Coaching staff filled

Looks like all the ducks are in a row.....

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Sounds like the coaching staff is the best we have had in a long time, experience being a key factor even if the receivers coach did not do all of his time in the CFL.

Like I said in next 10 days.


joining the club to mentor the defensive backs is CFL newcomer Chip Garber.

AFfer last year's debacle in the defensive backfield, it puzzles me that another coach with no CFL experience is hired for them.

I'm a little concerned about this. This had better be a sign of confidence in Creehan.

now time to focus on the talent. we could use a few new DB's and a DE.

You and me both.

This is somewhat a concern....rookie CFL guy who last coached WR is now coaching DB's which is one of our biggest weaknesses. That being said - heres hoping Creehan will be spending more time with the Db's.....would have rather seen Les Brownne coaching Db's or somone with that experience but the coaching front is definately looking better than it did 3 months ago

The sign of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It seems certain now that the Tiger Cats have no idea the CFL means Canadian football as they go back to the American pool of talent (sic). If you are going to a rookie Canadian coach then at least go to an ex-CFL player or one of the many, talented coached in CIS. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic----------and for this they expect a price increase. Colour me gone. (note the spelling, Canadian, eh!)

What do you think the percentage of coaching in the CFL came from the States at some point? Take a look at every coaches bio in this league. On top of that he is not a head coach or Coordinator. Gregg Butler was the DB's coach last year. Not only was he an All Star in this league, he coached in this league as well. And look what happened.

A very narrow-minded, uneducated statement.


Agendas :thdn: