Coaching Staff

looks like we are having a complete new Defensive coaching staff,
I just saw the interview with Greg Quick looks good.

Can't believe Dyce is still around. He must have some leverage because that is the only way I can see why he is still on staff.


I was fairly surprised to see Miles depart, especially since there looks to be a fair amount of turnover in the secondary coming, though Missick is a pretty good coach. What happened with Howard on the DL? I never actually heard he was departing, and he seemed to do a pretty good job last season. I am left wondering if he is remaining in some capacity.

I am glad Tucker is sticking around, as I think this group of receivers can excel with some continuity. Disappointed there is no dedicated QB coach...really figured that would have been reflected on over the off-season and filled.

Pretty unreal turnover in the staff.

Especially when Durant is on record a few times as saying he prefers to have one.

Pretty unreal turnover in the staff.
Moi aussi et je suis tout aussi surpris de la quantité d'entraîneurs qui quittent, et pas les moindres.

Nous avons vécu ça à Montréal à la fin de la saison 2012 et au début de l'année 2013. C'était dû au départ de Trestman pour la NFL. Pratiquement tous les entraîneurs de positions étaient partis, sauf Andy Bischoff. Quand Trestman est parti, le seul de ceux qu'il avait embauchés qui est resté à Montréal est Noel Thorpe. Les Alouettes en arrachent depuis ce temps-là.

Dans le cas des Roughriders, l'entraîneur-chef reste mais il remercie un tas d'entraîneurs, et même des gars de calibre. Je ne sais pas ce que ça va donner, mais je me demande si tout ce mouvement de personnel va améliorer la situation de l'équipe. Si Durant était resté en santé toute la saison, je me demande si Chamblin se serait permis de faire tous ces mouvements de personnel.

Yes who knows what would have happened if Durant didn't get hurt but I think Cortez may have been borderline anyways. I think there were some underlying issues from last year that finally surfaced this year and a change was almost inevitable anyways. The other changes I don't know much about or why the changes but Cory has gone out on a limb with these moves and brought in his guys,if they don't work out it will probably mean his neck on the chopping block next year.

C'est très sensé. Mais il demeure que les Roughriders n'avaient pas de problèmes réels à l'attaque lorsque Durant était aux commandes et qu'ils se sont retrouvés sans ressources lorsqu'il est tombé (nous avons vécu ce scénario à Montréal en 2013). Enfin, espérons pour vous que ces changements seront bénéfiques.

according to what I heard in Chamblin's interview ( unless I misunderstood ) is that some things didn't worked out as far as formulating staff.

Shows on Coach Staff Chapdelaine is QB Coach. For now perhaps.

I don't think an OC can be an effective QB coach at the same time. We tried that last year and it showed. If we head into another year with a couple of green QB's as backups like we did last year and Durant goes down you can kiss another season away. Getting your backups in a game ready state takes a lot of effort and guidance to get them used to the the Canadian game (not to mention calming DD when he gets into his own head).

Exactly. At least give a Joseph or a whoever Durant wants to at least come in as a "Consultant" if they are stuck on no Q.B. coach. They have to give these young guys a chance to pick everything up. Not to mention that Durant prefers to have one. What's the problem? Money???????? No cap to deal with for those expenditures so get out there and find someone.If they are relying on the O.C. to give these guys maximun one on one training, which is what rookies and whomever becomes the next starter desperately needs, then I would think the Offence and upcomming strategy may be compromised a bit. :thdn: on that decision.

Chapdelaine était coordonnateur à l'attaque et entraîneur des quarts-arrières lorsqu'il était avec les Lions. Lorsqu'on regarde le travail qu'il a fait avec Lulay et Reilly, je crois qu'il a montré qu'il peut assumer ces deux responsabilités.

Les inquiétudes que j'ai par rapport aux offensives de Chapdelaine sont plus la ligne offensive et la protection du quart. Ses schémas de protection sont déficients.

À Montréal, Trestman était aussi entraîneur des quarts-arrières. Kent Austin est aussi entraîneur des quarts-arrières et il a fait du très bon travail avec Collaros et Lefevour. À Calgary, je crois que c'est Dickenson qui entraîne les quarts.

best wishes Jason Tucker with the NFLs Tennessee Titans as assistant receivers coach.

I'll be honest...I was pretty shocked by this. I hadn't seen anything that screamed success for him as an positional coach, though by no means a failure either. In his time in the role we did see some rather hyped guys not make it, and that does reflect on him. He did do an excellent job of bringing a few guys up to speed really fast though, especially at the added blocking roles that the CFL demands over the average NFL receiver. I am really hoping the look at Jason Clermont...Geroy would of course be a good candidate as well. JC seems built to be a coach.

Geroy and Jason both played in BC under Chapdelaine .
either would be a wise choice.
wasn't Dice a receivers coach in Winnipeg and when he first came here passing coordinator ? ( lets not go down this road )

Good point. I still believe Dyce is a good coach, he is simply not supporting in a role that is one of his strengths.

Geroy and Jason both played in BC under Chapdelaine .
either would be a wise choice.
wasn't Dice a receivers coach in Winnipeg and when he first came here passing coordinator ? ( lets not go down this road )
Good point. I still believe Dyce is a good coach, he is simply not supporting in a role that is one of his strengths.
if Dyce's strength is being a receivers coach and our special team's were decent when Cory McDiarmid was here to assist Dyce in 2013 maybe all we have to do is make McDiarmid special teams coordinator and Dyce receivers coach ?

Miles signed with Wpg as DB coach :frowning:

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Miles should have got the ST job. Totally missed the boat here.

Miles is the all time blocked kick leader. Most of that was done here in BC. Interviewed and asked why he was so good at it (post game after another blocked kick) he said, "in the states, a blocked kick is a missed assignment by the kick team. In Canada, it's often a film study".

Should be the ST coord. Too bad.