coaching seems to be problem

Kerry Joseph looks good at times when he gets his receivers coming back towards him or taking off for him when he rolls out...the receivers do not know the basic rules of a scrambling Quaterback...this I beleive is the coaches fault...teach them what to do when a play goes a bust or breaks down...I would suggest they work on this first then get to regular plays.

Sometimes we become too predictable notice we never run any screens only draws , shuttle pass, and mostly hitch passes...this is why the offence is struggling...need to be more creative and when pressure comes why not have screens worked out as opposed to draws.

Defence is playing outstanding but they are on the field way too for special teams need to learn how to either stay in lanes when covering kick offs or kick it out of bounds for no return.

Our return specialists need to follow blocking...too many times the returner is not even following the lead blocker...coaching again

I think the fans need to stay positive not boo so much but encourage but coaches it has to start wih you get these guys on the same page and show a little emotion on the side lines...nothing wrong with least the fans will see you care...or are upset with what is going guys are so close but you need to pay attention to the details of the game and I guarantee you will be putting up wins instead of losses...


This is a good coaching staff and this team is now for real. Don't be too critical, they had limited funds and look at what 's been done so far.

The team is having one of their best seasons. You can't criticise so much. Just try and get behind your team and see how things develop.

ok ya why do u need to be so critical the renegades where expected to do horrible this season but they have a 500 record so i dont see a problem with the coaching. I do want to see more over the middle tosess though

their play calling is still a little iffy, but their defence is money baby.

First, let me say that I feel good about things and how our team has performed, in general, though like a lot of people, I see the inconsistency that has plagued us on offence over the last few years. In the beginning, it was easy to say that poor talent was to blame, but right now, we have some tremendous talent on offense. So why are we so inconsistent and forced into miraculous comebacks after long stretches of ineptitude? Why have other teams consistently been able to read our plays before the snap. My buddy and I have noticed this for years and its been confirmed by players this year, that other teams often call our plays at the line before the snap.

I know Paopao is a big fan of Khani but I think Khani is the problem.

I thought Paopao did a great job in the offseason with very limited resources as GM, also, he's the kind of quality guy who is respected around the league by players and peers and that is good for our team.

I think the ideal scenario at the end of the season would be this. Paopao moves to GM, Marshall moves to head coach and brings in a new offensive coordinator to replace Khani.


I'm still not sold on Coach P as a GM. Most of what he's working with was obtained back in Tillman's day. I agree with making Marshall coach, but making him (coach P) the sole GM - don't think it's the best idea.
I'd say make him ass't GM, but you don't often step down in organizations - you step out altogether.
I'd say if they make the playoffs, it will be status quo, with Marshall helping out P more with day to day stuff and player decisions.

Perhaps P might have to accept Khani's not doing a good job and promote Condell???