This is Tafts team. He is responsible for getting our team ready for the opposition. Obviously this was not the case last year or for tonight. Taft get with it or get lost!!!!!!!

For cripes sakes...IT'S TAAFFE

sorry but the TSN turning point was in the 1st quarter when the cats got stuffed 3rd in short. Why they handed off to Jesse is behond me. QB sneak it or punt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor decision.


Sorry for the misspelling but it's just to upsetting to watch our team so unprepared for the opposition game after game

not only was it a bad call but it took to long to develop for a third and one... thats what really made it bad. jesse was to far back. with a play like that you fake the QB sneak and hand it off as quick as possible!

Actually it is spelled coach DAFT ! We were outcoached again .It is fine to complain about the amount of penalties but the head coach is responsible for this ( just like last year ) . A Montreal team missing some very key players was ready to play . Hamilton looked like it was trying to work things into a casual scrimage. We should save some time and fire coach DAFT right now so we can combine the rookie players with the new head coach excuses ! I think Danny Mac is available ?

I think Danny Mac is available
He looked into the game at least

^^^ real smart. :roll:

We were outeverythinged, to be slightly more inventive here...

Penalties and a lack of execution = being buried by a banged-up Als squad. There are few positives out of this.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have always wondered what the hell the Cats do during training. Management makes statements like "new faces" and "not used to playing with eachother". I don't think that they train all week. They just wait till a game to practice everything.

too bad Bob didnt think of getting Hufnagel.

For the next coach, I suggest trying to lure mike riley back to the CFL.

Another beauty, can’t wait for your third post.

The only man unemployed who can fix this mess is TheDon.

Coach Daft ....LOL!

Does AC still call his own plays?

It’s Scott Milanovich, Montreal’s OC, from all accounts. They do have some interesting motion built-in and AC’s ability to hit backside receivers off rolls counter to the outside contain certainly fried the Cats tonight! Keith and co. had better figure that aspect out for next game or it will not be pretty.

Oski Wee Wee,

No Trestman calls the plays and consults with Milanovich when unsure. He called a hell of a game me thinks.

Where are all the fans calling out on the needing CFL experience. This was trestmans firs game in the CFL and he called one hell of a game. It's about getting the right people regardless of experience, everyone needs to learn somewhere.

I believe he still does ashby22. Sorry, I didn’t realize that he didn’t after reading the posts. In the past, I know he used to.

Okay, that’s not what I got from TSN’s commentary during the game. I stand corrected.

Oski Wee Wee,