I have never felt real confident in our coaching since Ken took over. Our d was looking ok till this game, our offence has been going down for at least five games now.
Our coaching staff got cleaned after 13 men on the field in G.C.
We started loosing that gaame as of the second half, players have stated that.
Ken can barely make decisions when players have handed him the lead on silver platter, shure cant make any decisions when there loosing.
MOST IMPORTANT coaching staff cannot make changes on the fly. Usually we suck the first half till they go to the locker room then they make changes and come out better in the 3rd, today never made one change all game long.

The problem is too many Winnipeg Rejects.

Taman should NEVER have been hired. Look what the Bombers are still trying to recover from. Then he brought his buddy Berry to fail as OC, and his boy Dinwiddie to fail as backup.

I see Rider Nation entering into a civil war if we can't correct this mistake quickly.