Coaching psychology question

ok, so you're Danny Barrett, Greg Marshall the 2nd or Jacques Chapdelaine and you are reading that ticats first choice is Charlie Taafe. How do you feel? Supposing Charlie turns down the job for one reason of another, do you feel like you're now the second choice (maybe, not highly wanted) by the team

Well, if they are competitive sports freaks, and most good coaches surely are, they would be happy to take the job and use this as an added incentive to show everyone why they should have been the first choice all along.

How often are you really a 1st choice in sports.

Do the Cats really want Charlie T, or would they rather have Bill Parcells?
No Charlie is their #1 realistic HC candidate.

Would you rather be a HC as a second/third/30th choice, or a Offensive Co-ordinater or Defensive Co-Ordinater taking orders from the HC.

The pay is better, you get to call your own shots?

Who cares who turned down the job!

Right on Earl. In order for a coach to teach his players to be competitive and never quit, he must possess the same assets.

If I'm Danny then I think that a job looks good about now. :smiley: