adjustments, no creativity offensively. Going to our rookie receivers on every play while our lone veteran receiver (one of the best in the league I may add) was completely ignored. The same thing happened to Bruce and, I believe, it was one of the main reasons why he lost interest in this team.
The coaches now have a man crush on Chris Williams. Great. He has a lot of potential, but you can't give him the ball every play. There are other players too: Cobourne, Stala, Thiggy..... who can help this team while the rookies mature....

"The only adjustment Marcel made was undoing his top button"

It looked to me like Chamblin's only strategy was to tire out the Stamps' offense.
Didn't work.

Stala just tied his single-season high of six touchdowns last night. A category he now leads the league in. I'd hardly say he's being neglected.

Cobourne had 16 touches last night (15 rushes, one catch) and would have had 17 if Jimenez's stupid penalty did wipe one out. I wish the Cats would feature Cobourne more in the passing game, but again, I wouldn't say he's being neglected.

Thigpen, well, he was never a major part of the offense, and I think he's best utilized in the return game. Not saying he can't be used on offense too, I just think he is best used sparingly.

Saying that the Cats are giving Williams the ball on every play is a bit hyperbolic, don't you think? Yes, he lead the team in catches with six, but Kelly had five and Stala had three. Heck, even Thigpen had two. While I can see your point, and agree that featuring the other players would be advisable, the offense has to take what the defense is giving them. If that means Williams, so be it. Trying to force things to other players is never a good idea, IMO.

zontar jr wrote:

      "A brand new offense and brand new defense that has enjoyed some success but lack of experience and chemistry will come hurt you eventually and it did. "

zontar: Bad logic here. If they enjoyed "some success" despite "lack of experience and chemistry" then why are they not building on that? That defence was actually having fun when they beat Montreal. They jelled quite well. So who's fault is it that they looked so rag-tag last night?
For some reason Marcel seems to want to dump what works one week and go with a completely different game plan the next. He is trying to out-think the opposition without realizing that his best players CAN have repeat performances against another team. Surely the playbook contains enough plays to provide a well balanced offense using all the best talent? So what is he worried about?
This team needs to establish itself based on it's strengths NOT re-invent itself every game.
You said earlier that everyone wanted change this year..and implied that's what they are getting. Well they are not. We are getting the same old inconsistent playing, poor game planning and excuses that we have had for the last two or three seasons.
Time to see the pattern zontar. Something is lacking.
Instead of insulting fans who have the ability to see what you cannot see, maybe you too should become a critical fan. This team needs that more than a mean-spirited defence of the status quo.