The defense is terrific and Creehan deserves ALL the credit.

I'm not fully convinced that our defense can get the job done most of the time yet. Our defense hasn't looked all that great this season compared to last season. However, the last two games our defense looked really good. But you have to remember it was against the struggling offense of the Eskimos.

Our defense also has a lot of injuries so it will be interesting how our well our defense plays against Hamilton. Especially after them signing Lumsden. Why us?

Don't worry, I was talking to Chevrier the other day and he promised another INT.. they'll be deflated after the pounding they got the other day, and Lumsden himself said he's no savior.

Hamilton's success all comes down to McManus - that guy is either the worst quarterback you've seen in your life, or an unstoppable offensive machine.

The question is, which Danny Mac will show up on game day?

You got that one right Jebus.. except that the unstoppable offensive machine only shows up less and less every year. I think he's out of gas.

McManus plays good against Calgary though, but that was when our offense couldn’t even score points. This year, even with Gesser, we have a good offense. As for our defesne, I think they can get the job done.