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This game has proven that Wally is done in BC.We barely beat Hamilton and with the way the D screwed away another lead late I wished they had won.They never should have made him Gm as someone else may have recognized that some players need to be addressed especially on D.Our deep guys look confused and do to much finger pointing durring games.His record in the division finals alone should see his departure.

Benvenides is a horrible defensive co-ordinater and if he isn't gone then ownership needs to take charge and help with that decission.I can't believehow many failed blitzes there were this year.Our deep guys seem confused alot and there is a lot of finger pointing going on during games.

Now to our offense.Would someone explain how in a division final Geroy Simon has seen the ball once and Paris Jackson twice yet Brice-Mullen has seen it the whole game. Thats not great D by Montreal,that is a co-ordinator unable to make changes during the game.All season BC has not thrown a hitch screen and a crossing route absolutely confuses Chapdelain.We don't even have one in the playbook.

I am a Mcallum fan as a fieldgoal kicker but not a kickoff guy or punter.He can't hang a ball.Montreal gets the ball so quick that by the time the coverage gets down there the Als are 10-15 yards up field.

Wally is the most winnigest coach.. oh yes.. lets for sure fire him. And what the hell was paul doing on that last kick?

So what team have you been watching this year??? You just notice the problem now.. Congratulations!! If Wally didn't make any changes you be complaining how old our core is getting. Why do you think the team struggle at times?? They're working on it. And dispite how the team records showed Wally did a good job with what he's been dealt with.
Hey dogg if you think you could have done a better job then fill out an application. You had a mash unit in the QB department.
Your offensive line is banged up all year that couldn't protect a beach ball let alone a QB. Our defense at times had shown promise but at times have absolute melt downs. They struggled with a new system set by Benvenides, until he scrapped it after the home loss to Winnipeg and tried to simpfly the system. You had new players in place on both sides of the ball..
Most of us expected this team to struggle and basically called it a rebuilding year. Consider the fact we had 17 players over the age of thirty last year and the losss of Logan and Wake were big blows..
Foley did a nice job replacing Wake. Lulay is the future QB to be groomed . Mallet came out of nowhere to replace Logan, and Arceneaux did a fine job at replacing Clearmont, and you can't figure out why Whyte is still on the team when we have Mccallum..hmmmm And your telling us that Wally is done as a GM AND COACH dispite the players he replaced them with. Sorry dogg but it takes awhile to rebuild a team again and it doesn't come overnight or one or two years.

arceneaux did an awesome job replacing clermont

If you can't stomach Wally anymore ship him to Hamilton for Belleidiot and you got yourself a deal!

Wally's the winningest coach in CFL history so I'd be reluctant to show him the door.

As for Benavides though. . .

The BC defence has not been the same since Dave Ritchie left. In the time that Benavides has been in charge of it, it has regressed. . . yes some personnel losses (Wake especially) have contributed to that. . .but the Lions still led the league in sacks.

So that makes it look to me like Benavides is wanting as a defensive coordinator. Why the Argos were thinking of him as head coaching material is a mystery to me. . . mind you could he have done worse than Andrus?

have we not gone 58-31-1 in the last 5 years
that is averaging 11.6 wins (call it 12) a season.
that is far better then most teams... dont be so quick to forget the long term you success you have been having since Wally took over this team in 2003.
I remember the lions of the late 90's and early 2000's and your complaining now.

Only thing I can add... is Jacques C. has gotta go.. at least Edmonton saw that after one season.... whenever he has been around the offensive plays are "OFFENSIVE CAUSE THEY ARE LAME!"

I think you guys need to reload on personnel rather than make sweeping coaching changes.

The secondary and O-line are areas that definitely need improvement.

Outside that, you've got a very good receiving corps, a dominant D-line, solid linebackers, and a stud running back when he's healthy.

No need to push the panic button.

Are you on crack? ... Sorry about that... How about this....

If you can name one other CFL team in history that has started 4 different QB's during a season and not only made the playoffs but won a playoff game, then I will agree with you. Otherwise I think its all about crack.

Great Post Mad Jack!

How soon some of these guys forget. WHo would you like back dogg? Larry Kuharick? Eagle Keyes? Adam Rita Greg Mohns?? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Wally has brough stability to this franchise. This was a rebuilding year. Guess what, we are still going to be rebuilding next year.

I like your Dave Ritchie angle Mad Jack. I wonder since Wally and Ritchie are close that maybe Ritchie could be hired back?

Well you could certainly do worse. . . and have, in fact, done worse (defensively) in the 2 seasons that Benavides has been running it instead of Ritchie.