Coaching staff wear

Maybe I am just an old fuddy-duddy, but each game when they show the coaches I look at them and think how unprofessional they look wearing a T-shirt or a loose jacket. For some reason I think they would garner more respect if they wore suits as in the old days; look at hockey players, they look smart and professional wearing suits while other sports just wear whatever and look like street bums.

Not sure why it bothers me, but it does. What do others think? I know most will say “who cares” and I understand.

Rich Stubler wearing his tan shorts on the sideline, regardless of which team he was coaching at the time, always made me laugh and shake my head.
At the very least, wear the team colours shorts!

I tend to give football coaches a bit of a pass on attire - they work in various weather conditions and are standing/walking/running/yelling throughout the game, unlike hockey/basketball/soccer coaches.
But a lot of them have taken comfortable/functional wear to abysmally low levels.

Buono, Dickenson, Jones (SSK), Trestman, Sherman seem to wear functional but somewhat presentable clothes on the sidelines imo.
Can’t remember Jones (HAM) or Campbell’s attire right now.
Maas and O’Shea need help!

“The Hoodie” in New England is sad.

I have always thought it ridiculous that any coaches ever wore suits. Whats suits got to do with sports?

I even wonder why players show up to games wearing suits. Just don’t get it.

The days of Tom Landry are long gone… 8)

At least the game of football isn’t as goofy as Major League Baseball where the manager and coaches wear the same uniforms as the players . ???

Could you imagine if that same scenario was implemented for Head Coaches in Football ? ;D

or Hockey ? ;D

Wondering if some of the baseball uniform stuff was due to players coaches and they kept it going past the era of common sense .*_w61ssHiQJTRV6gP.

Connie Mack Baseball manager

I suspect it has to do with ------ R-E-S-P-E-C-T ful. Would you expect the sales clerk in your apple store to serve you while bare chested, bare footed and in a 15 year old speedo, while eating his lunch?

I for one believe dress has a lot to do with what one has to sell and how well they will sell it. Rags don't often cut it when you're trying to sell something, and pro sports is a sales game.

Frank Clair Ottawa Rough Riders statue at TD Place .

Totally agree.

If the clerk in my Apple store served me bare-chested, I’d buy whatever she’s selling.

I am glad some others feel as I do, I think a coach wearing a suit or sports jacket makes him look professional and “above” the players, if you now what I mean. NHL coaches wear a suit, and they look smart. As for baseball coaches wearing the uniform, my biggest complaint is that it shows off their huge guts. I have always wondered why coaches let themselves get that way when they have access to trainers and professional gyms. Twenty minutes a day…

I can’t speak for them but old injuries , stress , food and travel with 162 games most likely .

You get old your metabolism just can’t handle the food you ate early in life .

That isn’t quite so, I am 53, have a wrecked knee courtesy the army, and I still have a 6 pack and V frame. I would LOVE to have a free state of the art gym to work out at, and a free trainer to boot. I grin and bear it and exercise as I would rather die from a crappy knee then sit on the couch and become a lump. Anyway, nothing is stopping them from running the bases with the players and such. Same for CFL, if the players need to be in shape then shouldn’t the coaches be, ‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE’, one of the 10 principles of leadership.

You must be kidding. Suits on players and coaches show class. I like. Dress sharp and why not.
I know one loser that got MARRIED in a T shirt and blue jeans as she dressed to the nines.
Did I mention Loser!!

class is not defined by what you wear.

I am not more impressed by a person in a suit than by a person in sweats.

Whoever invented the necktie should have been strangulated.

I agree. At my sister’s wedding our side of the family got dressed up and his side wore whatever wasn’t dirty.

Here is a fine example: about a month ago I was out for supper with my wife and a gal walked by my table, long leather boots to the knee, black skirt, white blouse, jewelry and hair all done up, she looked fantastic. Then what I guess is her boyfriend sat down beside her across from us, faded T-shirt and worn jeans. He was a big spender and let her order wings which he ate and two beers each for them, then spent most of the night on his phone. They walked out in front of us and then I realized why she was with him, brand new corvette, of course he didn’t even get the door for her.

Although certainly not the only one, how one dresses certainly does defines their level of class.

right, like when low life criminals wear suits in court.

as long as one is clean and well groomed, clothes don’t make the man/woman/whatever

or maybe she just likes him for who he is. it happens

remember when the “movement” criticized men who open doors for women?

Yes, just like that.

A low life criminal can still be classy.

But it would take someone with class to recognize if the suit the low life criminal was classy or not.

Simply wearing a suit doesn't make one classy.

you’re getting there :slight_smile:

also, not wearing a suit does not make one classless.