coaching salary

players make anywhere from 50 k to 300 k in this league, how much do coaches, assistance and them make? anybody know?

Here'a an article when Charlie Taaffe left the Als to coach Maryland in the NCAA -- the estimate given for his salary then (2000) was $120,000.

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In an article in the Winnipeg Sun in 2004, Less Browne's salary as a defensive backs position coach for the Bombers was pegged at $40,000.

I believe that you have to factor in cost of living aspects, coaching experience (read rings), and other factors to get a scale. Wally Buono and Don Matthews most likely have commanded upwards of $200,000 -- especially Buono given being the coach and G.M. Pinball Clemons may be in that ballpark.

I would assume Buono is now the highest-paid head coach in the league.

With two CFL Coach of the Year awards behind him, Taaffe in 2007
probably commands quite a bit more than his 2000 figure.
As for coordinators, I don't have a firm guess, but I figure they make up to $100,000 depending on their resumes (more than a position coach).

Since the CFL isn't as seamless or transparent with their salary structures as the NFL, a lot of guesstimation occurs.

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The Don was making 500k, and Poapoa was making 250k in Ottawa same with Marshall here, most assistants make around 50k.

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I'm not shocked at the stratosphere you peg The Don's salary at (though I doubt it was more than $300,000), but I would be very shocked of a CIS coach-turned-CFL rookie head coach would get a $250,000 deal the first year after the team almost folded. Really.

Question: Have you ever seen the Ticat head coach's office at IWS??

As for Paopao in Ottawa (2001):

"Paopao, a native of Honolulu, reportedly signed a three-year deal with the team worth $450,000."

$150,000 per year: you're welcome.

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I'm a 100% sure Don's salary was 500k. That's what they said when he signed, I don't feel like scouring the net looking for a link. Email Marty York i'm sure he'll verify it lol.

And i remember that Paopao was due to earn 250k in his final year of his contract.

Also pm Mcmahon and he'll fill you in on the details of Pinballs contract which is apparently in the 8 mil a year range. lol

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