Two weeks in a row I have noticed the same thing. The opposition is marching for a score at the end of the first half....and Marcel challlenges a play which is not really in question.
Great coaching!
In both circumstances, he has disrupted the rhythm and flow of the offense by the challenge, and since they get a free challlenge per half anyway, it has been at no cost.
Neither team scored anything on us on those drives.

This coach is thinking.

It was just mentioned on the 5th quarter by a caller that it was nice to see the coach make a QB change while we are still in the game when he senses a change was needed. I agree with others that Porter should start again in Montreal, but if he's not on his "A" game and is getting bogged down, get Glenn in there. If we have a good one-two punch available to us always, it will always make it tough to game plan against us.......and who knows what can happen if Tafralis makes a suprise appearance in relief if he has to go in.

I like our QB set-up right now. We won't be getting too predictable anytime soon and that's always a good thing.

Did anyone else notice that a time count violation against Quinton Porter was avoided by a ''last second' coach's time out? That was a split second decision that showed the coach even watches the timers.

I also saw noticed Marcel was working with his special team huddles, and acknowledging players coming off the field.

Marcel trailed the team onto the field after the intros but then led a good fight all night.

Great game, COACH!

Oskee wee wee