Coaching staffs

Its becoming very obvious that our staff is killing Edmonton.

Our defense makes adjustments during a game and basically shuts
Edmonton down. Our offense has so many different formations it
can throw out that Macaroni's head is spinning.

I honestly believe the only way we can lose next week is by beating
ourselves. I dont even believe we came close to playing our best

We come out with intensity and protect the ball and victory will be ours.

As I told the Edmonton posters. Lancaster Junior will come back to Haunt them.

Yep and ole chipmunk cheeks is losing it too.

Chipmonk Cheeks.....LMAO!

I bet Higgins had an ear to ear grin Sunday night…Whats that saying…revenge is sweet?

.....revenge won't be complete unless a second win is scored this Sunday...but I do agree that in terms of coaching talent we are ahead of the game.....Higgins and our coordinators seem to be very dynamic during the game and can adjust as necessary.......this will be critical this weekend as I expect the edmonton D to blitz more often and the eskimo O to run more often than they did this last game......

i hope cgy wins just so rl jr gets canned again. fired three times in three years would be sweet.

That would be funny!