All year long Taaffe has done a masterful job of only one thing - diverting blame away from himself - it has been the the team's losing attitude - it has been the teams inexperience - it has been the team's lack of execution - it has been the team's lack of discipline and maturity - and the list goes on - but how about this: coaching plays a huge role in whether a team plays smart and takes few penalties - yes Taaffe coaching has something to do with things like this - there are different ways to lose.

It's as if he believes that his decisions have been irrelevant to the situation - well he picked his coaching staff - the person in charge of the defence has so little clue about the Canadian game that he doesn't seem to have any idea when to bring pressure and when not to bring it - second and even third down and long? - how about a little pressure sometimes - at times he has rushed LESS men in these situations - have you even noticed how big the field is defensive coordinator? - you can't give a QB all the time in the world - but then if the team gives up a first down by playing off it is the players' faults.

And what kind of offence is this? - who did he hire to run it? - on any other team Jesse Lumsden touches the ball continually - and why did we have Holmes at all if we weren't going to ever let him do anything - oh and by the way Holmes goes back to Regina and suddenly he is a great returner again - and how out to lunch are you that you have an import blocking back who does nothing else - he is not even a decoy because nobody will buy any fake to him as he NEVER gets the ball - how about using this import slot for another fast receiver? - but of course you then complain that you don't have speed at receiver - and by the way why does Flick have speed in Regina again but had none in Hamilton?

The only QB we had in camp that had actually had success the last time he played in CFL games was Rocky Butler and somehow he fell to four on the depth chart - behind the QBs we now have? - when we obtained Rocky Butler we obviously thought he was a key acquisition - I wanted Chang to have a chance too but not in the Labour Day Classic in a game that was must win - sadly he looked like a High School QB yesterday.

Staying with the offence if you are going to only pass short teams are naturally going to move in flooding the short area with defenders as the game progresses - if you continue to try to pass short it is going to be harder - it is also going to be harder to run although Jesse is so talented he has excelled in spite of this - imagine what he could do on a draw or screen with the defence playing back? - so if you refuse to pass long and you can't pass short as the game progresses you then have NO pass offence at all - and compounding the problem is the fact that not only do we only pass short we NEVER pass past the first down marker - so without YAC yards there is no first down and it is difficult to get YAC yards when the area is flooded with defenders - it is a hugely vicious circle of ineptitude.

Screen to Jesse more for sure to get the ball in his hands but when you do pass downfield if it is caught it should be caught beyond the first down marker at least occasionally.

And when you are in the red zone get the ball to Jesse - Jesse up the middle, Jesse off tackle, Jesse on a full sweep, Jesse on a screen - Jesse all day all night.

Taaffe had a different situation in Montreal - he was not the right man for this job - he has been been anything but a force or a leader this year in Hamilton - he has in fact been a deer in the headlights and in over his head - other coaches would have done better, far better - Marshall would have done better, far better - we were premature in pulling the plug on Marshall - he had even had success - we seem to be in for the long haul with Taaffe which seems ludicrous - maybe Marshall should have changed his birth certificate - KLZCat

very well said....

Who says that "we seem to be in for the long haul with Taaffe"?
Do you think that if we go 1-17, Taaffe will survive this? I think we will have his head (on a silver platter, to boot). No job is secure - even Taaffe's ...
The Eagle - - - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:



if we go 1-17, Taaffe will be back and I would support this decsion. I know most fans won't but I will. (maybe I will be the only one in the stadium, which brings back nightmares from the early 90's.) He will be given at least the 1st 4 games of next year. We cannot continue to rotate personel in and out, we need stability.

with respect to Marshall, I 100% agree, he should not have been fired. I beleive he was let go because he would not pull the trigger on Joe Paupau when he should have.

Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 in his first year with the Cowboys.

Just sayin'.

Taffe should never have been allowed to hire the staff he assembled. If he refused to hire more experienced CFL people or at least former CFL players then he should have been told that he wasn't needed in the first place. Taffe should be fired even if we win ever game from here on in because his stubornness has not only cost us the playoffs but several good players that we need to have in order to have any future. Simply put, Taffe is a complete bust and has proven he knonws nothing about how to win, he can only coach an already established team. If I thought we were making progress and were still 1-8 I wouldn't be calling for his head. All I see is regression in most areas

Somebody else was pulling the strings and doing the Troy Davis/Maas trade when PaoPao was brought in.

There were rumours circulating that PaoPao was waiting in the wings for Marshall to falter so he could be named Coach. :roll: ANYBODY REMEMBER THAT???

OH! What could have been had we not done that trade! How many would still be here? I doubt our record would be this bad! :roll: We wouldn’t be still rebuilding!

Dealing with the points in time order I agree completely that Taaffe should never have been given carte blanche to hire anyone he wanted as he hired people with absolutely no clue about CFL football - he certainly wanted it to be "his team" when he was hired - well it certainly is "his team" and his team bites.

And I hope the posters are right who say that he is not here for the long haul - I'd be happy to be wrong about that - I can't figure out what it is he brings to the table - he certainly doesn't have the slighest idea how to manage a team or manage his coaches - you watch other teams play and even if they are unsuccessful at what they are attempting you can at least see the plan behind it - there just is no plan or the plan is totally flawed where the Ti-Cats are concerned.

My view is that it is already apparent that Taaffe is not the guy for the job - he must be made responsible for the decisions he made regarding his staff and the players - unfortunately sometimes the only way to move forward is to admit major mistakes were made and wipe the slate clean starting again - KLZCat

I have to say that the Edmonton/Hamilton game was the worst combined coaching effort that I have ever seen in Professional football. I'd be surprised if either of these guys and their abysmal staffs survive to the end of the season.

If Edmonton dose not make the Playoffs.
Danny Maciocia get the Axe .
He becomes are our OC Next season.

As a Ticat Fan
I hate doing this But I Want Toronto To get the 3rd Spot in the east .

So that our playbook consists entirely of 1-yard passes?

I don't know that Maciocia is an upgrade in any position in the organization - and I think you need wholesale changes - KLZCat

the coaching needs to improve, the cats are in need of experienced cfl assistants, and not ncaa or high school coaches, this is the big leagues, you dont win with ncaa and friday night lights coaches. Also this team lacks any innovative/creative schemes, the fans wanna see some exciting stuff, why not use a spread offense mixed in with some no-huddle, this west-coast offense they are using is boring and weak, why not use an attacking/blitzing 3-4 defense built around speed and ballhawking LBs?