We have to understand blitz, running, route-reading, throwing, we all have to get better,? the disconsolate Printers said during a post-mortem, before sitting quietly by himself and staring into space.

Sounds like a ringing endorsement of our coaching. I know we don't have much talent but our coaching staff needs to be held accountable. Our defence and offensive coordinators would be a good place to start. I have never seen a more poorly coached team and we have had a lot to pick from.

I agree 100 % - Start with Taaffe - every position coach is OVER THEIR HEAD - high school football at the best. The O Line - my sister could make a block. Time to switch
my attention to the no fun league - plently of action to watch - Go Steelers Go

One has to wonder what they do all week at practice. Winnipeg tells everyone in the world they are going to pressure Printers and we have receivers running 20 yards down field without looking. Maybe Charlie could take a moment from his busy schedule and explain to the receiving core when Winnipeg puts 8 guys on the line they are more than likly going to blits so you shoud look quick. I have coached 9 year olds that that are smarter. You can bring in all the players you want but we are the most unprepared team in the league on gameday!

LEO1 MAKES SOME VERY VALID POINTS. With Charlie Taffe virtualy selecting his own coaching staff, I would have thought that his choices would have been a little more professional.

Obviously, having blown up most of the team in the off season, even good coaches would have their hands full with the current crew of players, but at this time of the season, I'm still seeing areas of our game that show absolutely no improvement.

Offensive and defensive line play is deplorable.

I have to agree - what exactly are the coaches teach the so called " new " players about blitz packages - route running - blocking - I suggest Mr. Taaffe stop the long winded press conferences - and get down to buisness and take hold of this mess.

Just to throw this out there, I don't actually believe in the next question 100% but,

Who's to say they don't work on it in prcatice and the relative inexperience of most players on the team comes through in basic breakdowns while trying to do too much?

this is what happens when you throw high school coaches in the fire, its the same thing if you threw high school players to play against pros, the ticats are getting outfoxed, outcoached, outeverything. New season, i expect the team to spend money on decent experience coordinators, adavanced scouting, i expect the offense to run smoothly, in fact the organization should give printers the keys to the offense and allow him to call his own plays, at least it would keep the defense on their toes, and allow casey to improvise.

well it's good everyone is finally starting to see the light with regards to our coaching and lack of owning up from management for this mess,
i've been saying it forever that we need the proper offensive structure and balance for any qb including casey to thrive,
but all the half wits take turns ripping maas etc and then pronounce us grey cup potential with the arrival of the great saviour's been so painfully obvious from game 1 that there are more problems that have to be dealt on this team, than simply the qb and when will the proper people step up and take responsiblity?instead throwing quick fix signings,cuts just to buy them more time in a wrong situation,
we do have a good qb but why waste it with an inadequate o/c.

Lack of owning up from management? That’s why this team has so many new faces this season. Management admitted they made mistakes the first 3 years.

The biggest problems we have are O line and WR’s on offence. I wouldn’t say it’s offensive schemes as much as it is dropped balls and lack of fighting for balls.

On D i think it’s coaching and play calling.

We blitz effectively for the first five minutes of the game, then there are zero blitzes for the rest of the night? Why????????????????????

how many times did we throw the ball last night farther than 30 yards last night?
is it still because maas has no arm? i'm sure casey can regardless and it don't happen.
our offence is predictable and has no balance, winnipeg and toronto and any other good defence will destroy you without the ability of mixing the run and pass. the problem with our philosphy is we do not dictate the game to other teams and run the ball consistently. for the last 5 seasons or so we are by far the worst team in the league in making half time adjustments.

Realistically, I think we might win one more game this season. So, with a record of 2-17, changes will have to be made.
I predict a complete overhaul of the coaching, offensive and defensive lines and defensive backfield.
Coach Taaffe might be safe until early next season.
If there is no improvement then we might be looking for new ownership. And... if that happens, we might as well say goodbye to the Cats.
PS: Who hired Scott Mitchell?

