Yah, I know he used to, but you could see how much he improvised tonight, but I swear if I see that baseball slide one more time I'm gonna jump the rail and punch him in the head.. What a pussy move! lol

I was posting at the same time you were (answering previous post). Wasn’t looking to sound/read ignorant.


This was some of the poorest coaching I have ever seen. An undisciplined team, a conservative offense and an easy to read, bland defense.

Special teams were good.

I don’t think Taffe is the right coach for this and his coordinators were so awful last season they should’t even be allowed near a CFL team.

Wasn't Creehan the architect of one of the worst defences in the CFL last year in Calgary?

Just out of curiosity, if Taffe gets fired who will be interim Lancaster or Obillovich? my vote is for Obillovich, he found these guys, he will know what to do with them.

I think that Taffe’s biggest failures aren’t on the field, they are off the field. It is up to him to enforce disclipline. If the team has a poor showing he needs to get serious in practice. If they have alot of stupid penalties he needs to impose fines or something. I guarntee he will do nothing and give the same old " this is a new team and we are working on it" B.S. He has to show leadership and I believe leadership is 99% outside of a game situation.

They might even just bump Creehen or Bellefeuille to the head coach spot if that happened?

Well, i know the worst thing Taffe can do at this point is change the defensive secondary, this is a raw, but good group and will be fine at mid season.

The 3rd & 1 play with the lineman pulling in front of Lumsden was a bad call.


It was 3rd down and 1/2 a yard.

100% of the time this situation calls for
the O-linemen to simply push forward

and for the QB to drive down
into the first open space.

The D-line men are 1 full yard back
from the line of scrimmage in the CFL!!!

Our O.C. should point a finger right at himself
for s.u.c.k.i.n.g the life out of his rookie-laden team.

What was he thinking???

A veteran team might come back after that
but not a team in it’s formative stage.

It was only the 1st quarter but

point, set, match.

My Als had the same problem last season when Bellefeuille was running our offense. We simply couldn’t convert on third and shorts.

8) Yes he was, and he was fired mid season as a result of it !!!!! :roll:

Based on last night's performance by the non-containing D-line, Lawrence Gordon suffering severe burns, etc. odds are that Creehan won't make it to mid-season!!!

You are right about that some bad descisions on play calls. But to be honest. Marcel Bellefeuille got tossed from Montreal for a reason. His play calling is very questionable.

3rd in short you never hand the ball off let the QB push forward. I guess Marcel forgot CFL there is the 1 yard rule and not Nose to Nose.

Honestly I seen DMAC on the sideline. Bring him in to make the Play calls as OC and fire Bellefeuille. I have to say his big claim in 2007 was Robert Edwards running game and Ben Cahoon getting 1000 yards. hmmmmmmmmmm WAKE UP. The ALs had a crap season for them last year. and as for CAHOON getting 1000 yards AGAIN!! hmmm could it be because he is one of if not the premier Slot back of the league.

the Don is done unless Bob is willing to part with some good money he retired for his health.

Watching your Ti-Cat offense last night gave me a strong sense of déja vu. The predictability, the poor schemes, the inability to convert on third down ... this offense has the Bellefeuille stank all over it. Speaking as an Als fan who had to endure Bellefeuille as our O.C. last year, I really feel for you guys. And I'm really not sure how effective your offense is going to be as long as Bellefeuille is at the controls. The best moments in the game seemed to come when Printers called his own plays and ran a no-huddle. I hope Taaffe sees this and either lets Printers call his own plays or takes over offensive playcalling himself.

It appears to me that one of the things we lack is pregame preparation. Going into games, we lack a game plan, things that we like to achieve or areas of the opposing teams defense we like to expose. Look how Montreal went into the game thinking they could throw short quick passes and also how they purposely went after Gordon on the corner - they mixed in a good running game and we were done. The cats offence looked lost - our only big plays appeared to come when printers was out of the pocket improvising - it appeared to me we lacked a game plan, things that the coaches seen of film that focused on our strengths and the defenses weaknesses.

The Als knew what he was going to call. That's the same play he called last season in the same situation over and over again.

Only idiots make the same mistakes over and over again. And when they do it season after season, team after team.

If you watch Ticats TV you can see Taffe's post game during the pre-season where he questionned the scheming on offense. The season wasn't even started.

Charlie fire Bellefeuille now and save your job and season...

I'm even shocked. I was sure he would at least be able to get the ground attack going with Lumsden,Cauley and Printers. Wow !

Odd, one of the TSN guys (was it Schultz) gave praise to MB and DC before the opener. I was surprised but thought that he must know more than me.

Right now it's the coaching, more than anything else, that has me worried. I can deal with rookies, the idea of gelling, etc. What I can't deal with is perceived incompetence in the leadership.

Notice that I said 'perceived'. Last year Taafe - who was a coach of the year once - made a number of very visible and questionable decisions. In addition, his control of the team seemed poor- no better discipline than Marshall was able to command. In the off season he tried to leave the team but we kept him tied to us... presumably on the thesis that we needed some continuity.

Then we hire two coordinators seemingly at odds with our talent. MB doesn't provide schemes that fit the more freewheeling style of Printers. It's more short-yardage plays (of the kind if not the constant wideouts - that we saw with Paopao). DC plays soft, it seems. When he's had success in the past he has also had some big playmakers. I could be waaay off base here but I don't see real tough unit defence in his packages.

So, here's this couch-potato know nothing picking apart the coaching staff. Yeah- I know, I don't have the credentials at all. All that I do have is "a really bad feeling about this".

Well, I know practically nothing about football strategy and coaching actually. But when you speak of the qb position, don't you think that with a talent like a CP, that the coaches do talk with him alot about what the coaches want to do, CP says what he'd like to do with what he feels he brings to the team, they look at the talent around them, and they come to some sort of an agreed upon conclusion of game plan and that? I don't think it should be a case of "CP, you're freewheeling out there and just go out and play sandlot". Maybe a Doug Flutie you can get away with that, maybe, but I don't know too many others.