Who here agrees with me that edmonton is not getting the coaching needed to do our best? because i thing calgary has a good coaching staff and all but i don't feel that Macoicia is good enough . just my opinion. whats ur guys thoughts?

I am extremely dissapointed with our running game. Instead of evaluating the backs in earnest early on they are now in this situation in the middle of the season. They have no confidence in the backs, but yet they are not 100% sure that these guys can't do the job because they abandone the run early in the first quarter in most games so that they can give themselves a chance to win.

They need to either get a proven back that they know can do the job and eliminate that variable or they have to suck it up and give these guys the ball in a few games in order to see if they can do it when the bullets are flying.

The problem is of course that you don't start to evaluate personnell in the middle of the season. By now you should know whether or not these guys are keepers.

Other than that, Maciocia has not been awfull. I really think that evaluation of a coach takes an entire season. Changes made to strategy and game plans etc sometimes take a game or two to hit their stride. Defensively we have been pretty good, but I would be surprised to see the defense by commitee thing go more than one season.

The next 6 games are going to be a real test for this team and I think we can judge a little better after that.


The ghosts of past posts.......

Lancaster Junior.... I told you .....Lancaster Junior......

Actually, I think you guys will still do well.

I'll be picking Eskies in Big Dave's pool to win at Commonwealth in Sept, even though I might be comming up to see the re-match.

You know I do not think there is anything wrong with the Esks coaching. I mean prior to the season I thought this would be the weakest part of the team. I do not think it shows that. They are in second place and I believe that is not bad for having a rookie head coach and R D Lancaster. Good on ya Eskies.

Head coaching looks fine to me.

The offense is incredibly predictable and uninspiring, though. Which baffles me to no end because there is loads of talent for the Esks to exploit. I think Lancaster Jr. should just let someone else call the offense - 5 running plays a game is unacceptable.

And penalties and placekicking have been the othe sore spots for the Esks.

k points well said

I am convinced Lancaster Jr. got the offensive coordinator job because Hugh Campbell is lifelong pals with Lancaster Sr.

My god - 55 pass attempts? In a game that's a close defensive struggle, those stats are unexcuseable.

Yup. Edmonton is in big Doo Doo. Now they have to start playing teams with records above .500 for the foreseeable future.

They are 0-3 against teams with winning records.
Now we will see the true worth of this Eskimo club.

macoicia is really tinky winky from the tele tubbies.

The Esks beat Ottawa twice,m so they are 2-3 against teams with winning records.

He meant teams that will have a winning record at the end of the year -- so he couldn't count Ottawa.

Still underesamating the Gades are you.

I also think the Gades are the real deal. I actually even thought that last year.

Their problem is depth - if they get a starter injured, they are screwed at that position until he comes back. I think that's why they started off 3-0 last year then got killed as the season progressed.

Ray and Tucker looked fine against the Als last Friday

They sure did.

And the running game actually showed some signs of life as well - minus McClendon's fumbles after gaining big yardage on two occasions...