Coaching vacancies.

With 2 offensive openings I would like to see Mike Scheper move back to his experienced position as a O-line coach , and if possible bring Bobby Jurasin in for the D-line.

Jurasin has expressed hyper intrest in coming back to coach, and I could see a good chemistry between The Etch and #71.


I'm probably okay with those. My biggest question is if Baressi will stay, and if so, will he move to OC. If he moves either up, or on, Crandell probably becomes QB coach. If Baressi goes, then do we go outside the organization for an OC? Or, does Kenny take back the reigns this year?

If I recall, Coach Miller is not interested in the OC position.

With the Riders and at least one other team interested in Baressi , I think offering him the vacant OC position would be quite enticing.

Crandell has a great demeanor and is on his way to becoming a good coach, moving up to QB coach is a step forward.

We'll still have the O-line opening. Perfect for Scheper..........and #71 for D-line...hehe.

I dunno. I read last week that he WILL be more involved in the play calling and that the new O.C. will be pretty much a token thing, for this season at least.

Well, now we know that Baressi is gone so this has some possibilities. Berry may be a good fit as OC. A very good fit! With a year on the defensive side of things Scheper may also be a natural as OL coach. There is no doubt about Jurasin ... he would turn the DL into a pack of mad dogs! There would never be a better time to hand Bobby the reins!

It seems we are trading spaces with the Bombers, because of course Taman is bringing in Doug Berry , of all people!! No wonder none of the free agents are signing. I had hopes of being ok, hopson is still in charge, but those hopes are sinking. All old rerun coaches!! OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Not too thrilled with bringing in guys who have failed elsewhere but coaches seem to get recycled often in the CFL. Berry as OC works but setting him up to replace Miller in the future makes me very nervous. From what I saw in Winnipeg, I was not impressed by his head coaching ability.

During the 'Taman Era' Berry came closer to succeeding in Winnipeg than anyone else. If Kevin Glenn hadn't sustained a late season injury in 2007, Berry may have beaten Kent Austin in the Grey Cup! This brings me back to Taman ... why would he put his team in a position where they did not have a backup QB with some CFL experience? If Berry had been working for Eric Tillman in Winnipeg things may have been very different! I think Miller has taken the measure of Berry on and off the field and he likes what he sees.

Berry took his team to a Grey Cup final which he might well have won if his starting QB hadn't broken his arm in the division final. And in any case, he's not coming to Sask as a head coach, but as OC, a position at which he enjoyed a lot of success during his time in Montreal.