19 - 0 second half.....

I know...lots of terrible calls...but....out-coached...

MB is a sub 500 coach.... 9 and 10 the last 2 seasons, and 500 this year, so maybe this is just par for the course...

I did not see a single screen pass to Williams in the game. they are not using the players skills to their advantage!!! :cowboy: .


I agree we didn't make quality adjustments at half time.

Not sure if thats all on MB or if its on the fact that we have two new co-ordinators and both got killed in the second half by their calgary counterparts.

With 3-4 minutes to go we FINALLY start a drive from our 1 yard line. A few plays later on 2nd and 4 Glenn throws a low percentage deep ball which of course goes incomplete, thereby KILLING THE DRIVE and essentially the game. Please can anybody explain this high level of stupidity. Why the hell would Khari call such a play? Where was Marcel to overrule it? There was enough time on the clock to throw swing passes or short 8-10 yard routes. Get the friggin' 1st down and sustain the drive. Especially with the game on the line, 5points down in the last few minutes. Why can all the armchair QBs understand this but not Khari and Marcel. Incredibly frustrating to watch. :frowning:

Because the defense would be unlikely to expect it in that situation, and if it worked everybody would be saying it was a brilliant call. We also aren't privy to anything the spotter may have noticed from the Stamps D that might have lead the Cats to make that call. If we had tried a run or a short pass and still got stuffed, people would be on here complaining that our playcalling is too predictable.

The only adjustment Marcel made was undoing his top button

With five minutes to go don't you think you would extend the drive by going to your veteran receiver? You know the one, the guy that had the TD and the other incredible catch earlier in the game. The guy who is your clutch receiver, who the TSN staff said was probably the best clutch receiver in the league. No, why would you do that when you can throw a long ball to a rookie receiver.
By the way, Arland Bruce would have caught that pass. But our brilliant coaching staff traded him away for a few footballs and a mouthguard.

How would you know that Arland would have made that catch? He has dropped a few this year that were very catchable and he dropped it. IMO it looked like Bruce was not happy here and wanted out.

I agree that they should have utilized Stala more in the second half and did not. Not sure why? Maybe he was double covered and the other receivers were not getting open.


It was Kicking Tee's and a Bag of Balls :lol:

We never make any adjustments in the second half, at least none that work.

the point where the offence went to sleep was after rottier was penalized for holding when avon had run 12 yards inside the calgary zone thus taking points off the board .If we had scored on that drive i think the outcome would be different. one thought maybe chamblin should learn how to defend the swing pass as calgary did it to us all night

Agreed. Points directly to the coaching and not getting the players prepared for the game and the inflexability of the coaching staff to changing things during the game. TiCats lacked the killer instinct last night as well as the first two games of the season and that has been evident throughout the years here in Hamilton.

Good teams change things up and adjust to what works and what does not. IMO, it looked like Hamilton was doing what they wanted in the first half and did not need to change things up. In the second half it looked like they mailed it in.

MB is too laid back, he doesn't seem to fire the guys up on a consistent basis. I have always liked the coaches that get in your face and are very emotional on the sidelines. Kavis Reed in Edmonton is a great example, always seems to be fired up on the sidelines and the players re-act from that. The same can be said with Lapolice in Winnipeg.

MB should have erupted when Jimenez got that selfish penalty to prevent us from going in and scoring a touchdown. Sit his butt on the bench for the rest of the game.

Football is a game of emotion. Unfortunately, from what I have seen there isn't much on this team apart from a few players.

These comments taken from another thread ... BANG on !

I think most people around here are waking up to the fact that MB is not the man for the job.

Although I do not advocate firing him at this point of the season - it behooves O'Billovich to begin thinking of a replacement for next season ...

You could let him go but it would mean Obie taking over as head coach for rest of the season.

hate ons for MB,
secondguessing previous success
general negativity and moping
and surprise - surprise "new"usernames......
all come with the territory in losing in these parts

All except a little clarity.

HAM was fielding four rookie receivers with about 8 games of experience between them and a makeshift seondary that isnt that experienced at the best of times playing a good team on the road with an established system with players who have been together for years.

A brand new offense and brand new defense that has enjoyed some success but lack of experience and chemsitry will come hurt you eventually and it did.

Its not a disaster, the season it isnt over, keep calm and carry on.

You've got a lot of gall posting common sense here! :wink:

Even with all of the above the they were still in it well into the fourth.

It's just frustrating, we're 3-3, on pace for our usual 9-9, good enough for 3rd in the East this year.

It's August.

and we should win the next three games coming up and everyone will be talking about this team that has won 6 of its past 7 games which proves what great coaching we have!! We will probably be 6 - 3 by Labour Day