Coaching Predictions

Some predictions:

BC: Dave Dickenson(Buono steps down)
Sask: Mike Benevides
Hamilton: Cory Chamblin
Montreal OC Jacques Chapdelaine (goes after not getting HC in BC)
Calgary DC: Mark Nelson
Winnipeg OC: Rick Worman

na, Benevides is going to be the HC in B.C.

Dickenson likes it in Calgary.

Saskatchewan won't get him.

Yah you’re probably right. Buono is a loyal guy and Benevides probably deserves it.
However Buono is a big Dickenson supporter and this is a perfect time to get him before its too late.
Dickenson still owns a home in Lower Mainland and he will be a HC soon. Timing seems right but as you say Benevides is deserving.

Difficult to predict,but I am 100% positive that there will be no Jacques Chapdelaine with the Als and no Mark Nelson with the Stampeders.


Some reporter in Wpg mentioned Bob Dyce as a possible OC for the Bombers.

Well I won't stick my neck to predict who is going where. . . but I do believe that Mark Nelson will become a defensive coordinator somewhere in the CFL in the near future. . .

But take that for what it's worth, I'm the same one who predicted bright futures as starting QBs in the CFL for Stanley Jackson, Marcus Brady, and Rocky Butler.

. . . as Mrs MadJack delights in reminding me frequently.

If I'm thinking of the same report, Khari Jones was also mentioned. Haven't heard the name of Worman come up in any media speculation.

Als will almost certainly promote from within to fill the OC position. Why bring in an outside influence? It's not like the offense needs to be torn down and rebuilt, just tweaked and modified.

Who? Isn't Marcus Brady rumoured to be going to the Argos? The only other offensive coaches I saw listed at the Als website were the RB coach and the oline coach. I know the RB coach also does ST but I thought lots of Als fans thought he should be fired or would removing him from ST to OC be acceptable?

No way Benevides takes the Saskatchewan job. The only place he’ll be head coach is in BC.

I must say I like the new blood we’re seeing in the head coaching ranks nowdays in the CFL.

Geroy…ya I have a hard time seeing benevides go.
But what happens if the BC job is not offered and the sask job is? would he turn that down you think?

The most likely scenario is that one of Himebach (the O-line coach) or Brady goes to Toronto to work under Milanovich. If that happens, the other person will probably become OC in Montreal under Trestman. Andy Bischoff (RB / ST) is also a possibility to fill the vacant OC position. Yes, he's been poor as an ST coordinator, but Whitaker enjoyed a banner season, so his body of work as a position coach is good, and he's got a good relationship with Marc Trestman.

I’d expect him to stay in BC even if he’s not offered the HC job. I realize in interviews he’s going to be diplomatic and say the right things anyways, but he’s always maintained that he was happy where he was and wasn’t in a hurry to become a head coach.

He wisely turned down the Toronto position a couple years ago and that’s his hometown. Apparently his wife is from Vancouver and she teaches at a university, so it’s not as easy for her to up and go.

Naylor just said on Twitter that Brady is expected to be the new OC for Montreal.

Interesting. I guess that means Himebauch is headed to Toronto?

I like Brady, and I think he's ready to take the next step. He's got an interesting portfolio: a former QB converted into a receivers coach. I wonder if he'll retain the receiver coach portfolio, or whether Trestman will give him the now-vacant QB coach position (Milanovich was OC, assistant head coach, and QB coach in Montreal).

The other thing is that if Himebauch goes, the door opens for Doug Berry to return to the Als. His position of expertise is the O-line.

I imagine that Trestman will continue to call all the plays, since Marcus will undoubtedly require an adjustment period as OC.

So Jacques Chapdelaine is not coming to Montreal! That was a good one!

To the ones that are thinking of the demise of the Als,forget that. They will still be the team to beat in the East. Better coaching staff and better players.

Carson Walch could be promoted to receiver coach.

Offensive line coach? I would like Doug Berry,but I doubt. Vince Martino could be a possibility. Finally, Jonathan Himebauch is not gone,yet/not confirmed with the Argos. Along with Brady,he may realize that Toronto is not the "golden" place/choice. If Steven Jyles is the QB, a place in the playoffs is not a "fait accompli".


If she's a tenured professor or close to becoming one then there is no way she'll be moving.

Which is the same situation as Dickenson in Calgary. His wife is from here, has a high end job with the Calgary health region I understand, and just can't see him leaving unless they agree to live apart for half a year at a time.

Yup those are solid reasons why Dickenson and Benvides may not move.
Probably just going through reported interviews to gain experience in the process.

Here's an article on Rick Campbell of the Eskies getting an interview with Calgary. If he goes not too sure who's out there to replace Campbell in Edmonton?
As for Chris Jones; can't find any news about him although he'll be hired in due time (Toronto?) or somewhere.