Coaching Vacancies

A Winnipeg Free Press fan poll suggests the following favs...

Who should the Bombers hire to replace Tim Burke as head coach?

Khari Jones
14% (48 votes)
Chris Jones
5% (18 votes)
Paul LaPolice
38% (129 votes)
Milt Stegall
15% (50 votes)
Doug Brown
11% (37 votes)
Anyone with CFL experience
17% (57 votes)

Higgins in the last category?

Honestly, the only one I am really high on from that list is Lapo, and I can't see them, nor him, going there

very small comment. Khari in the Peg that is crazy. Worst pick ever . But this is Winnipeg so who really no's.
Dave D kids are in school won't move. Really!!! Salary at $90 k increase to $180 K and get to run the show for next 20YEARS>
Gone like a flash.

I think Dickinson either gets a promotion and stays in Calgary or he is gone to the best offer he gets. The chance to work with potentially the best young Qb in the league may be the lure that moves him north.

I think Craig has a good rep but can't see a lot of interest at Head Coach level. It would be interesting to see the Dickinson brothers working together though.