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Rick Campbell is interviewing with the Stamps. Thoughts?

It's funny, for the first time in a little while it seems like we've a good coaching staff. I like Reed and Stubler is an excellent DC. The offence was wildly inconsistent, but I'm willing to give Crandell another season. This was his first year as an OC. The only person I'd put in the hot seat is Prinsen, as the O-line continues to suck.

In essense a few teams had a bit of an O-Line bug of a problem so to speak. The leagues DC's and/or D-Line coaches have done a great job this past season I say. I think the Esks are "TUNED" with the coaches they do have, however I feel there may be a little tweaking (trade/signings) on the O-Line as far as I'm concerned. As far as Rick Campbell; 1) special teams had great coverage on Duval's punts, thats's a plus. 2) return game was O.K. > blocking issues/setting up the seam = need that special player? 3) Rick Campbell is also the Assistant to Coach Kavis Reed; who to bring in/pehaps Mike O'Shea?

I'll cross my fingers that Rick gets the job in Calgary :stuck_out_tongue:

Stamps promote Walkosky for their DC opening, I would think that R. Campbell stays with Edmonton.

Agreed Chief. I really enjoyed watching Stubler's defence this past season, really enjoyable. And Reed, frankly I think he's shown himself to be a better head coach than he was a coordinator.

Agree again. Deserving of another shot.

One you didn't mention was Mark Nelson. I was really impressed with him when he was DC in Winnipeg, and his work as LB coach in Edmonton has been really good. . . Davis & Sherrit in the middle, with Hill and Munoz outside, was a really great group, and they also mixed and matched a fair bit when injuries hit, and even had Greg Peach in the LB corps at one point. I think Nelson did a great job, and I'd expect to see him as a DC somewhere in the CFL in the next season or two.

Well MadJack I must admit that you are very keen on your observation on the Defence side of the ball. It's ovious that I talk/qoute more so about the offence in a few threads, so I think and believe that I'm an O and you are an X for defence.
Merry Christmas and cheers into the New Year.

Seems you are correct! Maybe we should be O/C and D/C for some team sometime. . .

Same back at you

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Stubler is moving onward towards other goals. Thanks goes out to Stubler for his work as DC in 2011...Now what?

Promote Nelson would be my guess. . .

That is a possibility MadJack; I'd be O.K. with that promo.
For Linebacker coach; A.J. Gass - just a thought.

Eskimo's Coaching Staff for reference;

Kavis Reed - Head Coach
Rick Campbell - Assist/HC - Special Teams
Marcus Crandell - OC
Open Position - DC ....?
Open position - Secondary ....?
Mark Nelson - Linebackers
Kit Lathrop - Defensive Line
Tim Prinsen - Offensive Line
Steff Kruck - Receivers
Dennis McKnight - Running Backs

Via Twitter; Mark Nelson to become new DC with the Eskimos.

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Confirmed and congrats to Mark.

That is good news !!

While I agree with you, I think Stubler staying would be better news.
At least Tillman didn’t spin some ridiculous story about losing an unbelievable coach like he’s done with all the player’s we’ve cut or traded for nothing.

And now that Nelson is D/C, there's a vacancy for LB coach unless he wants to do double duty.

AJ Gass was suggested. . . I'll throw another name into the mix. . . might Dan Kepley be interested in returning?

I don't know MadJack, a lot of us (team) fans are in limbo at the moment too I say.
Although another name I'll throw out there: Larry Wruck perhaps?

I heard a rumour that Stubler had verbally agreed to stay. If that's true, what the hell? Oh well. Good luck in BC.

That is true, however Reed stated he wanted a Secondary Coach; keying in on fundamentals of technique/tackling. I think us fans have seen alot of poor tackling. Coach Reed does have a point there.

[url=] ... hing-staff[/url]

2012 Edmonton Eskimos coaching staff; There are changes/additions. Cool
Dennis McKnight; released

Not sure how to feel about Barresi. Dave Campbell's tweet: "The Bombers struggled offensively the last two seasons but their run game was strong. Under Barresi's watch." Wait and see, I guess. At least he didn't replace Crandell. :lol:

Edit: Was looking at the 2011 stats. It doesn't look like Winnipeg was that far ahead of us in terms of rushing. We were pretty close to them in most categories.