We blitz effectively for the first five minutes of the game, then there are zero blitzes for the rest of the night? Why????????????????????
That was my observation too. I have to wonder, where did our blitz go?

It was non-existent after the first five minutes of play. Prior to that, they came close to sacking Glenn a couple of times and definitely had him scrambling.

We have 17 sacks for the season thus far and it appears that we won't likely get many more. This team seems to be content being at the bottom of the pile in every phase of the game except touchdowns scored.

Coach Taffe baffles me as well. I still can't get over the 2-point convert attempt 2 games ago when we were down by 14. It shouldn't have been that difficult. Then on Saturday with 1:30 left in the half and Winnipeg punting,why didn't he call a time out. Instead the Bombers run down the clock and punt it with 1 second left on the play clock. It just didn't make any sense to me. (Actually, come to think of it, maybe he knew that we'd fumble away the ball and give them possession inside field goal range and by running down the clock, they would only get 3 instead of 7...If that's the case - good job Charlie)

rocky123 wrote:

We have 17 sacks for the season thus far and it appears that we won't likely get many more. This team seems to be content being at the bottom of the pile in every phase of the game except touchdowns scored.
The Ticat defence has 17 quarterback sacks (8th in the CFL) and 5 interceptions (8th) in the first 11 games of the 2007 season. If these rates continue, they will have 28 sacks and 8 interceptions by the end of the season.

By contrast, the 2006 Ticat defence had 38 quarterback sacks (7th) and 18 interceptions (5th) by the end of the season.

If anyone here has coached before then they are familiar with the adage that a team takes on the character of it's coaches. Just compare past teams in any sport and check the players style of play and the coaches persona on the field at game time. There is another truth and it is that some coaches are builders and others polishers. Taffe took over a team in Montreal that was talented and it basically needed direction. Hamilton is a major construction issue. Unfortunately I don't see these people as builders. The team is undisciplined and the players are without direction. Their coaching decisions are amateur like. Consider these facts.
It is past halfway in the season and we still don't have a hurry up offense.
Why did they not blitz the Glen's replacement as Winnepeg did knowning Printers limited knowlege of our offense. Instead we rush three on second and ten.
Why do they still not know how to use their time outs properly.
This list could go on for pages but I don't want to risk boring eveyone.
What Hamilton needed and still needs is a top notch CFL experienced coach, offensive and defensive coaches.
Last thought, why in heavens name would a coach throw in a quaterback with only three practices under his belt? If it was pressure he buckled to then he should have a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself whether he has what it takes to be a head coach. It takes guts and conviction to stand up for what is the right thing to do and putting in Printers this early was just plain wrong.

this team and coachnig is so horrible, that the only way they will another game, is if they are facing a 4th string QB who hands the ball off 45 times. And the chances of that happening in the cfl? ZERO.

Agree, our coaches suck, bad play calls all year and it just does not seem like they can put a good team together. Bring Back Greg Marshal!!!

Here is what convinced me, of the poor coaching. There was a 3rd down play, & Printers OVERRULED the coaching decision to punt. Instead, he saw a play he could use, to get them the 1st down.
Sure enough, he rolled, & threw to Ralph, & got 1st down.
Obviously, Printers is seeing MORE after 3 days of practice, than the coaches have seen after 11 games.

This Team is pathetic (Moreno & selected company excluded), & needs to be blown up once more.
I would start with GM, & coaches.
It boggles the mind (mine at least) how Degardins had an eye for Taffe, and did not even consider ANY of the available coaches or assistants with CFL experience. Yes, he interviewed some, but this was just to make it look like anyone was fair game.
But, ALMOST every Team in the CFL (except Toronto) have new coaches, or assistants, and the Ticats are in LAST place.
What does that tell you???

The Eagle - - - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I, and MANY more people on this site endorsed Taffe as the new coach, and I still think Marcel made the right move. Taafe IS a coach with CFL experience - two coach-of-the-year awards, if I'm not mistaken. I do agree his choices of assistants have been less than inspired...okay, they s***. Let's get some position coaches that can coach, and go from there...