That was the worst display of by Ken Miller this year absolutly unacceptable, Im not asking for him to be fired but he better learn from this mistake tonight lets review.

1.Pulls MB now I can understand some of the reasoning but he did not pull Durant when Durant was poopin the bed. Bishop made some bad plays but was looking good and throwing strong.
2. At the goal line goes for it on 3rd and goal from the 3 by the way LaPolice made a couple of bad calls on this part as well. Kick the damn feild goal and get back in the game once again I can see some of the reasoning behind this but its just not a clear cut call the risk out weighed the gain.
3.3rd and 9 with 82 seconds left they dont gamble and punt the ball I knew this was a bad call I knew it heck BC was not gonna go 2 and out even if the D was playing hot 82 seconds is not much time now if there was 1:45 or 2 min left then yes punt but that moment was do or die.

Like kenny rogers said "you got to know when to hold em know when to fold em" kenny was back asswards tonight.

I agree 100% first time I thought that Ken really showed he is a rookie head coach. I bet MB is the first quarterback to go 4 for 6 for 104 yards and be yanked in the 1st quarter. Iam all for Durrant being the future but didn't understand this move at all. I was screaming at the tv when they punted with that little time left pretty sure the neighbors heard me :smiley: Couple that with the embarrasment of the beer tossing this was a tuff saturday loss. Thank god for our D cause we shouldn't of even been in this one.

especially punting it when we didnt have our timeout left

Bishop should have been in there 4th quater

I have no problem with the decision to go for it on 3rd and goal from the one. I do question the play call though. Shotgun and hand off 7 yards deep?

Play action maybe - especially when you have an athletic QB, and one of the best RB's in the game that he could have pitched out to if necessary.

I had the same though when Bishop threw the interception. The debate lasted about 2 seconds in my head. Only 1 of the turnovers was on Bishop and he was 4 of 6 for 105 yards. Pushing the ball deep and being successful at it. He was winning the battle of field position and was key to the fact that the turnovers didn't cost us.

I don't mind the gamble at the goal line. Get 3 points and give them the ball on the 35 vs get 2 points and you get the ball at the 35.

The punt was a only a bad call because of the timeout. With a timeout, it's a good call, with homefield advantage, their QB out, and our D.

Durant coming in and going 3 of 12 during his first 30 minutes cost us the game. Not the coaching.

so who starts in montreal??

I don't like the punt with that little time left. We should have went for it. Turnovers cost us the game. Even though BC didn't get a lot of points off of our turnovers they cost us chances at scoring.

hmm good point on the goal line I withdraw that comment to post this one Bad play calling where was szarka did Lapolice forget he is on the roster

Szarka may as well just sit on the field, they never use him!


well he blocks but I mean he is the guy when were getting stuffed at the goal line

Szarka is truly under used. he's big, strong.. and they don't give him the ball.

you can be that if they had given him the ball down on the goal line, that we would have scored!

what about bringing in bishop at first and goal.
He is a horse

Miller was justified in pulling Bishop. He threw up a lame duck pass when we had some solid momentum and were in Lions territory, and he also botched the hand off the Cates again with us rolling with momentum in lions territory.

Where I do find fault is that he should have put Bishop back in when Durant failed to generate any offense. Let Bishop sit out for a bit and clear his head and then put him back in.

I don't think he calls the offensive plays so the goal line part is on Lapolice. The shotgun handoff was not very smart at all simply because we had just lost O'Day to injury so it's not even our regular center in there. Going for it on 3rd down wasn't a big deal because with BC going into the wind they were likely to give up a safety deep in their end anyways.

Okay, I'll give you guys that. We had the wrong personel for a goal line stand. Cates out of the lineup threw our whole scheme off.

true but durrant fumbled the ball too
very rough

There were a lot mistakes all around tonight. If we didn't have big plays from Dressler and Ford, we wouldn't have had a hope.

Aside from the obvious offensive coaching gaffs, someone should remind Bishop he is here for his wheels, and that he is simply a work horse and not another Ricky Ray. Bishop needed to run the ball and get smacked a couple of times to get his head into the game, but instead he was yanked......GAWWWD, why he was not put back in for the 4th qtr. is beyond me.........

Durant didn't cost us the game. Yes he was bad, real bad tonight. If coach miller would have swallowed his own ego for the good of the team and put Bishop back in, in the 4th quarter at least, we probably win that game. I blame it on poor coaching!
Also the fact that Bishop should have come in for the 1st and goal stand. Here again Miller was still pouting.

I think the 'Riders had a better chance of winning with Bishop as QB. When we was pulled, I resigned myself to another 'Rider loss.

I think Bishop could have had another game like he had two weeks ago once he got over the butterflies and took his first hit. His scrambling and Cates having an outstanding game were the 'Riders best chance of winning. Without them, then it is up to Congi and Frenette.

The defense played well but they should have having 15 imports to choose from tonight at any given time.

The 'riders just found ways to loose tonight instead of finding ways to win like in the past. The true impact of the injuries with the receivers is coming to light now. Weston Dressler cannot carry the team on his five foot, seven inch frame all on his own.

Stu Foord... well people can forget about Jesse Lumsden for a while. He will be the best Canadian running back in the game some day.

coaching cost the Riders the game, first pulling Bishop, do not agree with that move, having Durant in shotgun on the Lions 1 yard line a nother mistake, i do agree going for it instead of field goal as 3 points would have not done anything, and with just over 1 minute left and no time outs they kick the ball? what was that,this all lead to them losing this game