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To all that think the teams poor play the last few years is somehow related to the fact of Lancaster involvement with the team, you might be the same people who thought Danny Mac was also the problem with our offense.

^^^^ No, at least I’m not someone who thought Danny Mac was the problem with our offense. He was the best QB we had on the team, so he played, nothing wrong with that.

You're just speculating!

This isn't the stock market. Lancaster has been average at best since retirement from playing, and average in an organization is due to fail badly regularly.

And Lancaster is the best Head Coach we've had on the team this year. So he's coaching. Nothing wrong with that.

After 1999, our Grey Cup year Ron was 110-83-1 in Regular season coaching.

After that he had no talent, no ownership and no hope and turning around a franchise which was 1 lulu owner away from being extinct.

Hardly average.

And since then...he has had the benefit of 1 LULU owner who gave him the responsibility to build a winner!

The results speak for themselves...why argue?

and that 1 lulu owner who said he would leave the football decisions to the football people broke his rule in one case, and that was by hand-picking the head coach.
now they're stuck trying to dig themselves out of the hole created by that decision.

Ron was also saddled with a amatuer coach, which I'm sure was not his idea to hire.This coach then went on to hire equally inept people around him and Lancaster let him do it.So i guess it is all of Ron's fault.

Ron was 9-8-1 by building that team.... he then was removed from his post.

The resultes speak for themselves.

Dont you ever get tired of being ignorant.?

Young hired MARSHALL, Baressi, Reed and Katz to build a winner.

Two of which arn't even in pro football anymore and one is half way out the door.

KATZ named Lancaster as interim head coach until a new HC could be found.He was never asked to do anyhting but to temporarily try to cleap up the crap left to him

And you wonder why people laugh at your posts.

You wonder why your opinions aren't respected.

You have absolutley no clue of what you are talking about.

Yup you just prove me right with every post...go crawl back under your rock have nothing to contribute with comments like that!

How’d he prove you right?

Good question...

And your contribution Woody is ..go crawl back under your rock...let's get back to these "FACTS" you talk so much about.It's much more fun that way than insults.

He stated that Marshall hired all those guys.

Lancaster was advisor to Bob young...he had his hand in it all along! This is Lancasters team...he built it and he created the problem with the "OC"1 that is why i say they fired the wrong guy!

Lancaster is the only "constant" in all this!

He has the resources to get himself out of it and has all along this year! It's up to Lancaster to fix the problem he had a hand in creating! Bob has stayed out of it! Does anybody remember the conversation with Rob Katz when asked about the firing of Marshall and Bob Young's involvement?

sorry, Lancaster is a great guy but he made some big mistakes and now the team is paying for it! I suggested we should have gone a diferent route. In fact i suggested that long before Marshall was fired! It was evident that PaoPao was not up to the job back after game 2! I said so then...I'm saying so now! look at the changes that have been made...Who made them???

Not one fact in that whole confused mass of suppostion and desperate guessing.

Woody, You are one seriously disturbed old coot. :thdn:

Oh I agree 100% ..but then again you must look at who took the first shot at me? I didn't ask for his nonsence!

.let's get back to these "FACTS" you talk so much about
There are no facts, just speculation, guessing, pointing fingers and unwarranted shots at Ron Lancaster.

Like I said..go crawl back under your rock!

seriously though...seems to be a pattern with come in and cause trouble at this time every day! call names argumentative...why not add some debate to the forum and quit with the personal shots?

I heard Mr.Young himself admit hiring the amatuer was a mistake they could not live with any longer. Of course Katz will fall on the sword for his boss! If you havent noticed Woody this team is run by committe now KatsBusiness, Smith MacarthyScouting, and one voice, like Lancasters, is not the only one that is heard. many fingers are in this pie, but you seem to point to yours at only one.